BITCOIN $3.4B SELL ORDER! [should we worry?]

FDX gets approval to dump 3.4 billion US Dollars worth of crypto inflation is Heading higher but the market doesn't Seem to care so I will be talking about What currently is going on for Bitcoin What we can currently see in the charts Because yes I see something very Important playing out right here we're Creating a bullish engulfing candle and If this continues to play out here Bitcoin is setting itself up for a Massive continuation so make sure to Watch this video till the end it's going To be super important so can we once Again Smash Up the likes back above 300 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the imminent Short term of the Bitcoin price action So what we can see is that after Bitcoin Created the bottom here on the Lower Side we've been running towards the Upside ever since and personally I am Getting quite excited about this prize Moves towards the upside because if You're looking at the four Elite time Frame what we can currently see here is That Bitcoin is running in towards this Critical resistance hanging around 26.4 To 26.3 K and basically every single Time we retest level we get rejected but I guarantee you as soon as we close a Four hourly candle Above This level Bitcoin will probably see an exponential

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Rally towards 27.8k the moment we Confirm the break Above This level if we See rejection we're probably going to Head lower but ever since we hit that Low in the market grab the liquidity Around 25 000 US Dollars and also on the Daily time frame create a bullish Engulfing daily candle what basically Means in technical terms a bullish Reversal candle we can rhino start to See related strength first and if we Break and confirm the break above 26.4 K I would definitely expect a move up to 27.8k the Range High of this region Right here I've been talking about 25 000 to be a very good buying opportunity And if Bitcoin were to come down again Here there's somewhere of these levels Around 25 000 to 24.8k I would be still Be a buyer in my opinion first of all You can see that the most liquidity in The market was around at 25 to 24.8k Level and that was exactly the level we Banned from and I've been talking about It before we reached it I'm not saying It right now after but but you can look Back at my channel I've been talking About this level so many times before And at the same time yesterday we got Actually approval from court that FDX is Allowed to dump its 3.4 billion US Dollars worth of crypto it's mainly Solana Bitcoin and some other Cryptocurrency assets but mainly Solana

That they're going to dump and me on High alert they're probably going to Dump around 200 million dollars every Week here and solano's got a linear Fasting until 2026 to 2027 So This 1.2 Billion US dollars worth of Solana is Going to get sold off in the coming Three to four years ahead of herself so Get ready for that as well in the Meantime yesterday we saw inflation Hitting the markets coming in around 3.7 Percent a little bit higher than we've Been expecting and ever since that Happened Bitcoin didn't even dump Towards the downside and it seems to be That the market just doesn't care about Inflation anymore so honestly that is Very interesting in my opinion at the Same time we're creating that bullies Divergence on the 12 hour time frame and Bitcoin is really seeing that movement Towards the upside getting created RSI Creating a higher low and the price Sectional Bitcoin trading a lower low so This is actually looking very Interesting in my opinion here further On we can see that on the two-day time Frame Bitcoin is about to be having a Bullish crossover on the macd for the First time in an approximately 56 days Here what is of course a very long Period of time here and finally we can Start to see this Market referred back Towards the upside because personally I

Am really looking to the 26.4k level and If you want to be trading this level as Well just like me go to the link Description and buy it because if you Right now sign up an account on Bobby You can claim an insane deposit bonus All you need to do here is go to the Link description of today's video Signing up an account using the link Below here and you can get a free 1000 US dollar position by only depositing 100 so this is an insane impossible Bonus that is valid for another 48 days You could claim it in xrp or you could Claim it in Bitcoin so go to the link Description to claim this insane deposit Bonus further on we can see on the price Action of Bitcoin is it as well on the Daily time frame where creating the Blues Divergence and we are yet to see Really the effects from this bullish Divergence in my opinion I really think Just like you here on the top side I Discuss this as well on the channel we Created a bearish Divergence because the Price action was creating higher highs And the RSI was creating lower highs so We're creating a bearish on the top side And right now A bullish of virtual on The Lower Side what I'm really expecting Here is really a continuation towards The offset for Bitcoin especially like I've said several times before if we Confirm the 26.4k break that is the most

Important level to be looking at right Now because this is the main liquidity Range also if you extend this region you Can clearly see there's a lot of Rejections and a lot of liquidity laying Around this level so keep your eyes wide Open on 26.4 K third on looking at Bitcoin on the three day time frame we Can clearly see we Bounce from the Lower Side of support and looking at the Treated time frame we're even creating a Hidden ballistic version so many bullets Divergents are getting created on Several time frames the daily the three Day the 12 hour and this is really Making up a very good case in my opinion To see that reversal towards the upside So three day hidden beliefs of verges on Bitcoin could really indicate that we're Rhino-forming somewhat of a bold Information for Bitcoin and if you're Zooming out here you can clearly see Bitcoin is retesting there's a legend Legendary down sloping resist line and Currently slipping into support Horizontal resistance the previously Acted as support here as resistance here As support and right now once again Acting as support so this is a very Interesting level I've said it several Times before if we really break below it I think 22 000 is going to be imminent And 22 000 would be in my opinion the Worst case scenario for Bitcoin and that

Is why I will be keeping my eyes wide Open on and yes zooming out here 22 000 Is because I'm seeing this legendary Support line for Bitcoin that is sitting Around 22 000 but you can clearly see Currently Bitcoin is bouncing a little Bit here from that Weekly support Bitcoin is currently hanging at a very Interesting level and I don't really see This level to be a level where you Should be panicking as the more a level Where you should be starting to Accumulate that tier you have to Understand the 10 largest asset managers In the US are finally for Bitcoin small Ttfs and the market is not showing any Strength so what is going on here it's Very interesting what we're currently Seeing here but I am definitely very Excited about what we're currently Seeing so that was it for me in today's Update video I truly hope you did enjoy It if you did so don't forget to sub up The like button and see you guys on the Next one peace out why

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