BITCOIN BREAKING OUT NOW! but don’t be fooled…

Bitcoin is right now finally starting to Be breaking out and on today's video I Will talk about my price targets the Most important charts black Rog that is Buying more than $50 million US dollars Worth of bitcoin every single day and What does this mean for the price action Of Bitcoin right now and more Importantly I will be discussing that Liquidation heat map because we're about To be taking out that liquidity hanging Around 43.6k so I will be discussing this and Many more important charts on today's Update video so without any fur we do Don't forget to SL the like button back Above 800 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content because here on the imature term We can finally start to see that Bitcoin Is creating some action once again and Currently is breaking the downward Sloping resist line we have been Creating here on this Market because yes Bitcoin was getting rejected every Single time while we were trying to be Breaking this downtrend and right now For the first time after seeing more Than four consecutive rejection We are seeing a clear breakout Above This resistance and this could be Confirming for us that we are Potentially going to be heading higher

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There is still one very important level Of resistance that we're about to be Approaching and that is going to be the 43.2k level because the 43.2k level like You can clearly see right here goddess Also rejected many times before as well So once Bitcoin indeed confirms the Break Above This level as well then I Will be saying the breakout is confirmed For Bitcoin and most likely we are going To be going higher and higher I am Talking towards levels around 47 to 48,000 us what is of course quite a Massive Target towards the upside but if Bitcoin sees another rejection from off This point and let's say it's struggling Below this level and potentially moves Below the previous support again and Let's say Bitcoin sees a rejection from Of this level and breaks below this Downward soing resistance line once Again that right now should be flipping Into support then I will be saying okay Right now it's most likely that Bitcoin Is actually creating a fake out and Probably we are going to be going lower So it's very important to be looking About what is going to be happening next Year on bitcoin so please look at the Downward sloping resist line and make Sure to keep your eyes wide open on this Horizontal level right here currently on This breakout right here I am not going To be opening up a trade because I will

Be opening up a trade soon again and Once I do guys you do know I'm going to Be opening up a trade on my copy trading Account where you could be following me As well but more about that later in Today's video and currently there's only 89 billion US available in Bitcoin Supply right now and that literally Means that black rock is buying 0.17% of the available Supply every Single day so the black R customers are Buying massively and you need to be Preparing right now for this next move Here because yes in the matter of fact Because in 597 days if the pace stays The same blackr has accumulated all Available Bitcoin Supply so things are Moving quite fast and definitely at the End of this year markets could be Looking completely different than they Currently are looking so so we're still Creating that Bitcoin Head and Shoulders Pattern here with that left shoulder on The left side right shoulder on the Right side and the hat here in the Middle we're creating a bullish reversal Pattern on bitcoin and this pattern will Be playing out once we break about $44,000 and the price Target is sitting Somewhere around $50,000 but of course For this pattern to be playing out we Need to see a confirmed break above the Red box of resistance and as we see that That is going to be the point where we

Could start to say okay right now the Breakout is getting confirmed and right Now Bitcoin is going to be going higher So here in the 4ly time frame we're also Breaking outside of this massive Consolidation pattern that we have been Creating right here and yes I still want To be pointing this out we need to be Breaking Above This horizontal level Resistance because that would give for Me the extra confirmation that we are Indeed going to be seeing that Continuation further right so indeed Bitcoin is breaking in downward sling Resistance line what is a good very good Thing here but there is still a chance Of a potential fake out so keep keep Your eyes wide open on that as well so Bitcoin remains to be consolidating and If I were to be looking at the Liquidation heat map I mean there's Still a massive amount of liquidity Laying above us around 42.5kg to be moving towards the upside Take out the liquidity then move down Again here and then uh take out all the Liquidity on the lower side and then we Form the bottom and then we're going to Be going up from that point I mean that Is still a feasible scenario that could Be playing out on bitcoin and I want to Be opening up a new trade here but I'm Only going to be do doing so if I get The best opportunity and for me the best

Opportunity is an opportunity with at Least amount of risk so either I'm super Convinced Bitcoin is going to be Dropping lower or either I'm super Convinced Bitcoin is bottoming out Around that lower structure right there So for that I need to be a little bit More patient so if you want to be Joining me with my trade guys I am going To be opening up my new trade here on Decoin where you can also join me on my Copy trading journey and all you need to Do for that is sign up an account using That link below on decoin and there you Could go to copy trading search for Crypto Rover and you can actually find Me and if you want to be trying and if You want to be trying out copy trading Before me because maybe it's going to Still take a little bit of a well so you Know that you're going to be set up here There are also many other copy traders That are doing actually significant Profits that you could be joining as Well and I mean in my opinion I've been Looking at IIT fex all these other Exchanges for copy trading but I believe That decoin is the best exchange for Copy trading so that is why I decided to Of course go over to decoin and do it Right here so if you want to be joining Me with my copy trading Journey or if You want to be copy trading someone else Or if you just want to be trading

Bitcoin on the market and if you right Now sign up an account using that link Below of today's video you can actually Also claim an extra deposit bonus so Make sure to check it out right now Going further in towards the content we Can currently see that of course on The Daily time frame Bitcoin is still Getting rejected by this level right Here we're seeing actually every single Time once we're retesting this level Basically the Bitcoin price action Either providing resistance either Providing support and yeah you can Clearly see that this is the level to be Breaking and also the Lower Side so Basically Bitcoin is currently still Consolidating in it sideways Consolidation phe and the moment we're Going to be breaking outside of this Region that is the point where I will be Expecting big volatility is going to be Hitting the markets once again so yes Here on the weekly time frame we can Basically see here that Bitcoin indeed Created a bullish Hammer candle and Usually once Bitcoin creates a bullish Hammer candle that is the point where we Turn start to see massive upside for Bitcoin getting created so so right now Once again we're indeed creating another Bitcoin bullish Hammer candle so far It's looking actually quite good for Bitcoin and historically speaking this

Is also a very bullish candle that you Can create so here also in the weekly Time frame we're still consolidating Below that very important resistance of $48,000 last time we did it we had of Course a big crash towards the downside But I believe right now we have been Seeing a significant amount of upside it Were just consolidating before 4 ones Again having a breakout towards the Upside just vice versa like we had last Time around right here so maybe we could Also even call this a head and shoulders Pattern but then in extremely big one Here on that Weekly time frame for Bitcoin so what we do now also in 69 Days the Bitcoin Hing is going to be Here and basically once the Bitcoin Hing Is here we do know that afterwards the Next Bitcoin Bull Run is going to be Getting started so this is right now the Time to prepare accordingly you only Have 69 days left here sometimes it even Comes faster the Bitcoin h so yeah time Is running out right now and you should Be preparing yourself right now here Only 10 weeks left before that Bitcoin Hing is going to be here so make sure to Prepare accordingly right now here this Is not the time to be necessarily Panicking but this is the time to Actually prepare yourself for the next Bitcoin Bull Run I mean that is all I'm Doing here guys I mean on the short term

Indeed I could be saying yeah Bitcoin is Going to be going lower or whatsoever But on a perspective from let's say one Year from now on I'm expecting a Bitcoin Is going to be sitting above $100,000 so This is the time to be preparing Yourself and that is exactly what I'm Doing and that is why I'm trading Bitcoin to accumulate more Cryptocurrency so if you want to be Learning more in the future if something Important is going to be happening Subscribe to the channel and see you Guys over there peace out goodbye

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