Right now the Bitcoin price action is Getting rejected by the 200 weekly Moving average and in this video I will Be talking about the most important Resistance for Bitcoin to break right Now here and also I will talk about my Next Bitcoin trade because yesterday I Just missed out on this epic trade by an Approximately 2.5 dollars but in this Video I am going to talk about what my Next rate is going to be for Bitcoin so Don't forget to slap off the like button Can we once again slap it back above 700 That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Like you do know and if you have been Following me yesterday I was willing to Actually short the 25.2k but we just Missed the entry by 2.5 dollars what is Actually very unfortunate because this Was a trade towards the downside often About 5.5 and it would have been making Me around fifteen thousand dollars so It's pretty unfortunate that I just miss Out on this opportunity however Currently I am looking for the the next Rate for Bitcoin what I will be Announcing very soon so once looking at This range I said it yesterday as well The 25.2k the top side of resistance is The level to break here and I was Yesterday shorting this level why is Because if we're pumping on the weekend

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I don't really trust the moves if we're Then approaching such a significant Level of resistance it's only likely That we're going to get a rejection so Right now we can see that we actually Bounce from of the Lower Side of support We've been talking about and currently We're basically seeing a sideways Consolidation phase getting started for Bitcoin on the four early time frame you Can see that we're getting rejected of Course by the top side of resistant and We're potentially creating a somewhat of A double top and you can even see on the Four hourly time frame they were Creating a new consolidation phase right So we're creating a new phase of Consolidation Earth We're sloping Support down resolving resistance and Basically we can argue and we can talk About that the 4A time frame right now Is getting ready for somewhat of a next Move right I'm not saying it's going to Be happening today I think today is Probably not going to be an extremely Volatile day but it could be happening In towards the Tuesday so tomorrow we Can potentially start to see this Pattern right here starting to break out And once we do break out of this better You'll be of course the first one to Know here on my socials or on this Channel so don't forget to slap off the Subscriber button right now here as well

Looking at that four early time frame You can just see the significance of the 25.2k at the same time if you did a new Already the 25.2k is also exactly this Level right here what is of course the 200th weekly moving average what Historically speaking has been providing Significant support in the previous bear Market and ever since we flipped below It it flipped into resistance right now So the 25.2 K is the level to be Breaking above for Bitcoin if we confirm A daily candle close and of course what Would be the best is a weekly kind of Close above this stuff right here we Could start to look at further highs and Looking really at the four-league time Frame we also have never closed the Candle on the four early time frame Above the 25.2k so that's also exactly What it will be looking at if we confirm A close above 25.2 K wait a four hourly Candle close I actually think thinking It's going to be of course bullish for Bitcoin and if we confirm it with a Significant candle close above it I am Actually going to be looking for a Potential long trade on that exact Retest of that level currently there are Too many sell orders on this level and We can't break above it but as soon as We do break above it that is the point Where Bitcoin could start to move very Quickly because like you can see if we

Break above that range right there we're Going to be entering a low volume range Of what does it mean a low volume range Is basically a range where there's Almost no trading history and if there's No trading history there's no support And resistance so you can move through These levels very quickly so that is why The 25.2k is also such an important Level and why all eyes are basically Right now on that level the CME Gap also Was created but straight away got filled Up again what is of course beautiful to See at the same time and of course Talking about this historical signal I've been talking about yesterday in the Video and of course a few days ago as Well we can currently see that we're Still in a similar structure like as as In 2019 currently yesterday we saw Another rejection from the upper solving Resistance line but as soon as we do Break above it that is really the point Where we can start to see exponential Price action coming towards the market And if we confirm the break above you Will be of course the first one to know On this channel and that is also the Point where I'm going to be looking at My new trade so I am currently having Some trades in fund what I will be Taking here of course the trade if we Break above the 25.2 K of course if we Are going to see a breakout of the

Symmetrical triangle I am planning to Take a potential trade so make sure to Subscribe to the channel because once I'm going to open up and set up my next Trade I can't tell you right now because It's very hard for me to say exactly What I'm going to do with my next trade Right now but once I will be opening up My next trade you will be the first one To know on this channel and if you're Interested in trading you can check out The links in the description where you Can claim insane the possible bonuses Once signing up an account and many People are using binance right now but I'm saying this for quite a while Already make sure make sure that you Diversifies your exchanges I'm using bit Get I'm using buy bed and I'm using Binance and I'm basically having my Friends across all these three exchanges So if one exchange goes Bust or has any Issues with regulations or whatsoever You still manage to withdraw your funds On other exchanges so make sure that you Use multiple exchanges to secure your Wealth and at the same time I'm Currently long on vibrate with an Approximately 52 000 US dollars in Profit what is absolutely insane and Like I've said if we break above the 25.2k region what I still expect it's Going to be happening at some point Because we're basically knocking on the

Door right we're still creating higher Steps towards the upside and we're Knocking on the door and if we do break Above it that is the point where I'm Going to start scaling out of my long Trade position I'm going to start taking Some profit so yeah make sure that You're going to keep watching the Channel because then you're exactly know Once I'm going to take more profits on My swing trade of course this low volume Range looks very interesting for Bitcoin Because once you break above such kind Of a region we could move up very Quickly and this could be like a 15 move Towards the upside towards levels around 28.7 K so there are there's significant Upside on the top side what is of course Making it very exciting to trade you can Also see it really on the three-day time Frame that we're currently at a key Level of resistance if we just manage to Break Above This range right here we can Start to move up very very quickly Towards the upside and that is of course Exactly what you want to be seeing here So Bitcoin is getting ready for a next Big move here also if you're looking at The trend line you can see from the top Side to the downside we had a Significant downtrend here and on the Exact retest that was what was the point Where we exactly banned for Bitcoin Towards the upside the three-day time

Frame the daily time frame everything is Currently pointing in towards an uptrend You can also see it on the super Trend Indicator and as long as the super trend Is bullish we should of course look at The trend we're currently trading in Once the swaps around here and if we do Really see a big rejection from the 25 000 and we move below the previous low On the market what's somewhere around 21.7 K I am actually starting to get Quite worried Dennis that is the point Where Rover me is really going to start Closing his straights here because if we Break below the previous range along the Market it is actually going to indicate That we're potentially going to go in Towards some downtrend for Bitcoin and Yeah if we're going to go in towards the Downtrend that is exactly the point Where I will be starting to scale out of My trades right so so there are many Reasons and things that could shape up Uh right now here if we break bearish if We get rejected if we confirm a Downtrend I am definitely going to start Scaling out of my trades and look at Potential new shorting positions yet Again so make sure to stay up to date But anyways there's not a lot of things That I can really discuss right now here Because there are not a lot of new Developments right now but anyways thank You so much for watching and we'll see

You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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