BITCOIN $3.4B SELL ORDER INCOMING!! [this is dangerous]

This Wednesday there could be a 3.4 Billion US dollar sell-off in the market And in this exact video I will talk About what this means currently for Bitcoin I will talk about the most Important charts and resistance in this Entire Trend so don't forget to slap up The language and back above 300 likes on Today's update video and with that being Said let me jump straight away in Towards today's update video so once Looking at Bitcoin on the image short Term we can clearly start to see Bitcoin Is of course currently trading of course Of the weekend and because it's weekends We created that CME Gap and the CME Gap Is sitting somewhere around 26 000 US Dollars and I am expecting that either Bitcoin is going to creep up towards This price later today or if this is not Going to be happening I expect this is Going to be happening on the beginning Of the Monday so whatever happens I Think that either at the end of today or The beginning of Tomorrow Bitcoin is Going to trade somewhere around 26 000 What is remove this place onwards a Little bit higher than we're currently Trading on looking at the one hour time Frame we are currently seeing the Bitcoin is hanging on critical support On that one hour time frame you can see That this level right here has already Provided support more than three times

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In the past and once again I won't be Surprised that this level once again is Going to be providing support this time Around again here so Bitcoin is Currently hanging on support what is Important to understand is that it is Currently indeed weekend and due to the Fact that it is weekend we're probably Not already expecting very big moves and If Bitcoin is going to be pumping and Goes above the CME Gap so let's say to 26.2 K or whatsoever I expect as well That over the end of the weekend we're Going to come back again here so I am Not really expecting any big moves here Only the Bitcoin is going to be bouncing Back towards that 26 000 US Dollars also Looking at the 12-hour time frame we're Still creating the bullies of virgins on The 12-hour time frame also in the daily Time frame nothing new here nothing is Changing up here Bitcoin if you're Zooming out of it is just super boring It's been going sideways for over 25 Days right now in a row and yeah we're Just waiting before the next move is Going to get initiated further on we can Currently see that Bitcoin is still Hanging on that super imp important Daily support level and as long as we're Holding back Above This support level Trading around 25.8k I don't really see A big reason to worry about Bitcoin Right now name in the short term only

Right now there are two gigantic risks In the market and the first one I'm Going to talk about is of course binance The second one I will talk about later On today's video here but of course Yesterday we saw that binance released Their 10th Reserve audit report but the Auditor of the report was Self-verification and given this do you Still trust binance because the auditor Of the report on how much balance they Have and how much customer balance they Have has been done by themselves so yeah Can we really trust it because it's not A third party it's not an unreliable Party it's just binance themself and of Course they're going to say that they Have enough funds because if they will Say that they do not hold enough funds On their exchange they're going to go Bankrupt straight away here that's just A very easy thing to be saying so given This do you still trust binance and of Course that is why I've been saying this For quite a while here if you hold all Your funds and binance start to Diversify and I am using by bit I've Been saying this for quite a while there Is an insane deposit bonus running right Now here you can get a free one thousand Dollars on either Bitcoin or xrp in a Longer short position and all you need To do here is go to today's video links Description signing up an account using

That link below here and after that you Only need to deposit 100 within seven Days and you can claim that free one Thousand dollars on bitcoin or on xrp so That is very important to be paying Attention towards and yes there is still Collateral risk for Bitcoin Bitcoin can Still go lower first of all we're about To be having that death cross Happening Here on The Daily time frame and the Last time deathclaws happened on bitcoin It was here all the way back up around 48 to 43 000 US Dollars and of course Bitcoin went all the way down to fifteen Thousand dollars before Crossing bullish Again around that 20 000 US dollar Mark So yes there is about to be happening in Death cross but more importantly FDA X Is expected to receive approval to Liquidate the following assets on September the 13th more than 685 million Dollars on Solana more than 500 million Dollars on FTX token and you can see Also these other coins what is of course Is significantly less but also is a Significant amount of money that's going To be dropped on the market so they are Holding more than 3.4 billion US dollars Worth of crypto in April and the current Proposed plan is to sell off 200 million Dollars for every single week and since They're holding so much Solana we could Be expecting that Solana potentially is Going to start to see an even more

Movement towards the downside since the Liquidity is not necessarily so high in The market by now here in the Bull Run You always have a lot of liquidity in The bear Market the liquidity is very Absorbed and that is why the question Already remains can they even sell off 700 million dollars worth of Solana and Can they even sell off 500 million Dollars worth of ftt token I personally Do not really think so but this is of Course a huge risk for and after this News hit the Market Solana dropped Straight away more than seven and a half Percent in just an hour just a matter of Two four hourly candles so sulana is Definitely dropping very hard here and Personally I won't be surprised that it Could even drop further on here and you Have to understand many people are right Now expecting Solana is going to drop Significantly and due to that maybe we Can start to see that this is going to Revert because once everyone is betting Short we usually tend to reverse the Other way around here but there's Definitely a very big collateral risk For Solana I've been bearish on Solana Ever since we hit the Range High and Since we hit the Range High here Solana Has been basically going down more than 30 already here so well Bitcoin maybe Has been dropping 10 percent here Solana Once again down more than 33 percent

Here so be very careful with these Altcoins also looking at the bigger Perspective for the market the dollar Index is right now also seeing a big Bounce back towards the upside and Actually it is right now running in Towards critical resistance and to be Very clear next week as well we're going To have new inflation data and the core Inflation data looks to be dropping by 0.4 to 0.3 percent here what is Absolutely insane and if that happens we Could potentially see some more strength In the dollar Index but more importantly If that happens we're probably going to See more strength in the Bitcoin price Section since core inflation is the Inflation where we are looking at and if It's going to be dropping below that 4.3 Level it's going to be just super Bullish for the market so I'm looking Forward towards this event it's also Going to be happening this Wednesday so We're just going to be on the lookout For this news data because it's going to Be influencing the market significantly Now looking at Bitcoin if you're just Comparing this Bitcoin cycle towards the Previous bear Market it actually looks Very similar towards each other I do Understand that the time Horizon on the Previous bear Market was a little bit Bigger and also the previous bear Market Ones we broke out we already had the

Whole thing but it doesn't take away That we're creating some similar price Action for Bitcoin but I also want to be Pointing out here this if you're looking At the weekly time frame you can Currently see that Bitcoin is hanging on That Weekly support from the RS I what Is also pretty an interesting level if You would ask me here but just in the Bigger perspective of Adele if you're Just looking at Bitcoin we're currently Hanging on weekly support here and as Long as we're not breaking below this Level I don't see a reason to panic Around Bitcoin and of course if you're Looking at Bitcoin you're zooming out Here at this bigger Trend here you can Spot this legendary support line towards The upside you can clearly see that the Worst case scenario in my opinion for Bitcoin to go to is twenty two thousand Dollars and if Bitcoin were to come down To 22 000 it would be a gift and I will Be definitely a be a huge buyer in this Market so let's see how it's going to be Playing out here but anyways this was it For me in today's update video I truly Hope you did enjoy it with that being Said guys I'll see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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