BITCOIN $3 BILLION LIQUIDATION INCOMING!!! [this is the next move]

Bitcoin is still creating a massive Consolidation phase on The Daily time Frame and while we're currently trading On that lower side of the range Liquidity is getting built up on the top Side and to be exact more than three Billion used dollars in Bitcoin short Liquidations will be getting liquidated Once Bitcoin does hit 71.9k so on Today's update video I will give a Gigantic update on the funding rates on Bitcoin the Bitcoin Hing what Historically has been happened and of Course the imitate short term what we're Currently seeing is new on the prize Action right now the 4H hourly time Frame the daily time frame and many more Important charts so without any further Ado don't forget to slap that like Button back above 800 likes it will be Highly appreciated and with that being Said let me jump straight away in Towards the content because right now on The imminent short term yes over the Course of last weekend we have created An enormous Bitcoin semi Futures Gap and Yes always once Bitcoin tends to create Bitcoin semi future gaps we tend to get Them filled up on the Monday Tuesday or Wednesday but of course we have to Understand that right now this C Gap was Far significantly larger than the Previous ones because this was a dump of About 10% and us see we are only seeing

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Like one or and half% CM gaps getting Created over the course of the weekend So in order to fill it up we still need To pump another 3% but I do really think This is a possible scenario for Bitcoin To play out of because I have stated This many times before honestly if Bitcoin is actually going to be coming Lower from of this point onwards I would Be opening up a million use dollar Bitcoin long position because I do Really think the low L Bitcoin is going To go at this stage and especially if It's going to create a 20% correction Which I really want to be seen getting Created because yes every single time Once Bitcoin creates a 20% correction And just like last time it was a 177% Correction we bounce towards the upside With more than an approximately 22% of Course I want to be catching that next Trade here and I'm going to be doing so And my buy orders are set up in this Orange Box right here maybe I'm not Going to get filled up at all maybe I'm Going to be missing out of my position But if it really were to be getting Filled up up I will be having an Enormous good entry which I am Definitely interested in right now if I'm actually also looking at the RSI on The 4 hourly time frame for Bitcoin we Can currently see that the RSI has hit a Low not seen since January 2022 and

While Bitcoin was trading on January 2022 the RSI price reflection was Sitting around $38,000 so Bitcoin has Right now resetted the RSI all the way Back towards the last time it was Sitting somewhere around what is it $38,000 and currently the rign is on the Same level but Bitcoin is sitting on $65,000 so that is generally speaking a Very good thing here in my opinion the Indicators has all been reset and now The growth is more focused towards the Upside than potentially the downside and I mean after Bitcoin created this Massive value towards the upside all We're seeing right now is just a slight Little consolidation phase here on the Price action of Bitcoin you can clearly See every single time once we do hit the Green box here it is a good opportunity To buy once we hit the red box it's a Good opportunity to actually step out of The market and I mean right now we're Still clearly consolidating in this Region right here and basically what We're seeing is still a lower high Structure from the top side and a higher Low structure from the Lower Side so Basically whatever we're doing right now Here you could be bullish or bearish all We're seeing right now are def effects Of course in the market and the fact is Is that Bitcoin is just creating an Enormous compression period right now in

The market and whenever this compression Is going to be ending of course within Breakout we are going to be seeing Massive volatility hitting the Bitcoin Markets afterward so whenever we break Above the down sing resist line or Whenever we break above the green box or Red Box we are just going to be seeing a Massive amount of volatility hitting Markets and of course just like I said Earlier in the video whenever we do see That correction towards the downside I Think one whenever we're going to be in A 20 to 22% region of that correction it Is going to be an enormous opportunity To actually accumulate a little bit more Of position so if you want to be trading Just like me check out the link if you Want to be trading Bitcoin or ethereum Or any other cryptocurrency like me you Can currently claim a free $200 by Signing up an account using the link Below on buybit and all you need to do For that is deposit $100 in your first 7 Days so make sure to click the link Description of today's video because This is definitely a very very good Deposit bonus which you can currently Still claim for the upcoming 64 days Here so if you're interested in trading Your cryptocurrencies on bybit which is By far the second largest exchange of All the exchanges out there and of Course it is definitely one of the my

