BNB is currently crashing below 220 Dollars and many people in the market Are fearing that BNB could be the next FDX because BMB is currently allegedly Selling off their Bitcoin Holdings to Prompt up the BMB price to avoid a Massive liquidation so I will be Discussing this today here on today's Video I will talk about what this will Mean for Bitcoin is this going to be Causing a massive drop towards the Downside just like the FDX collapse back In the end of 2023 I will talk about the Imminent short term and many more Important stuff so so don't forget to Slap up the like button on today's Update video can we especially back About 500 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and when that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Imminent short term for Bitcoin and yes Once looking at that imminent short term For Bitcoin after Bitcoin dumped towards The downside it has just once again been Super boring and it has just been Consolidating between approximately four Hundred dollars one thing I can Guarantee you is that this week probably We're going to see once again a lot of Volatility just like we saw last week we Will have the grayscale lawsuit and in This lawsuit they are trying to get Their Bitcoin funds converted to a Bitcoin sport ETF and whether it's going

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To get approved or denied it's going to Cause massive Market volatility of Course it's going if it's going to get Approved we're going to see a massive Inflow of money and probably we're going To see a lot of other Bitcoin sport ETFs Getting approved within no time and if It gets the night we're probably going To go another step lower in the market So this is going to be happening this Week and it's going to cause massive Volatility at the immature term Bitcoin Is consolidating sideways trading Between 25.7 K and 26.2 K on the top Side approximately a one percent range Here from high to low if you're looking At the four leak time frame Bitcoin of Course at that massive dump right now Straight away is consolidating here on The Lower Side looking at the RSI we're Not doing anything special but we are Recovering back in towards neutral Territorium if Bitcoin decides to have Another drop towards the downside we Will create a massive bullish Divergence And that is the point where I would get Get very excited to be buying Bitcoin Especially if we come lower than this Previous week on the Lower Side here so That is of course the thing I'm Currently looking at if I'm looking at Bitcoin on how loads can go and Still Remains to be bullish and Still Remains To be a good buying opportunity is for

Me in my opinion really 24.7 K 24.7 K is Of course previous resistance previous Resistance right here big support for me Previously around and so far we've not Been retesting this level yet so far and If we read this as level we will most Certainly create a gigantic bullish Divergence and more importantly we are Sitting on very important support while Bitcoin remains to be super oversold on Not only the daily time frame but also The 12 hour time frame so if Bitcoin Comes down to 24.8 K to 24.7 K in my Opinion it would make up a very good Buying opportunity at the same time Bitcoin funding rates remain to be super Negative what means that people are Massively shorting the market and that Is of course probably going to cause a Big short squeeze across the market we Don't know when it is going to be Happening but we do know it's going to Be happening at some point either a Deleveraging of short positions or Either a massive squeeze back towards The upside to squeeze out all the Shorting positions in the market because Yes the overall feeling on the market is Fair and also a lot of doubt and that is Why there are a lot of short positions Active in the market right now and we Can clearly see it here on coin glass if We're looking at defending rate so if I'm looking at my trade here I'm

Currently still in this minor loss on my Ethereum trade this is a trade I'm Building up for the next Bull Run so yes 2023 is the year of accumulation I'm Just going to be buying more and more as Time continues because I want to get a Good entry here around around that 1400 To 1500 US dollars for ethereum and if I Can get a good entry right now here I Could make a ton of money in the next Bull Run so that is exactly my strategy Right now here if you want to be trading I've got a very good deposit bonus Available for everyone out there right Now here and that is that you can Currently claim a free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin or xap loan or short position All you need to do here is go to the Link description of today's video Here Sign up an account using the link in Description go to xrp or the Bitcoin Link and you only need to deposit 100 Within seven days and you can claim this Free one thousand US dollars so go to The link description if you are Interested in claiming this insane Deposit bonus then quickly going to talk Something about the risks in the market Because currently BNB the coin from Binance is facing probably a massive Liquidation so first of all before I'm Going to go in towards this if you hold All your funds on one exchange if it is Binance or buy video whatsoever if you

