Bitcoin is right now breaking below key Support in the market and in this exact Video I will talk about what this means For Bitcoin what this is currently Telling us on the images short term and What kind of a range are we and what Will happen if we potentially break Below this range so I will be exactly Discuss this and many more important Charts can we once again smash up that Like button backup of 400 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that of Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the image short term for Bitcoin And once looking at the image shorter For Bitcoin we can see that right now For the first time of this entire Trend We have been breaking below the 25.7 K Level on that one hourly time frame so This is definitely a very bearish Development for Bitcoin and we confirmed A lower loan the one hour time frame and This is of course a very bearish Development so zooming out a little bit More to the four hourly time frame we Can currently see that we have actually Broken below that 25.7 K level I've been Talking about this level many times Before 4 and I said to everyone out There if we break this level of support The next support that we're going to be Finding is between 24.8k and 25 000 and Exactly like I've been saying we have Been finding somewhat of support around

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That level and so far it looks to be That this level is providing support and Personally I've been saying this also Many times before if you're looking at Where the liquidity is really laser it Was on the previous week on the start of The rally towards the upside right so Where are we currently finding support Exactly on the wig of the previous rally Towards the upside once again this time Around so in my opinion as well the best Place to be looking to be buying Bitcoin Is actually at the place that we're Currently trading on so this is actually Quite exciting but in case we are going To be breaking below my buy Zone we Could potentially start to see a very Significant dump for Bitcoin and the Targets could be quite frightening Because if Bitcoin breaks below this Support level right here that I've been Just is talking about Bitcoin could come Down much much more and my price Target Is going to be this previous high in the Market right here what else in this case Going to be 23.8k what is going to be in This case again another 2 000 US dollar Drop off towards the downside if Bitcoin Loses this box here of support around 24.8k or it could be just approaching it On this green box right here so Bitcoin Is right now sitting on some very Important support and as long as you're Rolling above it it's going to be

Looking quite fine but all we can see That Bitcoin currently is creating a Bullish Divergence on a daily time frame And I think yes right now it's not Officially playing out since we have not Seen a confirmed green candle right here Yet but we are clearly creating lower Lows on the price action and higher low On the RSI and this is really the point Where I would like to start to see the Reversal happen for Bitcoin Bitcoin is Clearly creating the lower lows RSI is Creating higher highs we're creating Some beautiful bullies diversion setups Right now here so we just have to wait From confirmation to see this playing Out here but since we're also trading at That low and interestingly range here in The market if it is going to get Confirmed today or tomorrow it could be Very well be a very beautiful place to Be dancing from and I've been saying This on the channel many times before I Personally think before Bitcoin is going To recover towards the upside we were First going to see the 24.8k level Getting hit here and that's exactly like We've been seeing so far and personally I do write new thing there is a Possibility for some room back towards The upside further on looking at Bitcoin We are currently actually break below This very important Daily Report sloping Support line actually the most important

Support line is this previous high in The market right here that acted as Support right here and that currently Still is trading above this so yes well We are in fact falling below this very Important level of support we are still Holding this green line right here that Previously around acted as resistant This time as well acted as resistance Here provided support and so far is once Again providing support so yes best Bitcoin may be falling down right now Here below that upper sloping support Line but still we're holding above this Very important interesting horizontal Resistance support line for Bitcoin so That is definitely a very positive to Take on the market right now here but Still yeah it's a very unfortunate Development that Bitcoin is breaking Below the solving support line I really Think we are actually going to be Holding 24.8k and we're probably going To see bands from off this level I think Bitcoin could fall down to 23.8k uh very Quickly and that will be of course quite A bearish development but in my opinion I don't really think it's going to be Happening I think that actually maybe The bottom is not found yet here because You can clearly see we have not reached In the 24.8k but only reached the 24.9 K Maybe we're still going to come down to 24.8k and then bounce towards the offset

Or we're already going to be creating The bands from this point onwards so That is my personal projection if you're Trading only on binance I would Definitely consider to go to Barbie Since there is some collateral risk on Binance right now here and if you're Going to be making that step to start Trading on body bed there's a very Insane deposit bonus currently running Here because if you sign up a new Account using the link in description What you can find right here in the link Description you can actually claim a Free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin or xfp Long or short position and all you need To do here is deposit 100 to your Account within seven days and sign up That account using that link in Description and then you can already Claim that free 1 000 US dollars so go To the link in the description of Today's video to claim this insane Deposit bonus further on we can Currently see here is that yesterday I Talked about a 3.4 billion US dollars of FTX at first it was 680 million dollars Worth of slanted that they had on their Balance sheet and currently it's 1.1 Billion US dollars worth of slanted They've got on their balance sheet and Yes they've got a linear vesting on Their Solana until 2008-28 so in the Coming fourth years they hold 16 of the

Total supply of Solana and they will Start liquidating the beginning of their Positions from of next week potentially And then the rest of their Holdings in The the coming year or so and yes I've Been training meme coins but at a point Someone dumped 16 the coin literally Goes minus 90 so I don't know if it's Going to be the same with Solana but I'm Definitely a little bit worried about What's going to be happening with Solana It's definitely going to get suppressed In the next Bull Run due to this news And due to the potential selling Pressure and personally I am not a big Fan of Solana I've been saying this Several times before and I'm also Currently not holding it and I'm also Not buying the dip in this bear Market I Think that currently we are at a very Good stage for accumulation since Bitcoin is currently retesting this Level right here once again here I think This is literally one of the best Opportunities you will be having to be Buying Bitcoin at such a cheap price Here and Berkshire I think Bitcoin is Going to be having a strong balance from Off this level further on we can Currently see on the weekly time frame As well Bitcoin is currently retesting The downward solving resistance line and That horizontal level trading around 25 000 what is of course a key level in the

Support of Bitcoin and of course if You're looking at the bigger perspective If Bitcoin release going to be breaking Bearish everybody's going to come down Here I think in the end of the day worst Case scenario 22 000 because that is the Level where the urban solving support Line is going to get hit once again here So so yeah there are definitely some Very interesting things happening and I Mean the point from here on what we're Currently trading on is so easily Revertible because yes we've been Trading on this level several times Before we are sitting at the buy range We are sitting at one of the best buying Opportunities in my opinion and the Chance of Bitcoin reversing from all of This level is just very high and very Likely and like I've said if we break Below it worst case scenario is twenty Two thousand dollars if we're going to Touch that I'm going to literally double Down in my positions I'm going to really Be a big buyer on it I mean it will be Once again mean a retest of the Legendary support line like you can see It has got significant value in this Entire Trend here for the pulse 2 and 300 days here so that was it for me in Today's of this video thanks so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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