BIG BITCOIN BEAR TRAP!! [don’t get fooled]

Bitcoin has seen another huge rejection From the top side and once again it is Trading on the most important level of Support so I will be talking about this Stuff I will talk about the Bitcoin Price action that remains to be boring But once again we can see a super Important event of the fomc meeting is Closing in in two days it will be Happening and once this event happens it Lines up perfectly together with the low Volatility of the Bollinger Bands and Historically speaking always once this Event happens Bitcoin sees massive Volatility in the markets so without any Further Ado I will be talking about the Most important support levels for Bitcoin I will talk about my price Targets if we break support or either if We hold support so don't forget to watch This video till the end I will give a Huge update on all my trades I've Currently opened on bitcoin so don't Forget to slap up the library on today's Update video can we smash your deck of a 500 that will be absolutely incredible And with that of being said let me jump Straight away endorse the imminent short Term for Bitcoin and once looking at the Image short term for Bitcoin I have been Looking at this chart for quite a while Right now so this is the chart that Tells us about the Range High on the Market trading around that 30.4k where

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We're getting rejected from every single Time and the range low around to 29.6 K That seems to be providing support every Single time we touch it and you can Clearly see we've been getting supported By this level for over five times in a Row right now the B on high alert the More times you're going to knock on a Certain door or the more times you're Going to of course that support the more Like it is going to be that we're Actually going to be breaking below it What is very nice right now that over The course of this weekend we did not Create a CME Gap because yes Bitcoin was Moving towards the upside over the Course of the weekend but yes it was Once again a huge fake out just like the Last moves we basically had in this Market you can see that every single Time do you basically go lower we Haven't right now created this smaller Downtrend here on the top side and Basically Bitcoin is also getting Rejected from this down sloping trend Line but still for me to say okay this Is right now A bullish Trend here I need To see a flip above 30.4k but as long as We're not seeing the breakup of that Level I remain to be of course pretty Neutral on bitcoin I'm not bullish on Bitcoin right now here but I shouldn't Also be bearish exactly on support but Be aware the more times we're going to

Test this support to the Lower Side the More likely it is actually that we're Going to be seeing the breakout towards The downside so I'm going to keep my Eyes wide open on this and of course if We are going to be breaking below this Very important level of support we've Been basically holding above up for Already over 32 days it could mean Something catastrophic for the price Action of Bitcoin because if Bitcoin Breaks below this support right here the Next support Target for Bitcoin is Basically going to be all the way down To 28 000 US dollars so far I don't Really see a reason to be starting to be Panicking because we're still holding Support but once we confirm the break Break below support that is the point Where I should start to exit my long Positions that I'm currently having open Because yes I'm currently opening up Long positions on this support level Right here but if we confirm the break Below this level I don't see the reason To stay in my long position and of Course most certainly I am going to be Exiting these long positions because Then at that point I want to be starting To be looking at shorting positions for Bitcoin so as long as we're going to be Holding the support I don't see a reason To start to panic but of course if we Break below support 28 000 US dollars is

Next year and I am going to be of course Starting to be opening up short Positions the big move for Bitcoin is Going to be imminent and the reason why I'm saying this here is because yes Bitcoin has been going sideways for over 30 days right now and we can finally Start to see the volume is dropping off Significantly and while the volume is Dropping off significantly we do know The bology bands is tightening up here And indicating there is a huge quiz Going to be happening anytime soon and To be exact the bullish events is as Tight as the beginning of January to That 2023 and at the same time we can Currently see that this huge economic Event is about to be happening again What of course is the Federal Reserve Meeting and once the Federal Reserve Meeting comes out and the FED Comforts Also comes out here there is one thing For sure we're going to see volatility But this time around it's going to be a Little bit different because this will Be the meeting where they are going to Be announcing that this is the last Interest rate hike of this cycle of Course maybe we're going to see more Interest rate hikes but according to These sources the probability that this Is the loss rate hike is more than 90 Certain so that is of course very Interesting to be seeing here but of