Hold all your funds on one exchange Don't do it because it's super risky Especially on binance right now here Because many people hold all their coins On binance but there's a massive risk That binance is currently facing a Massive liquidation so if you hold all Your funds on binance consider signing Up an account on buybit benefit from the Deposit bonus that I'm currently talking About a free 1000 use dollar position And of course that is going to also help You diversify your coins across multiple Exchanges so let me quickly explain What's currently going on with BNB BNB Is currently sitting on a super Important level the 200 US dollar level And many are saying saying across the Internet is that BNB is currently having A massive loan around 200 and that they Are facing a Liquidation on 200 because That is where they meet their collateral So if BNB breaks below 200 they're going To face a massive liquidation that they Probably can't pay and that would cause The market to even dump more and that Would also cause binance to potentially Become insolvent so what they're Currently doing is that binance is Currently selling off their customers Bitcoin to prompt up the BNB price and You can see on this post right here is That probably the previous dump in the Market was caused by buy-in selling of

Their Bitcoin so what you can see right Here is the unusual price action of Binance loads of selling pressure on Bitcoin not present on other exchanges What means that binance is selling off Their Bitcoin but more importantly you Can see that the Bitcoin selling is Getting accelerated and the BMB buys are Getting also accelerated what doesn't Really make sense in the market and People are saying that they are doing This to prompt up the BNB price because They don't want to get liquidated so BNB Is currently most certainly in high risk In the market I don't want to cause any Fat or whatsoever in the market but last Time this happened with the FTX token They also had a massive collateral loan Here this happened the the FTX price Went absolutely hammered towards the Downside to zero now not really to zero But to 80 cents here so there was a drop Of about 99 there so if this happens Bitcoin could once again crash massively And they are also saying that binance Are selling their Bitcoin Holdings to Prompt up the BNB price because Otherwise they have to face their Collateral and of course if BNB also Breaks below the super important level Yeah we're probably going to see a very Big waterfall towards the downside so Definitely very important to be watching So yes I'm currently looking at Bitcoin

Support right here but if BNB is really Going to down below that level and Really is going to sell off even more Bitcoin or if binance really is Insolvent Bitcoin could most certainly Dump much much more so take this in Account right now here but the overall Trend Bitcoin is currently holding the 25 000 support maybe what we're Currently seeing is fun in the market Because yeah Bitcoin is dumping and Usually people get very scared my advice To everyone out there no Financial Advice they just advise in terms of Holding your tokens where and where not Is do not hold all your tokens on Binance Exchange and if you want to be Diversifizing go to buy bit or buy a Ledger yourself and store your Bitcoin Over there but if you're definitely Interested in trading don't do it on Binance make sure to have 50 on my bit 50 on binance and if you are going to go To buy bit go to the link description to Claim that free 1000 US dollar position So yeah looking at Bitcoin We Still Remains to be holding up support here And of course looking at the bigger Trend here we can currently see that the Bitcoin price actually remains to hold At four day uptrend on that super Trend Indicator and once we feel a bearish That will be indicating a bigger macro Trend reversal of course looking at the

Email ribbon we're also breaking below It currently and basically I've been Saying this in my post video goes really Where I'm looking at here is a 25 000 US dollars if we break below twenty Five thousand dollars then we're in big Problems and of course if binance is Really insolvent we're probably going to Go to 12K we're probably going to go to 10K even for Bitcoin so yes it's very Important to take in account if binance Really collapse is going to be a big Issue for the market do I think they're Boring against their own coin probably Yes and that could still cause a massive Dump in BNB so b b is definitely a risk And binance as well here and we're also Creating a big uh descending triangle so I'm probably expecting that being Bitcoin is going to come down a little Bit here people learn from exchange Tokens in the fall in the past so please Be careful with this coin here Um I think binance is a very good coin I Like CZ but there's definitely a risk in The market right now here so thank you So much for watching towards the amazing New update video I truly hope you did Learn something from it and if you want All your tokens on one exchange please Start to diversify if you're holding Your Bitcoin just for holding place it On The Ledger if you're holding your Bitcoin on trading make sure to

Diversify is also between several Exchanges because yeah I hold more than 400 000 dollars on trading exchanges and It will be stupid to all hold it on Binance because then probably I'm going To lose all my money so guys thanks so Much for watching towards amazing new Update video and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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