BITCOIN: BEAR TRAP!!!!! [get ready for this]

The Bitcoin price action is right now Creating a payroll Channel towards the Downside and I think that this is a Gigantic bear trap we're currently Creating so make sure to watch the video Till the end because I will be exactly Explained what currently is going down I Will be going over the most important Charts in Bitcoin I will be talking About the CME Gap and much more Important data that will determine where The market is heading towards next I Will sharing my next Bitcoin trade setup An update on my Bitcoin short position And much more important stuff so don't Forget to watch this video till the end Can we once again snap up dislikes back About 500 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Imminent short term and the reason why I Currently think that this spiral Channel Towards the dance that we're currently Creating after we've seen the Significant dump towards the downside is A trap is because right now we are Seeing of course momentum on the RSI Climbing significantly towards the Upside what goes is indicating that on The short term we're creating a bullish Divergence what means that it is only Going to be more than likely that we're Going to be expecting to see a bounce Here on the internet short term maybe

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It's only going to be a balance to Twenty two thousand dollars maybe it's Only going to be 222.4k but at least It's likely to expect that we will be Getting somewhat of a balance within now In the coming two days for Bitcoin and That is the reason also why I close Completely out of my short position and Why I'm also currently preparing myself For a next Bitcoin trade if I'm looking At the four-league time frame we can Currently start to see that we are Approaching this very very important Level of support and currently we've Started to touch it of course we can Still go a little bit lower to 21.4 21.3 And 21.2 and it will give you an update About how we will be training this in a Second from now on but currently we are Indeed approaching critical support if We do break below this level I am Expecting that the next Target is going To be twenty thousand dollars of course Twenty thousand dollars comes into one Towards that CME Gap so it is going to Be likely that we potentially are going To fill up that CME Gap as well here so Be aware twenty thousand dollars it Still will see me get over there and I Wouldn't be surprised if we actually see A very big sweep towards the downside And then a move back up here if we do Manage to find support around this level It could also very well mean that we

Will already bounce remove this range Right here most certainly this is going To be an important level of support Since like you can see in the past it Provided significant resistance and it's Going to be more than likely that we're At least going to see a strong Bounce From of this level one's also looking at The symmetrical triangle we can Currently see that we are having that Breakdown and that we had a perfect Rejection and right now we already Actually reached our price target maybe Like a few dollars off but we can Already say we reached our price Target Really where I'm expecting the big Support of this game to come in here is Around 21.3k that's still a little bit Lower that's really the four hour Resistance that most likely will be Providing strong support so if we do Move down 21.3 K is going to be a big Level of support but really I think next Week's the markets will be extremely Volatile and the reason why here is Because on Valentine's Day and be aware This data is coming out on Valentine's Day so if you do have a date maybe think About rescheduling your day to a Different date because on the 14th of February Valentine's Day we will be Having the U.S inflation slash core Inflation data come out here and usually They tend to infect the market

Significantly so if the inflation is Going to come in lower than the Consensus so 6.2 percent the markets Will most certainly push off very Quickly and also with the core inflation If it's going to come in lower than the Consensus the market is going to be Pumping up very quickly I think core Inflation is the most important one to Look at Um yeah currently the production Projection is that it's going to come in Around 5.5 so it's going to be dropping More than 0.2 percent the market could React very positively towards that and What is also very interesting to Consider is that of course inflation is Calculated year on year and you can see From December to January 2022 inflation Jumped by 0.5 percent but means that it Will be having a less significant effect On the on the inflation reports right Now because it's calculated here on here If we really come down faster the Markets can pumps very quickly and then We will actually see this beautiful Touch of this level of support and then A beautiful big bounce back towards the Upside and that could really lead Towards more a positive price action and You can also see if we're really going To compare Bitcoin towards the S P 500 Right now is that the S P 500 didn't Really drop so hard and of course the

Reason why Bitcoin also dropped so hard Was purely due to the bearish price Structure and of course due to the ban On taking so yeah that is really the Reason why we're moving that so quickly And usually if we move the opposite way Of the S P 500 we could also reverse Very quickly and that is real quickly What I want to be pointing out and that Is also one of the many reasons why I'm Actually currently looking at that long Position currently my long position is Not entered I I am still waiting to Enter it and the way how I am going to Be entering it is exactly like this so Let me quickly go towards this uh big And USD tether chart and you can see First of all in my order history you can See clearly in my close b l that I made More than 3 000 US Dollars profit from My last trade here and currently I am Looking to open up a new trade so what I'm going to be doing with my new trade You can see it already over here I am Planning to scale in towards my trade Here you can see on 21.5 K I will be Buying a bit on 21.4k I will be buying a Bit on 21.3k I will be buying a bit and It will be buying massive amounts on 21.2k so as the market continues to go Down here if we do see more moves Towards the downside I am going to scale In towards this long position I am Getting ready for the next Bitcoin trade

And I think it's going to be towards the Upside so whenever we do charge that 21.3 K this of course on the bitfinex Chart but whenever we touch this line Right here Um I'm going to be entering my long Positions and that is on the Bible chart Somewhere around 21.4k so I'm volume Really getting ready right now for my Next trade if you are interested in Training yourself as well make sure to Check out Bible if you sign up an Account using the link description you Can currently claim a 30 000 US dollars To post a bonus and if you sign up Without the link you only get like 4 000 So make sure to check it out in the link In description and if you're living in The US you can check out bit get bitget Elijah to trade from the US with that Kyc without VPN and you can also claim 20 000 US dollars if you sign up using The link in description furthermore There are some signs of worry right now Playing out here on this Market of Course if I'm looking at the two-day MCD We can currently see that we're having a Bearish crossover and the last time it Happened it was on this Kindle right Here and you know what happened Afterwards we saw even more bearish Momentum so yeah we just crossed bearish On the two-day neck D this could be a Sign of worry so I want to point this

Out the art definitely signals flashing Right now that that are not necessarily The best signals to be looking at but Still if we will ever touch the Legendary support line yet again what's Somewhere around 17 000 right now if we Work on them very quickly right now I Will notify you straight away in the Channel so don't forget to subscribe I've talked about the legendary support Line almost every single day on this Range right here people were getting Annoyed by it but I was trying to tell People that this legendary support line Is an absolutely once in a lifetime Lifetime opportunity to be buying Bitcoin at such a price so whenever we Will ever retrace towards this level Whether it's going to be today where It's going to be in the future I will Notify you so don't forget to subscribe To the channel thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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