Course for the next meeting we're going To get a 99.8 30 that we're going to see Another 25 base Point hike here so I Expect another rate hike but especially The speech of Jerome Powell could be Indicating something very interesting And of course usually you don't see the Market straight away move towards the Upside just like we've seen in the last Few times here the juice usually Bitcoin Tends to be moving big after that Meeting occurred in that following week Or in that same week here later on the Week so the last four times right here You can see Bitcoin moved down after the Meetings but this time around here on The last meeting Bitcoin moved up so Maybe the sentiment is Rhino changing And Bitcoin can start to be moving Towards the upside again here so yes I Do think this meeting is going to be Having a huge effect on the price Section of Bitcoin and yes it could once Again be a positive and we will be Watching this fed meeting all together So don't forget to subscribe to the Channel with a bell notification enabled Because I will be live streaming this Event where Jerome Paul is going to talk About the market and I can guarantee you One thing volatility is most likely Going to be starting to be picking up For the markets again here so talking About my trades my Bible trade is right

Now in a small little loss of about 800 And on my big Edge rate of course I'm Still in a profit but I'm apparently Locked out here but still making an Approximately 1.3 Bitcoin we'll be Showing it in my next video again here And so of course if you want to be Joining me or trading yourself there is Right now a huge deposit bonus and be Aware this is the postal bonus is going To be ending in seven days here but you Can write no claim a free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin or xfp long or short Position all you need to do to claim This is go to the link in the Description sign up a new account on buy Bit deposit 100 and you can claim this Free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin or xrp Loan short position it's super valuable Only going to be valid for another seven Days so make sure to be quick go to the Link in description and claim this Deposit bonus since also there's a Limited amount of stock and yes it is About to be running out here so go to The link description to claim this is Possible bonus right now here further on We can just still see Bitcoin is so Super boring it is absolutely mental Bitcoin has been going sideways for more Than 31 days right now here in more than 33 days to be exact here and you can see The cup and handle still not breaking Out here and maybe we're going to start

To create somewhat of a new squeeze Pattern here on the price section of Bitcoin right now the jet Bitcoin of Course looks to be having another big Move here we can see it from the bullish Events we can see it from this chart Right here there's going to be a big Move whether it's going to be up or down We need to be monitoring the price Section of Bitcoin very closely but of Course looking at Bitcoin and of course The Unchained data we can currently see Here the Bitcoin is still growing this Is the number of addresses holding more Than one Bitcoin you can see the chart Is slowly but steadily growing still and Still and that is why I think Bitcoin is A good long-term investment yesterday we Discussed the chart of the balance of Exchanges what is dropping massively but Also if you're looking at the Accumulation the accumulation is still Here and people are still buying more And more Bitcoin and at some certain Point we're going to see a huge reverse On the market and like we do know thirty Thousand dollars is the most accumulated Rate region for Bitcoin in the history So I am definitely very excited about This region so also on the two week time Frame you can clearly see Bitcoin is Running trading at a very important Decisive moment on the market previously Around this level of support Port right

Now it's resistant so we need to be Breaking up the thirty two thousand Dollars in order to be flipping bullish And looking at the Bitcoin dominance People are saying it is altcoin season But still in the bigger perspective it Is still Bitcoin season only altcoins Had a small little bounce back towards The upside so let's look for Solana for A very quick update here on altcoin Solana against Bitcoin is still down More than 80 percent from its Autumn High here so let's say you invested one Bitcoin on the top of the bull market Into Solana you currently only have zero Point 18 Bitcoin left there and of Course first you had only approximately What was it 0.1 Bitcoin left and now It's 0.18 but still Solana is down Massively from its all-time high CR Maybe it had a small little Advance here Towards the upside but be aware I don't Think that this is the time to be buying Into all coins yet you can still see That the trend is majority down here Maybe it's going to be reversing but to Be very honest if we learned from the Previous Cycles the time to be stepping Into all coins is once Bitcoin breaks Above its ultimately and not in the Exact bear Market because usually Altcoins can bleed more and there's a Very big possibility that Solana is just Going to go down another 50 against

Bitcoin again and yeah who's going to be Laughing at that point so the risk is Most certainly still too high for all These all coins out there and that is Why I'm going to continue to hold mainly Bitcoin ethereum and some all coins in My portfolio that once Bitcoin breaks Above the auto mic that is the point Where I'm going to start to aim in Towards all coins but I don't believe That this is the time yet so far so make Sure to make your own opinion on all Coins but I personally do think we have To be a little bit careful right here Looking at Bitcoin we're balancing from Support as long as we're upholding above 29.6 K everything is looking good I will Be back tomorrow with another update or Maybe later today if something very Important happens so thank you so much For watching and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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