BITCOIN BULL FLAG!!! [99% will lose]

Bitcoin is about to be creating a Massive move and no one is paying Attention towards it but in this exact Video I will talk about the larger Perspective on bitcoin the volatility That currently is sitting at all-time Lows and I will be exactly discussed why This is not the time to be exiting the Markets I will also tell you about why I'm currently long 700 000 US Dollars on Bitcoin and I will of course discuss the Image short term for Bitcoin so without Any further Ado don't forget to snap up That like button on today's update video Game we smash your backup of 500 likes That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content Looking at Bitcoin on the image short Term you can straight away see in the End of the day while Bitcoin was of Course going up and down we basically Have been sticking around that 29.2k the Entire time you can clearly see that Bitcoin had a big move towards the Upside down a big dump again and Currently we look to be creating Somewhat of a consolidation phase right Here so we can currently see the price Action of Bitcoin is getting squeezed up Here and Percy I am expecting that this Breakout right here is going to be Breaking out somewhere later today and Probably it's going to happen in the

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Coming two to three hours ahead of Ourselves so get ready for that it won't Be a big move here but it could Determine an imminent short-term Trend Direction for the Bitcoin price action Then looking at Bitcoin and its most Important support we can currently see The 29.2 K as the most important support In my opinion this was a small load of Fake guys but also here on the top side This was also a gigantic fake at on the Higher side and in the end of the day if You will be really looking about where Bitcoin needs to be breaking if we want To be flipping bullish it's going to be This resistance box right here so as Soon as Bitcoin breaks above that Previous loan the market around thirty Thousand dollars then I will be Expecting we could start to see way more Upside but yes like you can currently See so far we've not been breaking above That level and as long as that is not Happening I won't be expecting Bitcoins Necessarily going to seem much offside And you can clearly see it also on this Chart we need to be breaking above the Range High in order to fill bullish and Of course if we break below the range Lobe I will be just expecting we're Going to go lower and do be very honest If we break this low here on the market The next big support level is going to Be 28 000 what is in this case going to

Be this horizontal level and it will Make it for this case orange so if Bitcoin breaks below the range low on The market would it confirmed foreign we Could see another drop of about two and A half percent towards the downside so Get ready for that I have already set up Multiple orders around the 28 000 US Dollar level because I will be expecting That there is going to be a level where Big support is going to get found but so Far Bitcoin is still finding support Around that falling wedge pattern and as Long as we're bouncing from the falling Much better it's actually quite decent Here of course it's still got a price Target here on the top side however I Didn't really like the breakout because Yeah after the breakout we straight away Came down here but currently we are Seeing a successful recess of the Following much better of course like I Said I remain to be long on bitcoin with An approximately 250 000 on bid get Making me approximately one Bitcoin in Profit right now and on my Bible trade I'm actually in a small loss here and I'm long with approximately 450 000 US Dollars so yeah I remain to be holding This straight open and I'm actually Going to double down on my trade if Bitcoin were to come down to 28 000 US Dollars because I believe that this Trend is ultimately going to be flipping

Bullish if we're looking at Bitcoin we Can currently see that we're creating a Bull flag scenario and if this slack is Going to be breaking out the volatility Will be absolutely insane on bitcoin and One thing I need to clarify real quickly Is that yes indeed Bitcoin had this Massive rally towards the upside and Right here right now for the last period To be exactly on this period of an Approximately 44 days Bitcoin has Remained to be very boring and if we're Looking at the Bola Japans we can Currently see Bitcoin is volatility as Sitting about around an all-time low for Approximately 26 days now and so far has Not moved at all here but if we manage To be breaking the downtrend on this Daily Bear Flag pattern we could start To see Bitcoin go absolutely nuts Towards the upside so get ready for that Here looking for my breakout Target of The this bullflex scenario we could go All the way up here up to thirty six Thousand US dollars if we manage to be Clearing this resistance on the top side So get ready for that for sure but more Importantly the volatility is not at Lows on The Daily time frame but if You're looking at the weekly time frame For the Bitcoin historical volatility It's currently it allows never seen Before so yes Bitcoin is indeed very Boring right now it is not really moving

A lot but this is literally the lowest Volatility we've ever seen in the History of Bitcoin what is first of all A sign of maturing in the market but Also it's a sign that a big move is Going to be happening because Historically speaking always once Volatility is low and big move tends to Be hitting the markets so looking at a Big pivotal point in the market it's Going to be this ascending triangle you Can clearly see the resistance is 31 to 32 000 US Dollars on the top side and Currently we see that clearly Bitcoin is Creating this very important over Sloping support line and basically right Now we've gotten approximately 30 days Left here before working to be having a Massive breakout of this range weather Is going to be a break of that legendary Support line and Bitcoin is ultimately Going to go lower back to 20 000 again Or whether it's the going to be a Breakup of thirty two thousand dollars And Bitcoin could start to see of course Even more upside from of this point so Yes one thing is for sure there's going To be a very very big move happening Anytime soon for Bitcoin and I am Personally currently getting ready for This gigantic move and you should be too And of course if we are coming closer Towards this breakout I will inform Everyone out there on the channel so get

Ready for that further on we can Currently see we're creating this Legendary support line so far every Single time we've been touching it we've Been bouncing from it and if we break This level I would most certainly get Worried on bitcoin and if it happens I Will let you guys know here on the Channel and of course all my Twitter Page so don't forget to follow me on Twitter at crypto at Rover CRC and of Course looking at the bigger Trend here For Bitcoin I remain to be believing That this is a good time to be buying Bitcoin that is why I'm ultimately of Course also so so low on bitcoin right Now here on the bigger perspective I am Ultimately super bullish on bitcoin and I will be expecting that this trend is Going to continue every single time once We had that Golden Cross Bitcoin had a Massive rally towards the upside and Once again the Golden Cross is happening For Bitcoin and this could be of course A super bullish signal on the bigger Perspective so get ready for that and of Course on the macd we can see that Actually on the monthly time frame there Are four times this historical signal Has been flashing every single time this Monthly historical single has slashed a Bitcoin run up started or happened Afterwards so get ready for it the Bitcoin monthly time frame is giving us

A green light and I'm super excited About Bitcoin right now here so thanks So much for watching and I'll see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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