BITCOIN BEAR TRAP!!! [here is why]

Yo guys so before I start the video I Quickly want to say watch the video till The end especially until minute four Because from minute four I talk about Some crazy information I just am done Editing with the video but the Information is so crazy Bitcoin is about To have some crazy move and I exactly Explain why so make sure to watch the Video till the end let's go Bitcoin is Currently retesting the most important Support of this in Entrance and while this is happening we Can see for a fact that this region Where we're currently trading in is most Certainly the most accumulated range for Bitcoin in its entire history so make Sure to watch this video till then Because I will exactly explain what this Means what this means for Bitcoin in the Future and what it has told us in the Past so don't forget to watch this video Till the end it will be a super Important one I will go over the most Important levels of support resistance Downtrends and many more important Charts so don't forget to snap up that Like button can we smash it back about 500 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that is being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Price section of Bitcoin so looking at Bitcoin on the internet short term we Can see on the 15 minute time frame that

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We're clearly still trading in a Downtrend Bitcoin is creating lower Highs and lower lows and basically this Is what you call a downtrend and as soon As Bitcoin does decides to be breaking The downtrend on the top side that is The point where we could start to see a Further continuation happening once Again and back towards the upside but For now on as long as we remain to be Trading in this bearish trend I remain To be believing that Bitcoin is probably Going to see some more downside so make Sure to pay attention towards that and Until we break the downtrend that is the Point where I should start to swap my Bias on the one hour time frame where we Were looking at the consolidation phase We can currently still see that we so Far have not been breaking below the Green box of support I mean yes we have Officially seen a few closest below the Green box however we touched it and we Bounced back towards the upside straight Away and on the one hour time frame as Well you can identify a downtrend and so Far this one hour downtrend has not been Broken yet so far and you can clearly See that we're creating somewhat maybe Of a flag pattern here the Bitcoin is Clearly trading in downwards Trend and As soon as we do break the top side of Resistance that is the point where I Could start to say okay right now

Probably we're going to be seeing a Reversal but B also on high alert this Previous low on the market right here That provided the support is currently Providing resistance so this could maybe Be just another other retest for another Move towards the downside so I'm not one Thousand percent convinced that Bitcoin Is looking super strong right here and There is definitely a scenario where Bitcoin could see a further continuation Towards the downside and since this is a Super important retest and since we're Also trading in a downtrend I wouldn't Be surprised that we could be seeing This trend continue towards the downside So be on high alert right now for that Imminent short term like I told you We're creating somewhat of a pattern Right here somewhat of a flag formation Going to keep my eyes wide open on that And looking at the four hourly lows we Can currently also see that Bitcoin Actually managed to close below the Previous loan though for early time Frame confirming a lower low on the 4la Time frame I mean doesn't really mean a Lot because last time around we also Create an higher high on the four early Time frame I mean yes because we are Officially creating a lower level on the Four-let time frame but of course like We've seen in the past we have many fake Ads also on the top side with creating a

Higher high so maybe this could be Another fake up but this time around on The down side so let's see how it's Going to be playing out I'm not going to Say that Bitcoin necessarily has to be Breaking down right now since we've seen Multiple fake ads of this region already And that is why we'll continue to keep My eyes wide open on both scenarios and Especially I will start to look at the Daily time frame because looking at the Daily time frame we can currently know And I've said it on yesterday's video The 29.7 K this region right here is the Most important region for me and you can Clearly see this reach was exactly the Region that provided support for Bitcoin But as soon as Bitcoin breaks below this Level we're confirming a break below of The daily range and if we break below The daily range the next big support Target is 28 000 US Dollars and to be Exact it's going to be 27 985 US dollars So that is my target if Bitcoin does Decide to be breaking down however a Thing that I don't like to see right now Here is that everyone is starting to Become bearish on Twitter everyone is Saying Bitcoin is going to be having a Small move towards the downside before Moving up and two or three days ago I Said the same two weeks ago I also Talked about about that scenario but now For me if we do break this support I