Favorite ones as well you can check it Out in the link description of today's Video but just like I said earlier in The video Bitcoin created more than3 Billion dollars worth of liquidity Around 71.6k and this is something you really Need to be paying attention towards Because yes always always Bitcoin Follows the liquidity and right now Liquidity is building build up on the Top side it's more than3 billion US Dollar and yes I do really think that This is of course eventually going to be Causing Bitcoin to be pushing back up Towards the upside because always I've Said it several times before Bitcoin Follows the liquidity and currently the Majority of the liquidity is actually Being built up on the top side and while This is happening we're seeing that the Fing rates are negative on not only Bitcoin but also many many altcoins so a Lot of cryptos are getting massively Shorted right now here and for the first Time in this entire rally towards the Upside we actually started to see that The fing rates on The Daily also went Negative and yes I explained it so many Times before here but in the last boom Market as well every single time once The funding rates do go negative it is An historical opportunity to accumulate More Bitcoin and always afterwards

Bitcoin tends to be bottoming once Defending rates are negative in a bull Market I mean in a bare Market it is Very normal that defending rates are Actually negative but of course in the Bull market it is not normal and that is Why this is the first opportunity this Is the first time it's actually going Negative since October 2023 and of Course that has been an approximately 180 days ago but just like you can see In October 2023 that was also an Enormous opportunity to actually load up On bigger positions on bitcoin because Everyone was shorting Bitcoin and of Course what you're getting if everyone Shorts Bitcoin you're getting an Enormous Bitcoin short squeeze so that Is what we're currently looking to get As well I think we're going to be having A massive short squeeze liquidity is Being built up on the top side and I Think eventually we're just going to be Breaking up higher and yeah right now We're just four days out before the next Bitcoin Hing is here and like we do know That historically speaking always the Majority of the gains they come after The Hing and not before the Hing I mean Just like you can see over here on your Screen 8,000% 3,000% 800% those were the Returns of the lost three halvings if Bitcoin were only to be getting like Like 200% of a return we would already

Trade above well above 200,000 US dollar Which is of course quite insane if you Would ask me so this is not the time to Get full this is not the time to get Faded away out of the market I mean what We can see is that altcoins had a Massive dip towards the downside this is The altcoin market on The Daily time Frame we created somewhat of a double Top here and afterwards we saw a big Correction towards the downside so Altcoins in general in the market took a Very big hit but of course uh I think That in the end of the day the Opportunity is still enormous on Altcoins and especially due to the fact That we have seen such a big correction You right now having the opportunity to Accumulate your altcoins your favorite Altcoins a little bit cheaper so make Sure to check it out right now here if You're interested in trading altcoins Check out buy B in link description of Today's video but of course while Everything is happening we should always Look at the usdt market cap because the More teder is going to be printing in This market the higher Bitcoin is going To go and you can see the correlation Between both assets is absolutely insane Saying here I mean it's of course also Quite logical because if there's more Usdt getting minted it means the Interest in crypto is also increasing

But of course we have seen significant Increases in usdt market cap in the last Approximately four weeks but the Bitcoin Price action is not much higher so it Means that the ecosystem has been Growing and whenever whenever we're Going to get a reversal on bitcoin we Could also fly even harder towards the Upside and that is a thing you should be Paying attention towards so things are Looking good for Bitcoin in my opin and All we're seeing right now is another Massive consolidation phase and yes it Is very boring it potentially could take Another four weeks here I mean yeah we Just need to be waiting to see what is Going to be the next move for Bitcoin But I think the next move is going to be Upwards but all we're seeing right now And all we need to do right now is to be A little bit more patient in this Consolidation phase because whenever we Do break out here we're going to be Breaking out real fast so this is it for Me in today's update video if you did Enjoy the video don't forget to slap That like button and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye why

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