Welcome back to this new video here on The channel and on today's video I will Be talking about a realistic 2023 prediction first of all happy New Year to everyone who's currently Watching towards this video and in this Video I will be going over realistic Prediction for 2023 how is my trade Going to do am I going to get liquidated I will be talking about all of this and Much more important charts on today's Update video so don't forget to stick Till the end of the video because I will Be going over all kinds of long-term Charts for Bitcoin that we need to be Seeing right now here and also I will be Talking about the 10 most important Things to be looking at and what to Expect in 2023 so without any further Ado let's jump straight away in towards The content don't forget to slap up that Like button and let's jump straight away In towards the first chart and the first Chart that I will be discussing for Bitcoin is the Peril channel on the Weekly timeframe for Bitcoin what also Called the exact top right here but also The previous top and of course these Lows in the market and currently we are Exactly trading on this payroll Channel Low of course currently we are in an Economic recession and due to the Economic recession we could potentially See Bitcoin fall down below this payroll

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Channel however I personally think that This is a great range for accumulation Since in the past week we can also see It on this chart right here I call this The legendary support line for Bitcoin We have been bouncing from of this level Multiple times in the past and currently We're once again retesting it what makes It for me a very interesting level to Keep my eyes wide open on and as long as We're actually trade Above This level I Honestly think it is very likely that This level will be providing significant Support for Bitcoin if we fall below it We are basically breaking a five-year Uptrend for Bitcoin what would of course Have also more bearish effects for the Longer term and in case we are going to Be moving below this level I've got also A price target for everyone out out There so yes in this video I will be Talking about a lot of price targets so Make sure to stick till the end of the Video but in case we fall below this Level and this is also for 2023 because We could have of course a very long Period of time where Bitcoin may be able To trade Above This level but as soon as We fall below it my price target for Bitcoin is going to be the golden pocket Fibonacci I set up this Fibonacci and I've talked about this Fibonacci many Times on my channel but you can clearly See from high to low if you set up the

Fibonacci it's called the 3.618 as the Marker top and right now the golden Pocket entry point is laying somewhere Around the 13 to 14 000 so you can see On the 13.5 to 14 000 is the golden Pocket entry on this Fibonacci so in Case we're going to have another leg Down I will be prepared to add more Margin towards my trades to buy more Bitcoins around that 13.5 K to 14 000 And that is also exactly where our skill Of my trade by 2x so currently I am long On bitcoin with an approximately 114 000 US Dollars and I will scale this up To 230 000 if Bitcoin falls down to 14K what Also will bring down the average Liquidation price of my trade so this Trade that I currently have opened is Only a 1.7 x trade what means that this Is a swing trade and not a sculpt rate This is a trade for the longer term and Not for the short term So currently I'm In an approximately 3.6 K loss but I'm Very convinced that if I catch the exact Bottom for this trade I can make a ton Of money with my trading position and That is also exactly the reason why I am Currently long on bitcoin furthermore we Can currently see that Bitcoin is Creating a multi-year consolidation Phase and in the past we have Historically always created these Patterns so in 2018 to do arts 2021 we

Created the all Almighty symmetrical Triangle for Bitcoin and the point we Broke out here we saw a perfect retest Versus a breakout perfect retest and Then an approximately swing of 580 Towards the upside and honestly I am Expecting yet again that Bitcoin will Beautifully play out this longer Multi-year consolidation phase currently We're creating a falling wedge and if You don't know already a falling wedge Is a typical bullish bias also a Continuation pattern and the price Target of a falling wedge is always the Top side of the wedge what is in this Case somewhere around 64 to 69 000 US Dollars what is also a significant Upside Target that we are currently Having we're seeing that of course the Downward solving support line is Providing a significant amount of Support and like you can see here it Provides resistance support support and Yet again support and what we are Expecting in 2023 is that we are Actually finally going to see the Breakout of this pattern because in an Approximately 49 days of now on we are Expecting either or break below the Support or a break above the resistance What is also very close to be met here And like you can see in the past we Already significantly got rejected by This exact trend line right here so why

Did we break bullish or bearish it could Yet again be another very good trading Opportunity and if we do break barrels Of this pattern like I told you my price Targets are well around 13.5 to 14 000 To be the exact button for Bitcoin if The bottom isn't already in here and the Reason why I'm saying so is because There are many indicators that are Currently telling us that the Bitcoin Bottom is most certainly closer than we Expect and also for 2023 I expect that The Bitcoin bear Market bottom will be Formed in the year of 2023 so this is Also going to be the year where the Maximum pain has already been so this is Going to be a little bit more of a Positive year at least that is what We're expecting if we look to all these Indicators of course like I told you There's of course an economic recession And Bitcoin has never been through this Kind of an hat win so it's going to be Very important to see how Bitcoin is Going to react towards it but currently We're seeing all kinds of classic signal Slash and that is why I am currently Accumulating Bitcoin we can currently See that on the PSO indicator that the Bitcoin bear Market slash Bitcoin buy Zone is flashing and this is Historically only flash two times before And every single time it flashed it was In the exact bear Market bottom so this

