The Bitcoin move like it's about to Confirm a breakout and in this exact Video I will be going over the Bitcoin Bullflick breakout the price targets and More importantly I will be going over The most important levels of support and Resistance in the price chart of Bitcoin Right now so don't forget to watch this Video till the end because right now as Well there's a signal flashing that only Flashes at the end of the Bitcoin bear Market so don't forget to watch the Video till the end slap up that like Button again we once again smash this Back about 400 likes that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content once looking at the One hour time frame for Bitcoin we can Start to see that we're creating a Symmetrical triangle here and like you Can see I tweeted about this yesterday And basically after the point we Confirmed the breakout towards the Offside we start to see a significant Valley towards the upside and from of The point of the breakout we moved up More than two and a half percent towards The upside already the price target of This medical triangle is definitely Significantly bigger because the price Record of this better right here is Going to come in somewhere around 23.8 K Towards 24 000 US dollars so I am very

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Curious to see where Bitcoin is going to Come in at but currently it looks to be That Bitcoin is starting to create that Uptrend again after we confirmed of Course that higher high on the one hour Time frame after we confirmed the break Towards the upside so this is definitely Looking very good so far for Bitcoin Looking then at the three to four hourly Time frame the four hourly time frame You can see that we're creating a bull Flag on bitcoin on the three hour time Frame you can see as well we're creating A bullfight on break coin and what is Interesting to see in the three hour Time frame is I'm zooming in here you Can see we created that that resolving Resist line we got projected in the Beginning multiple times in a row here And look how you can see these big weeks Coming towards the upside indicating That there is a lot of buy pressure and Basically a lot of cell orders are Currently getting cleared what is Meaning that Bitcoin is probably getting Ready for another big swing towards the Upside here but you can clearly see we Broke above the trend line retested it As support and then we had an even Bigger jump towards the upside so things Are definitely looking good here the Four hourly Kindle will close probably Once this video is live and then we Could confirm a breakout towards the

Upside of the bull flag for Bitcoin and If we confirm the breaker towards the Upside the price target for Bitcoin is Going to be somewhere around and let me Say this correctly straight away here 25 000 US dollars so that is going to be Extremely important to monitor right now Here with 25 000 US dollars is the price Target of the bull flag for Bitcoin if We confirm the breakout in an Approximately 30 minutes from now on so Let's see how it is going to be playing Out but currently I am still expecting That Bitcoin is looking strong like you Can see also previously around if you Have all these big wigs on the top side Trying to push up here but you got to Reject it basically what you're doing is Set clearing the cell wall and as soon As all the sell orders are gone that is The point where we could see another big Move towards the upside and of course if You don't know already if I'm looking at The support slash resistance heat map You can see that we're currently trading Above This level of 22.7 K here and you Can see right here That this level also provided Significant resistance significant Support support right here as well and Right now since we are training above it We already create the level and the Realistic next level of resistance for Bitcoin is going to be this this top

Side right here and that's going to be Coming in somewhere around 25 000 USD so Let's see how it is going to be playing Out here but currently I am targeting 25 000 US dollars as a realistic Target Where we could start to run in towards The next big range of support where we Could run into Arts as the next big Level of resistance and that is Currently also my big sell Target I mean I'm not going to sell all my trades off But I am going to take some partial to Profits if we do reach that 25 000 US Dollars and if we manage to break above That level yeah then we could really see A move towards 32 to 30 000 US dollars For Bitcoin so things are definitely Looking interesting I will keep everyone Up to date on how the range is looking For a Bitcoin right now here and if we Do break it you will be the first one to Know here on this channel at the same Time I'm currently still long on bitcoin And currently I am in a 41 000 use Dollar profit uh promote my my swing Trade I showed you all the way back on Seventeen thousand US dollars I showed Exactly how it was trading Bitcoin I Showed that I was in a loss because First I wasn't like a six thousand US Dollar loss and currently it's in a 41 000 US dollar profit so if you want to Stay up to date about all my trades Because I'm completely transparent I

Show you once I'm losing and I show you Once I'm winning and this is definitely A winning trade here so I'm showing this As well if you're interested in that Don't forget to subscribe to the channel And also if you want to be trading Yourself as well you could do so and buy Bid if you sign up a new account using The link in description right now you Can claim a 30 000 US Dollars deposit Bonus if you sign up using the link in Description and if you're living in the US and you can't use my bit I would Recommend to check out bit Gap because Bitgad allows you to trade from of the US without kyc without VPN and also They're offering a 20 000 US dollars to Puzzle bonus on sign of using the link In description so make sure to check it Out right now here a bit furthermore I Right now want to be talking about the End of the bear Market signal the Bitcoin net unrealized profit and loss Is currently flashing back back in Hope Fear and in this case it's hope it's not Fair anymore because like you can see in The previous bear Market in the Capitulation States stage so in this red Phase right here it was basically Indicating that this was probably the Deepest point of the bear market and Once we entered the Hope stage there was Probably a signal that we're probably Going to see more optimism in the market

Currently we can see that we have been Trading in that capitulation stage for Quite a while right now here and finally We're moving outside of it what means That there is more hope getting Generated what means that the sentiment Could Chase very quickly for Bitcoin but Historically speaking also in 2015 here You can see once the nipple so the net In real life profit and loss goes above This this um this middle line here so it Enters hope stages it usually tends to Indicate that the bear Market volume is Already in and it is currently also Happening so make sure to pay attention Towards this exact signal right now here And of course if I'm actually looking at Like what are the biggest buying Opportunities we ever had in history of Bitcoin and I talked about this for Quite a while it's not just now that I'm Talking about it this was the first Biggest buying opportunity once the Weekly email ribbon was bearish this Right here in the 2018 bear Market was The second biggest buying opportunity Once the weekly email ribbon was bearish And currently we are in the third Largest Bitcoin buying Zone here we are In the third biggest Bitcoin buying Opportunity I could say and like you can See currently the email ribbon on the Weekly time frame is already starting to Cross here but once it crosses it's

Already delayed because like you can see Right here once the cross is right here It was already up in approximately let Me say this correctly 160 From The Bottom Of course we moved up further Towards the upside from of that point Onwards however the crossover tends to Happen after the bottom is formed and Yeah that is really what I want to be Pointing out here and I rather try to be Buying the bottom or start to DCA and I Still think that it is a good time to DCI of course the prices are Significantly higher than two or three Weeks ago here however it's still a Significant opportunity in my opinion so This was it for me on today's update Video it was a short video today but There are not a lot of interesting Things happening actually in the market I'm still long on bitcoin and I can tell You already this could be a Multi-million dollar trade of my Bitcoin Position right here so let's see how it Is going to be playing out I will keep You guys up to date on how I will be Trading Bitcoin but anyways thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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