Bitcoin is right now breaking below Support but I don't think that this is The time to worry since we're right now Still creating a bullish Divergence on The Bitcoin six hour time frame and Together with that on the 12 hour time Frame we can still see that we're Holding on towards that 29.7 K support Target so in this exact video I will Talk about the most important support Levels I will talk about the US Government that once again sold up more Than 8 000 Bitcoins and I will exactly Talk about how much Bitcoin they got Left and what they will be doing with This so make sure to watch the video Till the end it's going to be super Important so can we once again snap up The likes back up a 500 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent short term and once We're going to be looking at the even a Short term for Bitcoin we can see that After we had that significant rally Towards the offset for Bitcoin yesterday We saw a gigantic dump towards the Downside but so far we can still remain To see the Bitcoin remains to be holding At 29.627 K you can clearly see on this Chart right here after we had that move Towards the upside we failed to be Breaking above the Range High in the Market so right now if I were to be

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Saying Bitcoin is going to be flipping Bullish I need to see a break above the 30.4 K so if we break above 30.4k that Is the confirmation and that is the Point where I will be expecting Bitcoin Could start to see more upside getting Generated and of course for the Lower Side as well as soon as we do break Below this previous low on the market Trading around 29.6 to 29.7 K what is Also that most important level of Support I've been talking about on the 4la time frame but also the 12 hour time Frame and just these bigger time frames Because the 29.6 to 7K is that previous Resistance in the market right here that So far has been providing support for Bitcoin on this entire Trend so far so As long as Bitcoin holds this horizontal Level right here I don't really see a Big reason to worry however if we do Break below level yes at that point we Could be expecting a further Continuation towards the downside and of Course you do know my price targets if Bitcoin breaks below 29.6 K the next Realistic price target for Bitcoin is 28 000 US dollars what is this very Important level of previous resistance Like Support over here since we're also Right now looking to be creating Potentially a double bottom right now Here on the four early time frame but More importantly we are creating a

Bullies Divergence as well so Bitcoin is Creating a bully's diverge and we all Know what happens once we do creative Bullies Divergence the price tends to be Creating a movement towards the upside Rather than continue towards the Downside and what is also important to Know this bullish diverges right here Already got confirmed since we did close The candle in the green right so that is Definitely a very bullish thing to see Right now in the image short term but For Bitcoin right here on the Four-league time frame as soon as we do Break above 29.6k I'm going to start Worrying but as long as that is not Happening I do not really see a big Reason to be starting to be panicking in The market right now we do know we saw That breakout towards the upside and Basically this was an entire fake out Here for Bitcoin on the top side of the Region and right now we're breaking Below the very important level of the Previous low on the market you can Clearly see the 12-hour time frame for Bitcoin providing support every single Time once we re-test this level however Right now we close the 12 hourly candle Below it and we're actually breaking Below the range but this once again Could also be another fake out and right Now I don't really see this as a Confirmation of a breakdown because for

Me to see a confirmation of a breakdown I need to see the break of 29.6 K and if That doesn't happen I don't see the Reason to be starting to be panicking Because I do not want to be flipping Bearish on bitcoin exactly on support Because exactly on support is the point Where you should start to be flipping Bullish on bitcoin of course since then The risk on bitcoin on buying it is most Certainly lower and that is why I'm Still longing Bitcoin and that is why I'm not closing out my trades right now Here you can see the funding rate is Actually quite favoring the Bulls right Now here and if you're looking at my Trade I'm still more than 1.2 Bitcoin in Profit right now and looking at my Bible Trade I am also opened up a new 250 000 US Dollars Bitcoin long position Currently there's not really a big Profit or loss being made so far but Yeah we can clearly see here the funding Rates is also in favor of the bulls and Right now I'm still very close towards My entry price and if Bitcoin breaks Below that 29.6k Target I'm going to Exit my positions but right now I don't See the reason to start to be panicking Exactly on support and if you want to be Trading yourself as well there's right Now a very big opportunity to claim a Free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin or xrp Long or short position all you need to

Do is go to the link of description of Today's video Here sign up a new account Using the link above deposit 100 within Seven days and enjoy your free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin long or short position So this deposit bonus is only valid for Another 13 days so make sure to be quick Because in third 13 days from now on I Can't give you guys this insane deposit Bonus anymore furthermore we can still Clearly see the 31 000 is of course a Level to break for a three-day time Frame and if I'm actually looking at the Weekly time frame Bitcoin weekly Volatility is also right now at an Historical law not only the daily Volatility but the historical weekly Volatility as well so in this bottom of The range you can see a white line the White line is the bullish events with so How narrow the bullish events is here You can see here back in September and December 2018 we had a huge quiz on the Bullish events what was indicating of Course the gigantic dump towards the 3 000 US dollars for Bitcoin then of Course we saw once again the bullish Events being so ties here back in uh October 2022 then we had the FTX Collapse and right now once again the Bullish events is even becoming tighter Than uh October 2022 and even tighter Than December 2018. so yes the bullish Bends on the weekly time frame is

Extremely narrow what is indicating We're about to be having a big move Anytime soon so yes I'm once again going To be saying it there is a big move Going to be happening for Bitcoin Anytime soon it's probably going to be Happening in the coming two to three Weeks here probably sooner but that is At least the maximum forecast for this Breakout to be happening so make sure to Pay attention towards the market right Now here because yes once volatility It's the market you can of course also Make more money since Bitcoin is moving More than if you're then trading Bitcoin You could benefit from it extremely hard Bird on I mean on the weekly time frame Nothing is changing but what is very Important is that the US government once Again sold more than 8 000 Bitcoins that They seized from the Silk Road and what Is important to know they didn't sold it Yesterday they didn't created The Dump But this sale happened on the June 12th So that's approximately a month ago but It is very important to know that the US Government did sold their Bitcoin off Here and to be exact if you do want to Be knowing how much Bitcoin is still Have in their vault it's an Approximately 195 000 Bitcoin that they still have got Remaining and they're saying that They're going to be selling everything

So that could be causing massive seller Pressure for the Bitcoin price section And of course at the same time we can Currently see the dollar Index is Starting to see a small little bounce Here towards the upside but in fact it's Just running in towards this previous Big Target of support so I won't be Surprised to see actually another move Down for the dollar Index yeah make sure To take this in account the trend is Your friend and like you can see on the Dollar Index it's definitely an Embarrassed Trend so I expect the trend To continue this bearish movement Towards the downside so that was it for Me in today's update video not a lot of Things have been changing for Bitcoin Right now here Bitcoin still trades on Support here I'm going to be keeping my Eyes wide open on the 29.6 K if we do Break below it you know my next prize Star guys but firstly I still think it's Likely to get a bounce from of the Support region so thanks so much for Watching and I'll see you guys in the Next one peace out goodbye

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