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Bitcoin is breaking them of super Critical resistance right now and while This is happening Bitcoin created to see Me Gap around 31 000 US Dollars and in His exact video I will give a huge Update on my Bitcoin trade I will talk About what this means for Bitcoin right Now that we created the CME Gap around 31 000 and many more important stuff Will be getting discussed so don't Forget to slap up that like button on Today's update video Let's smash it back Above 600 likes and with that is being Said let me jump straight away in Towards the image short term once Looking at the image your turn we can See that yesterday we were looking at This gigantic consolidation phase we Broke outside of it and after that we Saw insignificant bump towards the Upside and Bitcoin once again formed in Higher high on the market hitting the 31.6 K here and be very much aware to Already 1.6 K is the level to break in Order to flip bullish on the macro Trend So if I'm looking at Bitcoin right now First of all the imminent short we do Currently know it is Saturday and due to The fact that it is Saturday it's Weekend and Bitcoin closes its CME price And the CME Futures price actually Grossed around 31.2 K what means that Currently Bitcoin is literally trading 600 below its Simi Futures price what is

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Definitely already very bullish because Like we do know 98 of all the seaming Apps that get created tends to get Filled up within two weeks after the Creation of the CME gap or they don't Get filled up at all on the Monday but They already get moved back towards the Upside on this Sunday so there's a lot Of potential that Bitcoin is going to be Bouncing further down towards the Opposite front of this point what is Going to be happening tomorrow or what Is going to be happening today or Whether it will be once again happening At the beginning of next week here Bitcoin looks extremely bullish here and You can clearly see this move yesterday Here was once again a super strong one In my opinion we can currently see if we Are going to start zooming out here is That the moves we're currently creating Are less exponential and the momentum Could be drawing off her Bitcoin because This was a very strong move of about 15 Towards the upside and after that we get A move towards the upside of about five Percent so we can see that the strength Is losing in the market right now a Little bit here the momentum is drawing Off here and that is indicating that Potentially this could be the market top Here for the short term we can currently Also see that we're creating of course Higher highs on the price chart lower

Highs on the RSI lower highs on the macd Indicating right now there's a lot of Weakness in the image short term the Previous high in the market is currently Providing a support I mean yes we are Creating a CME Gap around 31.2 K this Move towards the upside and the Rejection that we actually got from of This level is indicating that right now Momentum looks to be drying off so there Could be two things happening or either We're going to see a bigger rejection Towards the downside potentially at Least for the coming three to four days Here so giving an update on my trade Still holding my trade strong here Making 1.44 Bitcoin right now what is an Approximately let me say it correctly 45 To 50 000 US dollars what is absolutely Incredible so yeah trade is still doing Very well here I'm looking to take Profits around forty thousand dollars With the straight so yes I am not doing My take profit Target yet so far and Firstly with my entry I got I think I Can write this straight much much higher So I'm going to continue to hold the Trade if you're interested in trading Don't forget to go to the links in Description where you can right and get Insane deposit bonuses by signing up Account using the link in description Furthermore you should also definitely Consider subscribing to the channel

Since I showed this trade step by step Even once I was in a loss on the trade But also at the moment I started to add More margin towards the straight I Showed every single step here on the Channel so consider subscribing to the Channel if you want to be staying up to Date and want to be knowing more about Cryptocurrency trading furthermore we Can see that Bitcoin is creating a daily Bull flag what is currently also Breaking out and what is very important To be looking at right now here is this Retest we're currently getting of this Region Bitcoin literally said a new Higher high than the previous high in The market so this is already a super Bullish indication for the bigger Perspective be aware if you are looking At the weekly time frame there is one Gigantic level and that is this this low Right here 31.7 K if you extend it you Can see previously around this level Provided significant support for Bitcoin And if you're extending this level to The right here you can currently see They will literally retested this level And the 31.8k is the level to be Breaking for Bitcoin so you can see we Had that move towards the upside we Touched 31.5 K approximately but 31.8k Is really the target to be breaking and Bitcoin is about to be approaching that So get ready for that we're currently at

Super important resistance but if we Manage to break it it's going to be Super bullish for Bitcoin in general Still having a very beautiful uptrend Here and of course I will extend this Trend line here if Bitcoin were to see Another retest of this level I will be Most certainly opening up new and bigger Long positions on this trend line right Here I've already opened up of course This trade I currently have on this Exact low right here on the market but If I do get another opportunity I will Be most certainly take it with both of My hands here so you can see here the Daily resistance 31 7K we're currently Literally trading against it so Bitcoin Is at the super crucial the size of Moment in the market right now at the Same time when you do know the common Handle pattern is breaking out for Bitcoin and at the same time we're Actually breaking above the most Important Trend in the entire trend of Bitcoin so you can clearly see in the Weekly time frame this was a low on the Market here here we of course found Support of the low here we go rejected From this and here we got also once Again a big projection and currently we Are actually breaking Above This level So Bitcoin is right now seeing Potentially a break Above This level if We confirm the weekly candle above the

30.5 K here is going to be absolutely Super but super bullish for Bitcoin so I'm going to keep my eyes wide open on This level and if we confirm the Breakout Above This level right here we Are literally seeing the start of an Entire new trend towards the upside I Mean yes we've already been trading in The trend but this would be an even Bigger statement because at that point We're literally exiting this bear Market Region right here and basically entering The bull market region what could make Bitcoin even more volatile and yeah that Would only confirm that we are probably Going to be looking higher for Bitcoin Especially since these big institutions Are stepping in right and at the same Time while Bitcoin is breaking that Weekly resistance right there we can Currently see that the weekly horizontal Resistance is not being broken yet so Far so still going to be keeping my eyes Wide open on this level looks to be that The weekly candle close is going to be Super bullish for Bitcoin so I'm going To keep my eyes by the open the Bitcoin Needs to still break above the Resistance so we need to be patient and We need to see the breakout getting Confirmed here so that was it for me With today's update video there's not Much more to talk about it Bitcoin is Creating a gigantic scene you get above

Us right now here giving us a Possibility of more upside to come over The course of the weekend or over the Beginning of next week here so if that Was it for me in today's update video Thanks so much for watching and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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