Bitcoin Bloodbath – 275

Bitcoin miners offload $129 million do worth of bitcoin in a Day sending reserves to the lowest point Since May a slump in minor reserves Indicates potential selling pressure According to crypto Quan crypto miners Bitcoin reserves slid to the lowest Point since May following a Spate uh or Spat of withdrawals this week in a sign Of mounting selling pressure as the Largest cryptocurrency posts a December Gain of more than 133% data from crypto Quant shows minor reserves measure the Number of coins held by the Affiliated Miners wallets the number of drops as The or the number drops as the coins are Moved to crypto exchanges possibly as a Prelude to a sale miners began balancing Their books in late October with Reserves entering a decline that Accelerated this month reserves now Number 1. 1832 million Bitcoin being Held by miners down from October over's High of 1.84 million in a post on social media Platform X oi charts pointed out that Miners have sold 3,000 Bitcoin over the Past 24 hours equating to around $129 Million the cryptocurrency is currently Trading at 42891 and today I believe we're a little Below that at 42629 yep there we are so just to keep You guys up to date there down from

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Yesterday's high of 43,7 the net flow of Bitcoin on December 28th stood atus 1524 Bitcoin meaning That withdrawals exceeded new coins Being minted data shows Bitcoin will Undergo a having in April which will see Minor reward slash to 3.125 bitcoin per Block from 6.25 Bitcoin analysts predict That the having will cause a supply Shock with Bitcoin potentially reaching $160,000 now to expand upon that Prediction of 160,000 remember it's not Financial advice but from the numbers I've run based on the previous having Cycles uh my top would be around $210,000 that being said and I go into More detail on that in my crypto mining Course but you know you guys don't need To get into the details if you don't Want to that being said though that Doesn't really happen until 6 months to A year and a half after the having so Really the $160,000 price point hitting in April is Probably not going to happen I expected Somewhere between 45,000 to 50,000 USD For Bitcoin during the having in April We have already hit 42,000 and get got really close to that 45,000 I still think that my price point Is going to be right there for that Having if I had to put my you know put Place my bets on what the price of Bitcoin will be in April and then we may

See a dip down as miners struggle to Survive and pay electricity bills and so On with the reward cut and potentially Another drop in Asic miners but that's Never guaranteed the best time to buy is Always like near the end of the having Cycle not usually on the exact day but We could see a little bit of a pullback And then a recovery and then the Subsequent uh bull Market that pushes it Closer to that $210,000 Mark once eor Euphoria sets in With of course the retail markets that Being said we do have other factors at Play here that are outside of the normal For the traditional having cycle that Being ETFs and we really have to see how Those ETFs are going to impact Bitcoin And its price especially large ones from Companies like Black Rock so that's a Pending thing that is up in the air that Could directly influence everything the Other pending factor that we need to Take into account as it pertains to the Having cycle and how long this having Cycle will continue is going to be Ordinals and the reason why ordinals are Are important from a mining perspective And from the price prediction Perspective of Bitcoin is that ordinals Increase the fees on the network and Once we get to fee parody with block Rewards meaning if you have a 3.25 block Reward and then you end up having a

Higher equal to or higher than fees you Take the pressure off of the miners From The Block reward influence which then of Course levels out a little bit the the Impact of the having and with ordinals Coming into play and that driving up Fees on the Bitcoin Network this could Have a hefty impact on how this plays Out price-wise and it's something we Haven't seen before for so it's Something to take into consideration now You guys mind during the bare Market you Made it through well at least maybe a Half of you I know a lot of you over here didn't actually Do it but the ones that did I have a new Shirt for you guys and it says I mined With the Bears for the bear Market okay So if you mind with the Bears and you want to rep that you did M During the bar Market go ahead and head On over to shop.of and the Listing will be down below I'll put it In live chat right now I have a Sweatshirt there's a sticker if you'd Rather have a sticker t-shirt premium Shirt all that cool cool stuff um really Like the new shirt I ordered a few for Myself and I just had that design Finished this week eventually it'll be Under on the YouTube channel but that Takes a little bit of time so just give It some time uh proceeds of course go to Supporting me in the channel so there

You go and I thought uh we put some work Into it and I thought you guys might Enjoy it Thanks for watching this clip from the Crypto mining show you can check out the Full episode here and don't forget to Subscribe down here as well you can also Check out my crypto mining ecourse at where you can get a free month Of supporter status with a purchase at Sonof tech. also don't forget To check out my merch underneath the Video or at shop.on I'll see you Next Tuesday

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