Bitcoin is breaking down right now and While this is happening we are actually Seeing a retest of this very important Level of previous support and in this Exact video I will talk about this novel What this means for Bitcoin right now And many more important charts we need To discuss right now on today's update Video so don't forget to slap up that Like button on today's updates video I Will give an update on my short position On bitcoin I will give an update on my Future trades and much much more so Don't forget to snap up that like button And can we smash you back about 400 that Will be absolutely incredible and with That of being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content of course Once looking at the imminent short term For Bitcoin we can clearly see we have Created a lower low in the price action Of Bitcoin confirming right now we are Trading in a downtrend and also Confirming that we broke the uptrend of This consolidation phase so what is Actually very likely right now is that This downtrend we're currently trading Is is going to continue and if we're Going to look at the big support in this Previous Trend right here it was Somewhere around 26.5 K you can see Every single time Bitcoin retested at 26.5 K we saw a significant balance Happening towards the upside and ever

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Since we broke below it right here we Fell down here to an approximately 25k We had a rebounds back towards the Upside and you can clearly see this Level that previously Iran provided Support is currently acting as Resistance so this is definitely looking Very bearish for the imminent short term For Bitcoin and actually I wouldn't be Surprised if Bitcoin is actually going To see a further continuation towards The downside of their seen a significant Rejection from of the 26.5 K Bitcoin Also confirmed the lower load than the Previous four hourly candle close in This entire Trend what means that Currently clearly we are bearish on the Image short term and we should still be Expecting that lower lows are going to Come if we're looking at the price Targets we do know that the price Targets of this breakdown is going to be Occurred somewhere around 25 to 24 Thousand dollars and currently we're Still trading on 26.5 K so technically Speaking we've still got quite a long Way to go down here and if you're really Looking at the pure technicals in terms Of the volume in this entire range we do Also know that in fact we are currently Trading in a low volume range what means That Bitcoin could see a very stealth Move towards the downside happening very Quickly through this range so I will be

On the lookout for this I will keep my Eyes wide open and basically once Bitcoin is going to really see that drop Towards the downside I personally really Expect the support is going to get found Around 25 to 24 000 you can see that on All kinds of time frames we're breaking Below critical support and I want to be Pointing this out to everyone out there On the channel we can see that the Hannah's shoulders pattern did clearly Broke its neckline and currently we're Heading down to a price target of Approximately 25 to 24 000 we are still Creating a falling wedge on bitcoin and What is very important to pay attention Towards right now in this pattern is That there's a major major level of big Support trading below us and that is This downward sloping support line as Soon as Bitcoin is going to read this This downward sloping support line and We're going to hold on towards it it's Going to be looking actually quite okay We can see that four times in a row we Retested this level already and every Single time we retested it we basically Had a significant balance so I will be Looking closely at this pattern of Course if we do break the resistance on The top side we could be expecting a Small little relief rally towards the Upside so Bitcoin could still definitely Move towards the upside but only I will

Be anticipating that if we do see that Break of that critical but very critical Resistance line on the price chart of Bitcoin we can also see that my trade is Currently in approximately three Thousand US dollars in profit I've been Shorting Bitcoin ever since it hit 31 000 US Dollars and I've been opening up More than three short positions already And every single time I open up my short Position is basically at this previous Very important level of support and like You can see I had a perfect entry Because I opened up my short position Exactly right here let me make it white So you can see it exactly right here and Right now I am looking to Target 25 to 26 000 US dollars of course I will be Starting to DCA out of my position I Already looked in more than 150 US Dollars in profit and I will be Continued to do so as the prices Continue to go down or of course if we See a significant breakout towards the Upside I will be also open up a long Position fairly soon but I will only Open up that next big long position once Bitcoin comes down to 24 to 25 000 and That point I will start to deploy more Than 200 000 US dollars in on Capital to Open up a one million US dollar Bitcoin Trading position so if you're interested In that don't forget subscribe to the Channel to stay up to date about that

Trade and also if you're interested in Trading in general you can write it Check out the links description because If you sign up again using the link in Description you can actually claim in The post bonus up to 50 000 US Dollars Then of course we can see the vpvr we Are entering a low volume range what Many means that Bitcoin could become Very volatile any moment right now we Can see on the eme ribbon we are Actually getting rejected and we're Seeing that bearish crossover happening Right now looking at the bullage events We can actually see that the bullish Events is starting to become extremely Narrow what is indicating that we will Probably see a lot of volatility anytime Soon and looking at the three-day Bullish events we can also clearly see The three-day bullish events is Extremely narrow maybe it doesn't really Look extremely narrow to you but but if You're actually going to search up the Indicator Boller depends with you can See and basically measure the width of The Bollinger Bands and remove my other Indicators for a second you can Currently see that the width is Extremely low and it is almost as low as January 2023 and it is most certainly Lower than the whole year of 2021. so It's definitely on a low stage right now In terms of volatility on The Daily time

Frame we can see that the volatility is Almost becoming as low as the 7th of April or as low as the 8th of February And those were all dates where the Volatility was extremely low basically One thing we can argue is that for the Past approximately 50 to 60 days there's Almost been no volatility well before There was a lot of volatility for Bitcoin so right now it's just really Called me from the storm because like You can always see in this chart after a Long period of low volatility High Volatility always hits the market so the Thing you need to do right now here is Just prepare yourself for that next move On bitcoin I think it's going to be a Small move down and then an extremely Hard move towards the upside and I'm Trying to prepare myself with some good Trades here in the market so make sure To get ready for me I'm still the locals Averaging in towards Bitcoin every Single day buying more Bitcoin because On the long term you never can lose you Can see also here on this symmetrical Triangle breakdown the price Target is Going to be 24 to 25 000 and that is That previous support level and that is Why we'll be opening up the giant Position over there and on the weekly Time frame you can see it also Visualized right here the big support Below Us is around 24 to 25 000 and that

Is the level where I'm expecting to see A major bands happening for for Bitcoin So this was it for me in today's update Video for the past approximately 50 days It's been quite boring making videos Because there's not a lot of stuff Happening and I'm just keep saying you Guys the same thing but that is just Because this is the most likeliest thing To play at right now so far our Predictions have been actually pinch Perfect I've been bullish on bitcoin Ever since this low all the way towards The upside and I literally turned Bearish on the exact high on the market And if you don't believe me just go Towards my YouTube channel because Everything is transparent everything is Found on YouTube you can see all my Videos where I talk about the market so Yeah that was it for me in today's Update video I truly hope you didn't Enjoy it if you did like it don't forget To like this video share this video with Your friends if you do want anyone to Learn anything from Trading Bitcoin and Learning something from the market in Terms of analysis but that was it for me In today's update video thanks so much For watching and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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