Of course is not a signal that indicates Okay now the bear Market bottom is in no The last time that this signal occurred The the button wasn't necessarily in yet But we were extremely close and right Now the signal has flashed for quite a While right now so does the bear Market Button necessarily has to be in yes no I Don't know however one thing I do know For sure and that is that the Bitcoin Bear Market bottom is extremely close Right now so 2023 is also going to be The year where the Bitcoin price action Will bottom then again another very Interesting signal that currently is Flashing for the Bitcoin monthly time Frame if we're going to be looking at The history of Bitcoin on the macd we Can see that if we're looking back at The monthly macd for Bitcoin at the Moment the monthly macd is Crossing in Towards this light red squares we can See the bottom has been formed because It's got formed over here and here the Bottom was already in and then we of Course move towards the upside if we Look at the 2018 cycle we can see yet Again that the bearer Mark sorry that The macd was crossing in towards light Red territorium it's crossed right here In February 2019 and it was exactly two Months after Bitcoin already bottomed And right now in 2022 we have seen this Signal flash yet again here only October

2022 Kendall was of course not the Bottom but the signal of a reversal in The monthly momentum for Bitcoin has Flashed officially and this is of course A clear signal for me that Bitcoin has Seen its worst already that is a clear Signal for me historically speaking Every single time a light red candle Follows after the macd we tend to see The the bad bear Market button be Confirmed so let's see how it is going To be playing out this time around then Looking at a very important structure in The market and that is the four year Cycle where are we standing with the Four-year cycle because Bitcoin moves in Four-year Cycles one year is a bear Market approximately one year's Re-accumulation followed by two Significant years of a bull market Currently in the past year 2022 and Literally it's been the start of 2022 in November 2021 so almost the start of 2022 we started a massive downtrend for Bitcoin and the whole year of 2022 has Been a bear Market historically speaking Bitcoin bear Market sends to last for One year of course currently we are in a Worldwide recession so it could take a Little bit longer but if we're looking At cycles of Bitcoin what we expect is Going to be repeating itself we should Already have seen the bottom or we are Extremely close with the bottom and of

Course the coming three years we are Expecting a re-accumulation so a boring Sideways consolidation phase with a Small upside and Then followed it by a Bull market just like here boring Re-accumulation followed by a next bull Market so I am not saying that Bitcoin Is going to be pumping towards the Upside now right now no I expect that The market is going to be very boring For at least the coming two years so Make sure to be ready for that however If you do Buy in these bear markets the Maximum gains can be realized So Currently we have seen one year of a Bear market for Bitcoin what Historically is signaling that the bear Market bottom should be in somewhere Right now so let's see how it's going to Play out and do remember all the other Things that are also currently playing Out right the legendary support line the Bitcoin price action balancing from the 0.786 significant pattern that currently Is created the PSO indicator and much More of these things are flashing right Now right so make sure to add everything Up together then also looking into the Arts 2023 I'm recording this two days Before so I'm sorry for that but in two Days from now on we are 32 months in From the previous Hall evolving of Bitcoin and historically speaking in the First halving cycle we saw the Bitcoin

Bottom occur 26 months after the whole Thing in the second cycle we saw the Bitcoin bottom happening 29 months after The whole thing and right now we are 32 Months in so that is definitely very Interesting to see we're 32 months in And the bottom at least I mean we formed A bottom so far it's a short and bottom Or maybe this is the bear Market bottom But so far we are 32 months in and the Bottom is maybe not in yet so if I am Looking plus three months plus three Months makes a lot of sense right so uh That is interesting to see the Bitcoin Whole thing will occur in 2024 in the Beginning of 2024 so make sure to get Ready for that as well because the Bitcoin Hall thing will basically reduce The production of Bitcoin but we'll make It an even more attractive asset to be Investing in but that is of course Something to come up in 2024 but 2023 is Going to be the year leading in towards The next whole thing so that is also Usually the point where the Bitcoin bear Market volume already has formed also Looking at the legend Dairy support line On a logarithmic scale here we can Currently see that we're testing it yet Again we have been bouncing from it yet So far and the question is are we going To be holding on towards it looking at The monthly time frame as well we can See that this high right here is of

Course and could potentially be a Potential bottom for Bitcoin we can see That right now the previous highest Monthly candle got rejected right there Will be right now retested that is the Question and that is also around at 14 000 level so in the year 2023 if we're Going to go lower my expectation is Definitely that fourteen thousand Dollars you can see it also coming back On this chart right here fourteen Thousand dollars is also the previous Monthly high on the market but makes a Lot of sense to be the bottom for Bitcoin then another interesting signal That currently is occurring is the RSI The RSI is the relative strength index And if you put it on the monthly time Frame for Bitcoin you're going to put up Uh the length of the RSI a little bit Higher you can see the RSI being a Lagging indicator but currently we are In the Orange Box here and basically Always once we're trading above it the Risk of buying Bitcoin is most certainly Higher and right now we can argue the Risk is most certainly lower to be Buying and accumulating Bitcoin you can See in 2015 we've been trading in this Range and it was historically speaking a Good buying opportunity just like 2018 Just like the pandemic crash and just Like we're currently doing I believe That this is also yet again another