Think the next Target is going to be 28 000 US Dollars and of course there is Also still a very big likelihood that We're just going to be moving up here And why am I saying so it's because of Course last week I did a tweet here on My Twitter talking about that the 30.2k Is such an important level for Bitcoin Accumulation at that point approximately A week ago this level was the second Largest accumulation range in the History of Bitcoin of all time and right Now I want to give you guys an update Because I got a new update on the chart Currently it is the 30.2k that is the Largest accumulation range of all Bitcoin in history and to be exact more Than 910 000 Bitcoin got accumulated and That's an approximately five percent of The total Supply around the 30.2k what Is absolutely mental and we can see Every single time we have these big Ranges also the 16.5 K the bear Market Bottom that was also a huge accumulation Range of what happened on the chart for Bitcoin we saw a huge rally after we Came out of this region so 16.5 K also Approximately 4.5 of the entire Supply Got accumulated around that level and Then of course also looking at the 3.4k They're approximately four percent of The supply 700 000 Bitcoins got Accumulated so you can see every single Time bottoms get indicated by this

On-chain data on-chain data where huge Accumulation occurs is usually the point Where a bottom gets created so since Right now accumulation is skyrocketing Around thirty thousand dollars if Bitcoin trades below thirty thousand Dollars I see this as a huge opportunity To be actually accumulating more and Building up even bigger trading Positions since this is indicating for Me that there is a very big likelihood That we're going to see another massive Move just like we created a ranked at 16.5 K region since also massive amounts Got accumulated over there and look what Happened on the 16.5 K so on the 16.5 K There was this very boring region right Here we traded sideways but once we Broke outside of the region we had a Massive move towards the upside and to Be honest we've been going sideways for Quite a while right here and like you Can see from monche data there's been a Massive distribution from people that Bought actually on the lows and there's A massive accumulation from people that Are actually buying around this region Right here so if we do break outside of The region we're probably once again Going to be having search of a massive Move here so I won't be surprised that This is going to be happening again and That is the reason why I shouldn't be All too bearish right here at this point

And that is also the reason why I Shouldn't say Bitcoin necessarily has to Go down to 28 000 US Dollars and that is Why it should be very careful with that Analysis at the moment currently I am Still long on bitcoin making an Approximately 1.3 Bitcoin and to be very Honest I am looking to building up more Trades here I also got a trade set up Here on the lower side like you can see Here on my buy bit accounts all my buy Bit accounts I got a trade set up on 28 000 US dollars if Bitcoin were to have a Big dip towards the downside I'm going To definitely buy some Bitcoin going up Over there but of course in case Bitcoin Doesn't go up here sorry in case Bitcoin Doesn't go down here I also still have Got this straight that is also making me Tons and tons of money in case Bitcoin Is going to be seeing that next move Towards the upside right so if you want To be trading Bitcoin or xob right now Go to the link in description of today's Video because you can claim a free 1 000 US Dollars all you need to do is go to The link description of today's video Sign up an account using the link above Deposit 100 within seven days and you're Guaranteed to get a free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin or xap uh position Depending on which link you are clicking So make sure to go to the link in Description sign up again and get us a

Possible bonus because be on high alert This is the postal bonus will be ending In an approximately 13 days so it's First come first serve and there's Approximately 80 percent of the supply Left so far so make sure to come very Quickly and you still got another 13 Days to be claiming these rewards third On looking at the daily time frame for Bitcoin we can currently see that on the Daily time frame Bitcoin is still Bouncing from of the thirty thousand US Dollars and on the three day time frame We can still see Bitcoin is training Super boringly and if you're looking Basically at the cop and handle pattern You can see the Bitcoin is still Consolidating below the cup and handle Pattern and maybe we're creating Something of a new consolidation phase Right here but what one thing is for Sure Bitcoin is going to be having a Break anytime soon and looking at the Own chain data I personally expect it's Going to go upwards many people are Saying we're going to go down but it Doesn't make sense if you're looking to The on-chain data because we're Literally having a larger accumulation Range than the 3.4 K the lowest one of Bitcoin in the last six years and also a Bigger accumulation than the 16.5 K so Yeah if a lot of people are buying There's probably one thing going to be

Happening next and that is of course a Very big bounce back towards the upside Of course on The Daily time frame we're Still creating embarrassed Divergence And what even makes me more bullish on Bitcoin is the inverse correlation with The stock market at the moment because Bitcoin is going down and the stock Market is going up and usually once that Happens if we're going to be looking Back at the past once Bitcoin basically Keeps behind the stock market at one Point is going to pick up again just Like it had at the 12th and 13th of July It had a massive rally towards the Upside so I personally expect it's going To be happening again here Bitcoin is Currently way behind on the stock market And it won't be surprised if it's going To be picking up again here so this was A super important video please make sure To do your own research but I personally Do rethink that this is not really the Time to panic of course it's still a Scenario where Bitcoin goes down to 28 000 but I don't really think that Scenario is very likely to play at so Thanks so much for watching and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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