Bitcoin is still consolidating between The 34 and $35,000 us and we're right Now very close to have that potential Breakout so in this exact video I will Talk about this breakout I will talk About this most important resistance box That we're going to be looking at for Bitcoin I will talk exactly about this And many more important charts so Without any further Ado guys don't Forget to stop that like button on Today's update video Let's smash it back Up 400 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that of being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Content and yes ever since yest today There's not been a lot of movement on Bitcoin however we have seen Bitcoin Coming down a little bit here fill up a Little bit that c Gap still the C Me Gap Is not filled up but like I said here Please don't necessarily anticipate your Complete strategy on filling up the CM Gap because if you've done so you're Still waiting to be buying Bitcoin Around $9,000 used but if we're looking At Bitcoin right now here on that 1 hour Time frame we are still looking at this Level the 34.8k this box here on the top Side because this is the level that Provided the significant amount of Resistance for the Bitcoin price action And once Bitcoin is going to be breaking Above This level that is going to be the

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Point I will be expecting that Continuation towards 36.5k but as long as Bitcoin is not Breaking above this region at all I Won't be expecting that continuation is Going to be happening so this level Right here 34.8k is going to be the most Important resistance to be looking at And if we break it 36.5k is going to be My next Target so at the meantime on for Early time frame Bitcoin is also Creating somewhat of a centical triangle And this symetrical triangle is somewhat Breaking out anytime soon here so I'm Going to look very closely towards the Symmetrical triangle because we are Expecting it's going to be breaking out In the coming 24 to 48 hours and once it Breaks out guys this could be a massive Move here because the continuation of The price target of this breakout is Going to be exactly 36.5k so if you're looking at Bitcoin Right now the bigger trend here you can See it has been going up very quickly And the symmetrical triangle is a Continuation pattern and if it really Continues it's exactly going to hit how Our price target of 36.5k what is also My price Target if we break Above This Level right here and of course more Importantly 36.5k is going to be the Most important resistance since that is The weekly low and the point we broke

Below that level was the point the big Bare market for Bitcoin basically Started so that is why I think 36.5k is So important looking also at the Bitcoin Returns because we just opened a new Month it's right in November October was Absolutely incredible 28% gain in the Month and I mean historically speaking Whenever October is good November Usually is even better so make sure to Be prepared for that year at least I am Super excited October could be a very Strong month here and I mean considering The fact that the Bitcoin Hing is Only 161 days away from now on what is Approximately the 10th of April 2024 the Bitcoin Hing is super close and we Should be getting ready for that so Bitcoin at the meantime consolidating Above this region if however we not Break bullish but we break down here for Bitcoin my big support Target is going To be somewhere around 31 to $3 32,000 Us if Bitcoin were to be coming down Towards that level I would definitely Open up a massive long position and Talking about a long position if you Want to be trading Bitcoin go to the Link description of today's video Because she can right now claim an Insaine deposit bonus up to $40,000 us If you sign up an account using that Link below on buybits further on bitcoin Right now it is right now in a very

Interesting region because we literally Broke above this very important Resistance level that previously Provided support here provides Resistance resistance resistance and if We were to be having a retest of this Level I am quite sure it's going to be Once again providing support so if we Were to be seeing a retest of this level I would take it with both hands because That will be a massive opportunity for Us all in this exact market right now First on we can currently see that Bitcoin is creating a gigantic Symmetrical triangle it broke outside of It but still we are right now looking at The bigger breakout because the weekly Time frame broke above this very Important level right here but I have Been saying this for quite a while right Now here I mean I said it literally in The beginning of the video as well I Think still we should be looking at this Level these levels right here I think 43.2k is going to be Massive Resistance But currently the resistance ahead of Ourselves is of course on the imminent Short term somewhere around $35,000 but of course on the biger Perspective it's going to be 36.5k so I'm going to wait for that level if we Break above it 43.2k is going to be my Next Target for Bitcoin we are also Creating that cop and handle pattern we

Also broke outside of that cop handle Pattern so things are looking actually Quite strong here and Bitcoin is Literally breaking backing towards the Bull market region so this was a very Short update video here on the channel Why is because I am also currently in a Little bit of a hurry but more Importantly there are also not a lot of New stuff developing right now here We're still waiting for the next move Here I think I pointed out all the most Important charts here so thank you so Much for watching share this video with Your friends if you do think they will Learn anything from this about where the Next bitcoin price stet are heading Towards but thank you so much for Watching and see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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