Signal that currently is occurring that Could be a very good opportunity to be Buying in some Bitcoin at a cheaper Valuation and of course we're never Certain if this is the exact bear Market Bottom only a lot of things are pointing Towards the direction that the bottom is Most certainly very close and that was Also exactly what I wanted to be Pointing out with all these charts that I just showed you and that is also the Reason why I am currently launching Bitcoin within 1.7 x leverage I am Longing Bitcoin because I'm convinced That I can catch the exact bear Market Bottom Wireless on 14k or whether it is Right now I got an entry already and I'm Ready to deploy two times as much Capital S we go lower so I am not going all in Right now because I'm very much aware The market could go lower however I also Think that this could be potentially the Bottom for Bitcoin and that is why I'm Hedging my bets that's what you call it I hedge I'm hedging my bets so I can Catch the bottom anyways and if you are Interested in trading you can check it Out in the links in description if you Sign up an account using the link in the Description you can also claim an Additional deposit bonus after your Initial deposit so that's absolutely Amazing if you are willing to trade in

The US you can check out bit get Anywhere else in the world to check out Bible I am also currently trading on Bible then also coindesk brought out 10 Epic predictions for 2023. and 2023 in My opinion is going to be the year over Regulation regulation is going to be the Main thing for 2023 so make sure to look Out for that there could be a lot of Crypto regulation especially after the Collapse of FTX so that is also what I'm Looking at web tree platforms continue To grow if you're already a guy that is Willing to invest in in in projects all Coins make sure to know where you should Be investing in and I personally have Been making a prediction that webtree is Going to be the next big thing here and That is also what I'm doing here 2023 For me is going to be the year of web Tree and that is also with coindes is Um is predicting so webtree is probably Going to continue to grow three more Bleeding more losses more pain of course People are expecting this because in 2023 we are expecting the earnings to Come down significantly what could Result in more better try section on the S P 500 we could bring down Bitcoin even More and the question is is Bitcoin Going to follow the S P 500 in 2023 that Is the real big question that we should Be asking ourselves and that is also What many people are anticipating right

Now so make sure to look out for that it Could be a yeah of course a more Bleeding year however we also are Expecting the pivot somewhere in mid 2023 we could of course bring more Growth towards risk assets the fourth Point from coindesk is the truly Global Bitcoin option we're already seeing it If we're looking at on-chain data we can See massive growth in Bitcoin Accumulation on addresses holding more Than one Bitcoin Etc so the growth is Probably going to continue to grow and That will also drive up the adoption of Bitcoin number five maybe a focus on Life outside of crypto and blockchain so What the what they basically mean with This is that because it's currently in Crypto winter more people will lose Attention in the market and will not Focus outside it will focus more outside Of crypto personally I wouldn't Recommend to do so because in the bear Markets the majority of the money is Made once again about web3 I do once Again expect web3 to continue to grow But I don't really think this is an Important point to be pointing out Number seven don't count out nfts I Think nfts still have a future only not In the way that are currently getting Used so I don't really should invest in All too much nft projects also number Eight gaming and decentralized Anonymous

Organizations continue to grow I also Expect that web3 combined with gaming is Probably one of the most booming sectors In crypto especially since gamers are Also very familiar with crypto and They're familiar with how to use stuff Stuff on a computer so probably the Gaming industry in crypto will also Continue to grow and also number nine of Course be aware the exchanges they could Get okay they can become in even more Problems in 2023 in this big crypto Winter so make sure if you're going to Hold crypto in 2023 to hold it on a Custodian wallet unless you're trading With your funds if you're trading with Your funds use them in exchange if You're not using your funds actively get It off their exchange and hold it in Good storage and number 10 the most Important one here is that the space Will regroup so the space the real Crypto people they stick together real Bitcoin ogs they don't sell if if it's Down 80 percent they don't really sell If it's down 90 they don't care because They know better they know what the Future of Bitcoin is and they know how This system is is built and how it works So make sure to do more research into Bitcoin how it actually works why it Will continue to grow that is the most Important part because every single four Years we get a Bitcoin whole thing what

Cuts the Bitcoin Supply Creation in Health or means that Bitcoin will become More and more scarce over time we can See the accumulation happening on Unchain data and it's not going anywhere It's not going anywhere it could drop Down to 14K but it doesn't mean it's Dying off here so this was definitely a Little bit of a long video today here I Truly hope you did enjoy it happy happy New Year to everyone out there I truly Hope you did enjoy this video if you did Enjoy it don't forget to subscribe to The channel and let's start off 2023 Very good so don't forget to smash up The like button it will be absolutely Incredible and I truly hope you like my 2023 forecast I personally think that The beginning of 2023 could become a Little bit more worse but as 2023 goes On it will become better and better and I will definitely most certainly be the Year of the Bitcoin bottom and that is Definitely what I will be looking out For so guys thank you so much for Watching towards amazing new video and I Hope to see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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