Bitcoin is breaking out exactly like Predicted and in this exact video I will Talk about my price targets I will talk About the most important resistance we Just broke Buffalo so I will be talking About my game plan all the things that Are currently happening in the Background right now here because this Could be the reason why Bitcoin is Bumping towards the upside right now so Make sure to watch this video till the End I will be exactly discuss my game Plan and many more things here so Without any further Ado don't forget to Sub up the like button back up 400 and With that of being said let me jump Straight away towards the imminent short Term for Bitcoin because right now on The imminent short term after first Yesterday having an unsuccessful try Here right now we tried it again and Bitcoin significantly broke Above This Level and right now continued all the Way up to 36,000 us do before getting a small Little rejection and right now is Hanging somewhere around 35.3k so Bitcoin has seen another massive run Towards the upside it has been breaking Above this very critical level Resistance exactly like I talked about In my video again here I said it on my Videos once we break this level I think We're going to have big big volatility

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And that is exactly what happened Towards the upside and my price targets I've talked about once we break this Level was indeed 36.5k and also 36.5k was the price target of the Breakout of this symmetrical triangle I Talked about yesterday that exactly Perfectly broke out on the points Bitcoin broke the downward sing resist Line so Bitcoin broke outside of this Pattern moved towards the upside and Currently was missing out an approxim Imely $400 SL 1% of reaching our Breakout Target but however since the Start of the breakout we already catched An approximately 4% move towards the Upside so do I still think the price Target is going to get reached I'm going To talk about it today so Bitcoin broke Outside of this better so far the Continuation look quite strong here However on the 4ly time frame there are Some signs of worry because right now on The 4ly time frame we're creating a Lower high on the RSI the price section Is creating in higher high so we are in Fact rer cring aarish Divergence and This potentially could mean that we're Losing some momentum on this move Towards the upside so potentially this Could be the end of the rally towards The upside if we're looking purely at Momentum because yes previously right we Still managed to create higher highs on

That momentum chart so that is Definitely thing I'm currently worried About however I mean on the 12-hour time Frame as well we're having the exact Same lower high on the 12-hour time Frame on the RSI higher high in the Price action so Bitcoin is indeed losing Some momentum doesn't necessarily has to Be crashing or coming down right now no Not necessarily and if it comes down I'm Not saying it's going to come down to $30,000 but I do think it potentially Could be retesting this 34,000 800 level that has previously IR Provided significant support so I am Definitely expecting that could be Happening and of course if we do move Towards the upside 36.5k could be for me A Target to potentially open up a small Short position however I want to be very Careful with shorting Bitcoin because The reason why it's currently moving up Here is probably due to two reasons Michael sailor yesterday bought another 155 Bitcoin for an approximately 5.5 Million if I'm correct and also what Yesterday happened is that the Bitcoin Spot ETF for investigo and Galaxy also Got a Ticker on the dtcc what also right Now means that we're making more and More steps towards that final approval For the Bitcoin spot ETF so people are Getting more and more sure that the Bitcoin SP ETF is actually going to come

Here and I mean I posted this on the uh On October 30th so that's approximately 4 days ago here so right now we are Quite sure that in the coming 68 days From now on the first Bitcoin sport ETF Is going to get launched so as time Continues the market is going to be Pricing it in and as time continues it's More likely it's actually going to be Happening every day that passes the odds Are actually increasing so that is why The market is also so booming and that Is why the market is also willing to Creep up even more from now on because The market is literally pricing in a Little bit the change of the month of The Bitcoin spot ETF because from the Point that the Bitcoin B ETF is going to Get accepted it usually takes only 5 Days before it's live on the market and That could definitely create like a Massive Supply shock on the market so That is why the market is already moving Up right now here so I'm honestly won't Be surprised that we're going to Continue to be moving upwards for the Coming two months here because yes in Approximately within two months here the Bitcoin SP ETF is going to get accepted And probably towards that end date we're Getting to see more and more hype Entering the Bitcoin price section so in Terms of Bitcoin can it still go up yes Definitely and it pro probably could

