Bitcoin is about to be having a massive Breakout and in this exact video I will Be talking about my price Target I'm Going to talk about the most important Charts for Bitcoin right now here I will Talk about the most important resistance Support the funding rates good trading Opportunities and many more interesting Signals that are right no flashing Because the 50-day moving average is Once again getting retested on the daily Time frame and what does this mean for Bitcoin because historically speaking we Have seen many rejections from of this Level so in this video we'll also Discuss a little bit about ethereum and The dollar Index so without any further Ado don't forget to slap up the like Button back over 400 likes on today's Update video and let me jump straight Away in towards the content and once Looking at this content only a minute Short term we can clearly see Bitcoin is Creating a downward solving resist line And basically the price action of Bitcoin is getting suppressed every Single time we retest this level we've Been retesting this level for the past Four times and every single time we Retested it Bitcoin had a massive dump Towards that downside and right now I Mean actually if you're looking at the One hour time frame you can clearly see This trend has been going upwards for

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Bitcoin Bitcoin has been clearly Creating higher lows and right now for The first time ever we're creating this Downward sloping resist line so Bitcoin Is creating a new consolidation phase And you can clearly see there's been Very a big amount of support on the Lower side and also a clear amount of Resistance on the top side we've seen More than five rejections already from This trend line and we're expecting that In the coming hours that today we're Going to have this massive breakouts of Course it's going to be upwards or Downwards depending towards which Direction Bitcoin is breaking if Bitcoin Will be breaking barish the bearish Price Target is going to be sitting Somewhere around 26.3 K and the bullish Price Target here is around the top side Somewhere around 27.7 K and in this case I'm going to say 27.8k since that is the Major resistance in this trend that We're currently trading in so yes I Think the red line on the top side is The resistance on the top side and the Green line here on the lower side is the Support Target if Bitcoin is going to be Breaking bearish so that is what I'm Going to be looking at right now for Bitcoin I mean if we're looking at the Trend so far we've been trading it Perfectly right now already my next move Is really going to be depending on which

Direction Bitcoin confirms the break Towards because yeah if we break bearish My bias is going to shift bearish as Well here and of course also likewise if We're going to be breaking bullish my Bias is going to be sticking with the Bulls we are of course right now Breaking the downward solving resist Line on bitcoin but you have to Understand that for me to really be Super bullish on bitcoin I need to see That previous high on the daily time Frame getting taken out and that is also Exactly uh this level right here on the Chart so you can see the red line on the Top side that is the previous resistance From the daily high in the market and if We can manage to confirm the breakup of The daily high in the market that would Really confirm for me okay right now the Trend is Shifting around here because Then we are no longer creating these Lower lows on The Daily time frame and That would really make me very excited About the price section of Bitcoin and So yes in order for me to really say I Think Bitcoin is going to go to thirty Thousand dollars and see the Continuation towards the upside I want To see the 27.8k getting flipped on a Daily candle close to confirm the daily Reversal on the Bitcoin price action I Mean we are definitely coming closer and Closer towards this potential reversal

But uh yeah definitely very excited About what is currently going on in this Market I mean talking about what go what Is going on in this market if we're Looking at the funding rates this is Absolutely insane because look at this Almost all the funding rates are Currently negative what means that the Majority of the Traders in the market Are shorting Bitcoin and due to that They have to pay a premium so many People are actually shorting altcoins And Bitcoin what usually means once this Happens that we are going to see a short Squeeze so as well here on buy bed Turning rates is negative and I've said It several times before guys if you want To be spending your crypto using a Crypto card make sure to go to Bobby Because Bobby is currently offering this Insane MasterCard crypto cards where you Can let you spend your crypto earnings With and yes if you are right now going To be signing up using the link in Description you are actually going to be Eligible to claim a free 1000 US dollar Long or short position and all you need To do is only deposit 100 within seven Days and yes guys two days ago I took a Trade on blzad I talked about it on the Channel and currently it is down Massively from of our entry Target Currently I am up 85 on the straight and Yes don't forget to follow the channel

Because I discussed this trade in Approximately two days ago on the Channel yesterday also my live stream so Yes congratulations for everyone who's Right now making a ton of money by Shorting this altcoin further on looking At Bitcoin we can actually see that Every single time Bitcoin retested that 50-day moving average we tend to see Very big reactions either if we break Above it to see exponential price really Towards the upside or either once we Retest it and we see a massive rejection Towards the downside but if we can Confirm the break Above This level it Would definitely indicate some more Positive price development for Bitcoin I Mean at the same time on the three-day Time frame Bitcoin is creating that Bullish goes over on that macd here what Is also indicating and suggesting we are About to see some more positive price Action for Bitcoin and looking at the Weekly time frame I mean I've been Talking about the weekly time frame for Quite a while right now here that we are Currently of course retesting that very Important horizontal level on the weekly Time frame right 25 000 but also that Downward sloping resist line from the Top side and yes I've also discussed if Bitcoin potentials were to be breaking Down I think that the legendary support Line is the level to be buying and yes

Maybe it's still going to be happening Maybe Bitcoin is still going to be Breaking down here and if we do break Down my Targets in worst case scenario Are going to be somewhere around 22 000 To 23 000 but of course once it happened I will try to jump live and try to of Course give you guys immediately a Reaction about where I do think Bitcoin Is heading towards next so looking at Bitcoin further on I mean it's super Simple to see well currently what we Need to do next here and that is of Course break 32 000 if we do that I've Been saying this for a while on the Channel then really I think the bull Market space is going to get initiated For Bitcoin and potentially if we bounce Towards the offset right here we could Be creating a beautiful W pattern with a Price target of course for that Potential breaker towards the upside Somewhere around 40 000 US dollars so Yes a lot of bullish uh price Developments and we just have to wait a Little bit here on the image short term I mean right now we can currently see That the dollar Index is retesting this Critical resistance level the question Already remains are we going to be Breaking above it or are we going to see A rejection of course if the dollar Index moves down here it will be a net Positive for Bitcoin because Bitcoin is

Measured against the dollar if you're Looking to accumulate cryptos I mean I've been accumulating a swing trade on Ethereum right now here with two x Leverage I've been buying it up really In the range where we're currently Trading in I think the currently Ethereum is quite a boot could buy here I mean if you look across the internet I See many people are actually saying that Ethereum is super super bad performing And probably is going to be breaking way Lower uh but I don't believe that I Don't buy that story I actually think That ethereum is one of the better as Says right now in the market it's got a Deflationary edge over it and in two Months from now on we're going to have The next gigantic ethereum update what Is going to uh basically bring down the Gas fees massively in ethereum what Would make the chain even more scalable So I'm actually quite excited about Ethereum I think definitely it's going To be one of the top performance with The lowest risk to highest reward ratio In my opinion so yeah I'm definitely Buying looking at the image short term However we can currently clearly see This order block here on the top side is Really the level to break here it's a 1660. we get rejected by this level Every single time like you can currently Clearly see here but once we confirm the

Break Above This level right here that Is the point where I would really expect Okay right now um yeah the ethereum Market is really bottoming out here and You can clearly see right now we are Hanging between two very important Levels of support and resistance and the Question really remains when are we Going to be breaking outside of it so I'm going to keep you guys up to date With the app what I'm currently doing is Just buying and buying more and more Ethereum because yeah I am personally Just quite excited about the project I'm Quite excited about ethereum itself and I just think the probabilities for Higher prices are so extremely high from Here on so yeah I am definitely super Excited about ethereum and uh yeah that Was it for me in today's episode if you Did enjoy don't forget to slap on that Like button and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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