Bitcoin is creating a bully's Divergence Right now while it is in fact dropping Below critical support in the market and In this exact video I will talk about The most important levels of support Training below us I will talk about all These Bitcoin falling wage patterns that Are currently trading at critical Support and many more important charts We need to discuss right now because Bitcoin volume remains to be dropping While Bitcoin keeps Falling Towards the Downside so I will be discussing this Exactly on today's update video so don't Forget to stop on the like button on Today's update video can we smash you Back about 500 likes that will be Absolutely incredible and with that have Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content so looking at Bitcoin on the image short term we can Clearly see Bitcoin broke below the Range law on the market around the 29 000 US Dollars and ever since that Happened Bitcoin moved down all the way Down to 28.5 K what was of course a Massive wig towards the downside and That week towards the dancer got Literally brought up within minutes and You can clearly see it it was a one Minute candle that Bitcoin went towards The downside and pushed back towards the Opposite straight away so so yes there Is a lot of buy pressure around the 28

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000 US dollar region that yes Bitcoin Clearly saw a breakdown and it was Definitely bearish for the markets Looking then at the price section of Bitcoin in terms of its support we can Currently see that if we're looking at The four Elite time frame we are Currently retesting the 28.8k and like You can currently see 28.8k was Previously around this very big level of Resistance here as well we got rejected We found support we found support and Right now as well if we're looking about Where we're currently trading at we once Again found support for Bitcoin right to 28.8 K so yes we're currently trading on A very important level in the market and This level needs to be holding because Yes if we do break Above This level Probably the continuation to 28 000 US Dollars is really going to be happening For Bitcoin at the same time while we Did created this move towards the Downside Bitcoin is actually creating a Bully's Divergence here on the 4la time Frame because the price action of Bitcoin is forming a lower low well in Fact the RSI is forming a higher low What means that we're currently creating A bullish Divergence on the 4la time Frame and looking at the macd as well we Can currently also see that the macd is Creating not only a bullish Divergence On the histogram but also on the moving

Average we're also creating a bullish Diversion so yes indeed the Bitcoin Price section is indeed forming a lower Low right now but in fact this is Actually a sign of a reversal that Currently is getting created and what Bitcoin currently is still training in This falling wedge pattern we can Currently actually also see it on the 4la time frame we are once again Retesting the downward sloping resist Line we've been retesting for quite a While I've been talking about this Pattern for yeah quite a long time right Now already ever since Bitcoin hit that Low here in the beginning of Monday uh Of the 24th of July and currently we're Still trading on that downward solving Support level of course if we break Below the downward sloping support I Will be expecting Bitcoin one is going To see a most certainly bigger drop Towards the downside but there's also Still a possibility that we're going to Be breaking above resistance right but So far we've not seen the breakout Expecting the breakout is going to take Place in the coming two to three days Here so let's see what is going to be Playing out here for Bitcoin but so far Not a breakout a price target of this Following which is still to the top side And to be very clear falling wedges they Tend to be breaking towards the upside

More often than towards the downside to Be clear 80 of the times of falling Wedge gets created it breaks towards the Upside so the odds are still towards the Upside but of course we can currently See Bitcoin is clearly coming down also In the 12-hour timeframe currently Retesting that down solving support line And looking at the RSI on the 12-hour Time frame we could be creating a Bullish diverges on the 12 hour time Frame as well but only if we're going to Be closing it somewhere around this Region so far the 12 hourly candle has Not been closed yet so yeah the bully is A virgin on the 12 hour time frame has Not been confirmed yet that we could be Creating one anytime soon here looking At the most important support levels in This entire Trend Bitcoin currently is Just getting hammered down bodies Downward sloping resist line and you can Currently clearly see the most important Support below us I've been saying this For quite a while is 28 000 US Dollars And currently we are retesting this Level right here you can clearly see From the boss we find a lot of Resistance around this level we found Some resistance right here some Resistance right here some support and Currently we are finding some small Small support around this region so yes We're seeing an interesting retest of

This level but be aware the big support For Bitcoin is going to get found around 28 000 or this airport sloping support Line I've been talking about for quite a While because yes Bitcoin has been Training in an uptrend since the Beginning of 2023 and if Bitcoin were to Be testing this 217-day uptrend we could maybe start to See a very big bounce for Bitcoin so Let's see how that is going to be Playing out here but so far Bitcoin has Not been retesting this level looking Then of course the biggest I'm still low On bitcoin I mean I've been saying it For quite a while if Bitcoin is going to Be coming down to twenty five thousand Dollars I'm just going to double down my Margin I'm going to add more leverage Towards my trade because I remain to be Believing that Bitcoin is of course over The long term going to be rising and the Bottom has probably already formed so if Bitcoin were to come down significantly I am going to be adding more margin and Of course on buy bit giving an update on My buy me trade I've actually opened up A new trade and entered the trade around 28 000 US Dollars and that trade is Currently still open in a small little Loss right now here that I will give you Guys another update on that trade Tomorrow because if you sign up an Account using the link in the

Description you can actually claim some Deposit bonuses up to forty thousand Dollars to get started with trading Right now further on if I'm looking at Bitcoin of course on The Daily time Frame we can currently clearly still see That falling watch is still in creation And Bitcoin so far has not already Decided which direction is going to be Breaking towards and we're expecting to See a breakout within the coming 48 to 72 hours but if you're really looking at Bitcoin in terms of the volume the Volume Still Remains to be drying up for A big Bitcoin the volume is still Forming lower highs what means that the Volume keeps dropping while Bitcoin is Actually going down here what could mean That we're Ryan is seeing somewhat of a Manipulation move here in the market of Course you can clearly see it from Whatever approach you take it Bitcoin is Creating that's falling watch pattern Also on the daily time frame so get Ready for that there's a huge Consolidation phase getting created Right now and it is then to be breaking Out in the coming 48 to 72 hours ahead Of ourselves so get ready this week Could still become very exciting for Bitcoin and I mean looking at a Three-day time frame for the Bitcoin uh Cop and handle pattern we could be Creating this uh yeah falling rights

Right here right now and we're just Waiting to see the next move really Happen and if we were to be flipping Bullish on the bigger perspective for Bitcoin we just need to be breaking Above This reach right here around the 32 000 US Dollars and if we manage to be Breaking Above This horizontal box on The top side that will be the point Where Bitcoin is going to start creating Massive breakouts and also that is the Point where I will be expecting Bitcoin Could start to go exponential and of Course looking into volatility we do Know volatility is at historical lows And to be very clear historical Bitcoin Weekly volatility is currently at the Low not seen since 2016 so get ready for That the daily volatility is also most Certainly very low for Bitcoin right now But it is not as low as it was a few Days ago here because Bitcoin is once Again moving a small little bit here It's still very low it remains to still Be very low but we're still waiting for That bigger move to take account here so Yes Bitcoin is getting ready for a big Move here we're looking at the bullies The Verge is going to create on the Four-league time frame it's about to get Confirmed in 70 minutes from now on so Get ready for that here so thank you so Much for watching and see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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