Bitcoin is Rhino creating a falling Watch pattern and in this exact video I Will talk about this important Resistance and support level I will talk About the most important image Short-term support and many more Important charts that we need to discuss Right now because yes Bitcoin remains to Be trading in the downtrend and the Question remains can we right now start To find at least some support to create A higher low on the price action of Bitcoin right now to potentially Continue this trend further on towards The upside so I will be discussing this On today's update video and many more Important charts that we need to discuss Right now here so without any further Ado can we once again snap up the likes Back above 400 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that is being said Let me jump straight away towards the Imminent short term on bitcoin and once Looking at the 15 minute time frame we Can clearly see Bitcoin is trading Somewhat between resistance and support On the Lower Side you can see every Single time we charge that 26.2k we tend To be bouncing from it and every single Time we charge that 26.4k we get Rejected from it so for the 15 minute Time frame it looks to be that we're Consolidating between this range right Here and as soon as we do see a breakout

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Of this region we could be expecting a Bigger move for Bitcoin to be happening But in my opinion yesterday I already Discussed it on the exact low we created This lower along the price section A Higher low on the RSI we created the Bullies Divergence for Bitcoin and after That we saw a slight increasement in the Price section of Bitcoin and that was Definitely the bullish a virgin's Playing out for Bitcoin right now Potentially we could be heading for a Lower low again but either way Bitcoin Is still trading in a small little Downtrend I mean if you clearly look at The one hour time frame right now we are Creating lower lows we're also creating This massive downward sloping resist Line you could also see it clearly on The 4la time frame you can see it on the Spawning rash right here but if I'm Looking at the 4la time frame Bitcoin is Right now creating a massive downtrend Here on the market and really what we Need to be doing here is break Above This level because every single time we Touch this number we get a massive Rejection from it and once looking at The four early time frame if you're just Currently looking at the down solving Resist line you can clearly see we got Rejected by this this level not only Once not only twice not only three times Not only four times but five times in a

Row we got rejected by this level and That is why I will be taking this novel Super seriously right now here and I Mean if you're also looking at the Downward sloping support line you can See that we're creating somewhat of a Falling witch pattern and due to that we Expect we are going to be having a Massive breakout on this Shard and yes a Following wedge pattern is a typical Bullish bias pattern usually 80 of the Times they tend to be breaking bullish But we could also see a bearish Breakdown if we are going to be breaking Below this important support level on The lower side so I'm going to be Looking at this level closely firstly I Don't really like the downward sloping Support line but what I do think is very Important is the resistance line so We'll just keep my eyes quite open on This resistance level right here and if We manage to be breaking above it I Would be expecting at least somewhat of A positive price action for Bitcoin and Looking at the daily time frame I think The most important resistance that we're Currently looking at is this downward Sloping previous support level that Currently is flipping into resistance I I mean this level is currently sitting Somewhere around 26.7 to 26.8 K and if We can manage to be breaking and Flipping Above This level right here I

Would really expect a bit big big Massive continuation towards the upside So I'm going to look at this level very Closely I mean on The Daily time frame As well we can clearly see Bitcoin is Still trading in a downward sloping Trend here and I've been saying this as Well in yesterday's video here we're Still forming lower lows and in order For me to say okay right now I really Think Bitcoin is heading towards thirty Thousand dollars or even thirty two Thousand dollars I need to see this Trend getting shifted around because if We can shift the downtrend to an uptrend We could start to be looking at long Positions again because looking at long Positions in a bearish trend in a Downward sloping trend is extremely Dangerous because what you want to be Doing in terms of trading is that in a Downtrend you want to be shorting Bitcoin on the resistance levels and in A bullish Trend you want to be longing Bitcoin on support and right now you Want to be very careful with actually Longing Bitcoin right here and Potentially we could be in for forming That higher low on the market right now Here and that could definitely change The market up very quickly because then We could create somewhat of a squeeze Pattern of a yeah symmetrical triangle Whatsoever so I mean Bitcoin is Rhino

Creating a downward solving resist line And the question really remains when are We going to be breaking above it and More importantly when are we going to be Flipping the previous high in support And continue offered on towards the Upside so that is going to be the most Important things to be looking at right Now here if you want to be trading this I mean looking at the filming right now Across barbit and across several other Exchanges it is negative what means that The majority of the Traders are willing To pay a premium to shortest market so If you're interested in trading Bitcoin Or cryptocurrencies go to buy bit Because right now own the Bible exchange First of all you could sign up to get a Crypto card you can literally spend your Crypto using a buy with debit card from MasterCard so that is absolutely insane You can write in a claim it and if You're going to be signing up for this Bible cards make sure to already sign up Using the link description because if You right now sign up account using the Link description deposit 100 and you can See all the requirements and conditions To claim this airdrop you can claim a Free 1000 US dollar position it's Absolutely insane only better for Another 38 days here so make sure to go Quick because it's first come first Serve and further on in the price

Section of Bitcoin we can currently Still see the biggest support for Bitcoin is just hanging around the 25 000 US dollar so at the moment we break Below 25 000 that is really a pivotal Point for me to really start to be Panicking on the price section of Bitcoin but as long as we're holding Above 25 000 I don't see a clear reason To really be very bearish on bitcoin of Course we're still trading in a downward Sloping Trend I will remain to be Bearish due to 25 000 as long as we're Rolling above it I won't be expecting a Massive drop towards the downside and I Mean looking at the daily time frame for Bitcoin right now we are about to be Getting ready for a massive breakout you Can clearly see this is the daily time Frame we created an upward sloping Support line from the bearish low the Bear Market low here of 2022 and right Now we're also creating a downtrend on a Daily time frame and these levels are About to be meeting each other what Means that we either need to be choosing To break out through the resistance on The top side or either a break be below This very important support that has Been holding us up for over seven to Eight months right now here sorry even 10 months already so this is a crazy Important level and we're expecting a Breakout to be happening in the coming

Three weeks ahead of ourselves so get Ready for a massive break on the price Section of Bitcoin you can see it it's a 95 week downtrend coming together with a 46-week uptrend and this is going to be Breaking out in approximately four to Five weeks ahead of ourselves right now Here so get ready October November looks To be become super excited for Bitcoin So I'm getting very ready for that as Well here I mean yes this is going to be Really giving us a massive breakout I Mean if you're looking back at the History of Bitcoin we always create These a very multi-year consolidation Patterns here as well in 2019 we solved This massive massive symmetrical Triangle getting created and the point We broke out of it that was basically The point where the massive Bull Run Started and Bitcoin at Nasa rally Towards the upset and I mean right now We're once again creating such a Gigantic pattern and we're expecting This breakout to be happening anytime Time right now so I'm getting ready for It I mean looking at Bitcoin on the Weekly time frame or setting a weekly Massive support here at this at the same Time if you're looking at the weekly 200 EMA we're sitting on that exact support Right now here we broke the weekly Dance Center already and I mean worst case Scenario if we do break down here is

Going to be 22 to 23 000 US dollars I Mean I think there is limited downside Right now here and massive offside Potential for Bitcoin so that's the Reason why I'm currently buying Bitcoin And I am currently also actually buying Bitcoin on two weeks average on the Bible exchange to be building up massive Positions in the market right now Because yes I just want to make a ton of Money in the next Bull Run and I really Think that this is the time to Accumulate of course there's no Financial advice it's just what I'm Doing for the next Bull Run so guys Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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