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What's up Sons it's blind rod with son Of a tech once again and we are going to Talk Carlson more miners are getting Released by the day today we have a new Release from ryel Miner and this Particular version is optimized for Carlson and does add dual mining like Lol Miner did I went ahead and tested All three miners against each other on My GTX 1063 GB rig to go ahead and see Which one was performing the best on Average ACR cross the 1063 GB and we Have the results now let's get into [Music] It welcome back everyone so we have Amazing news across the board if you're A Bitcoin miner or you are an Asic minor In general you have very high topend Emissions from Bitcoin Caspa and Dogecoin and now as a GPU Miner number Four in emissions is now Carlson hash And that is fantastic news for all of The GPU miners as it currently sits Because these have been turned off for Quite some time now I'm super excited For this to be taking place so that we Can get the GPU miners back in the game That being said let's go ahead and take A look at the new release from Ry gel Miner as you can see here we have Version 1.10 and alss AKA Carlson hash algorithm Has been included at a 1% Dev fee it Includes dual mining with ethereum which

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We covered how to do in the in the LOL Minor video earlier in the week they Have also removed the khey has algorithm As that has been overtaken by as6 so There's no real reason to have that Added and continue development for it LOL minor came out two days ago as well Adding similar support along with Upgrading to a the Dual hash as well With heavy hash as and Carlson or the Heavy hash Carlson along with of course Reum Etc so you have dual mining options Here once again the guide for that is Already out and then we have SRB minor Version 2.4.2 and to the best of my knowledge Right now dual mining isn't necessarily Supported but you do have support for Mining Carlson hash on on Intel Arc gpus Which gives it a little bit of an edge Now I've tested all three of these Miners And as suspected they kind of are In performance in place depending on the Release date first off on the 1063 GB we Have the minor SRB minor version 2.4.2 and as you can see we range from 240 mahash a second to 288 or 89 mahash A second second with Varying power consumption and so on now That being said I do have a couple like This EVGA that needs to be worked on That's not quite hashing fully it Probably needs some new thermal paste if I had to take a guess but let's go ahead

And look at the results for the rest of Them once we moved over to LOL minor Version 1.78 the numbers got Significantly better even the one that Was underperforming at 240 mahash a Second has gone up six me or six or 7 a Second already and it did somehow eek Out an extra watt out of it as well of Course the power consumption is going up Respectively in some cases on average Overall it does seem like though that we Went from 783 watts to 788 watts and we Increased our hash rate quite Significantly between 246 mahash a Second to 295 mahash a second and it is Definitely better than mining with SRB Miner but finally we had the latest Release from ryel Miner which is NVIDIA Exclusive here at this point and we got Impressive improvements across the board Where we went to 250 mahash a second on The poorly performing GPU to 200 or 300 Excuse me megahash a second on the top Performing GPU albe it with a power Increase from 788 8 watt to 796 Watts I presume this is because it's Leveraging more of the GPU at this time No overclocks were performed purely just Seeing which one could get the most hash Rate out of the gpus so right now if you Are looking to get the most hash rate Out of your gpus or at least Nvidia gpus With Carlson go ahead and check out the Latest release of ryel Miner which is

Down in the description if you want to Get it working with hios it's as simple As updating your Hiveos in the panel and then it'll all Populate there and you'll be good to go No custom commands or anything like that Needed Hive was on top of it and if you Look at the hive statistics it's it's Even more impressive if we look at the Hive statistics now of course Ze being a CPU minable coin is at 11% and kls is Now at 10% which is actually quite Impressive even talking about algorithms For gpus it does look like Ze is still Beating it out but kls has now flipped DX maybe we don't need a single Savior For GPU mining these days maybe we will Have multiple saviors and depending on Which coins each individual GPU Miner Decides to back there will be specific Advantages in the coming future let me Know what you think about about Carlson Down in the comment section below are You mining it now or are you still Mining something else are you mining it In swapping for something else or are You Mining and holding it these are all Questions I have for the community let Me know I hope you enjoyed this video if You did hit the like comment subscribe And notification bells down below don't Forget to check out my Crypt mining Ecourse at sonof where you can Get a month free subscription to my

Locals at sonof tech. where I Cover my daily moves for you so you can Follow along if you so please I'll see You next Tuesday

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