Even go much higher than everyone is Expecting and honestly what is very Fascinating right now here is that if You're looking at the volume on bitcoin On that Weekly time frame on the BX Chart so let me go to the BX chart of Bitcoin let me enable the volume you can See actually right now that Bitcoin its Volume especially on the weekly time Frame is not necessarily so high but we Are currently clearly seeing that the Bitcoin priz action is actually moving Up exponentially what literally means That the sell volume is literally Running out since yeah otherwise the buy Volume would have spiked even more so Less and less people are actually Willing to sell Bitcoin we can see this Also on onchain data and this is the Main reason why Bitcoin is moving Upwards and literally if let's say no One is selling Bitcoin and they're only Coming by in Bitcoin can increase very Rapidly so people are not willing to Sell their Bitcoin for $35,000 and Actually the majority of the resistance Where the majority of the sell orders Are laying we can clearly see it also Onchain data and we can see it from the Weekly time frame as well is 36.5k and So far we have not touched it we were Very close by hitting this level I do Personally think this level is going to Be on the short term provide some

Resistance so I'm going to set up this Level 36.5k on this 1 hour chart as well Guys so I'm going to be looking to Potentially open up a small little short Position right here and I'm going to Keep you guys up to date here I'm going To show you also in tomorrow's video About all my orders that I've set up Here but I'm going to be opening up a Small short position here I'm going to Share it in my telegram on my Twitter Page as well with a very side stop loss Here to potentially catch a small little Move here because if Bitcoin really were To be retesting 36.5k I honestly do Think it could be providing some Resistance on the short term however I Do really expect on the long term we're Probably going to be breaking above it And that is why I'm using a very tight Stop loss because Bitcoin could also Just crash through it so if you're going To trade it make sure to use the stop Loss and more importantly if you're Going to be trading guys go to the link Description of today's video here Because on today's video you can Actually claim an insane deposit bonus Worth $30,000 to $40,000 if if you're Writing a sign up an account using that Highs Link in the description so check It out if you're interested in trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies but anyways I mean if you're actually looking at the

3-day time frame for Bitcoin you can Clearly see that this was previously Around the big support here before Bitcoin had a massive dumb towards the Downside and we're literally retesting That level I mean yes for us as well we Are right now having a massive level of Support below us so if Bitcoin really Were to be getting rejected and moved Down here and currently actually it Looks quite odd that it is really not Going to be happening that if Bitcoin Moves down here I mean probably a lot of People will be panicking but that will Be actually be a gigantic opportunity For everyone in the market to actually Open up some significant trades and I Mean you have to understand the trend is Really shifting in the market right now Here Bitcoin is Shifting its trend from A bare Market to a bull market right now Mean literally we're breaking above the Most important resistance from the Previous bull run the most important Support I should say from the previous Bull Run and the most significant Resistance from the previous bare Market Also if we're looking at the Bitcoin Overbought weekly cycle where entering Over both conditions and that is not Necessarily a bad thing because Historically speaking once Bitcoin goes Off both we tend to see significant Price rallies for Bitcoin so I mean yeah

Right now as well Bitcoin is once again Moving upwards very very quickly this is The Bitcoin price against the US Treasury bonds Bitcoin is about to hit a New atimi against us treasuries since us Treasuries are literally dumping like Crazy right now here usually that is the Safe haven for legendary investors but Currently it's literally losing losing And also losing against Bitcoin since Bitcoin is performing so well here so Just quickly wanted to be pointing this Out here but anyways for Bitcoin we Could be at the beginning of this Massive comp handle breakout just like We were in the beginning of 2021 and also guys I mean I see some Altcoins pumping left and right here but You have to understand the main focus Should be on bitcoin I mean if you're Going to be trading these allcoins Definitely a very good time to be doing So but you can clearly see the Bitcoin Dominance is still Rising personally I Will be really going big into all coins Once Bitcoin is going to be breaking Itself Al to mind because that is Historically speaking the point where The Bitcoin dominance starts to be Dropping exponentially and that is just Also the point where the risk on Investing in all coins is definitely the Lowest so so that is what I'm going to Be looking at I mean honestly November

Is historically speaking also very good Move for Bitcoin so let's see how it's Going to be playing out but thank you so Much for watching I do hope you learned Something from this video if you did so Make sure to share this video with your Friends and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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