Asking Your Friend Andy How To Become a Millionaire

Hello and welcome everybody to the Crypto mining show the way wrong episode Today what's up Sons it's blind riding With son of attack once again and Joining me today is Andy from the YouTube channel your friend Andy and Goes on Twitter by oh hi Andy welcome to The show Andy thanks for stopping in Today Oh hi hello glad to be here and chat With you awesome well I have a ton of Questions obviously the big one that I Think you get asked a lot is how can I Become a millionaire and then we'll go Into how does that integrate into Cryptocurrency are you participating Within cryptocurrency to do that I run a YouTube channel that covers Cryptocurrency mining so maybe a little Bit of your expertise around that I've Seen that you you mine yourself some Bitcoin is that is that correct I do dabble in the mining dark arts yes There you go and do you have a farm Yourself or do you uh have that hosted How do you manage all that yeah uh all The all the Bitcoin stuff is hosted uh I Do have two GPU Rigs and some small Fpgas and like two mini A6 so I have a Mining Garden not a farm here at the House yeah okay cool indeed mine just Out of the garage or something like that I have a shed uh yeah on Twitter Um I posted once upon a time a photo of

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It I do actually have a pretty cool Setup where I built like a wind tunnel With a big Gable exhaust fan pulls air Across all the machines but again it's It's tiny it's not very big nice so you Participate I think like in a lot of Different things you're kind of you Preach the revenue streams I I preached That a lot as well obviously I have a YouTube channel kind of live by that and Whatnot Um so What revenue streams are you Participating in other than Cryptocurrency mining Uh well quite a few um I to answer your Very first question though that you Asked how do you become a millionaire Well you find out about Pepe before it's A thing you put all your money into it And then you watch it go to the Moon You know the funniest thing about that Is that's not even the real Pepe coin Did you know that I did not know that Pepe coin started Back in 2016. it was a minable I believe Script coin uh vitalik buterin was Actually a part of it which is Interesting as well and then remember in 2016 Pepe got associated with white Supremacy and Donald Trump and all of That so they changed their name to meme Tick and they transitioned to proof of Stake and you can actually still build

Their nodes and they just recently Launched Pepe coin as an ERC 20 token Which they were working on before this New Pepe that made everybody Millionaires Was Made Who apparently Stole all of their code for the erc20 And put it up so there's a there's a There's a memoir coming now on Twitter Get ready because there's a bunch of OG Pepe coin fans that are going to come in And they're gonna try to pump that so That's apparent I mean I had no idea About any of that that but I mean Obviously knew Pepe was a thing before All this and so I honestly I was Surprised I'm like why is there just now A Pepe coin and why is it just now Taking off I feel like this should have Been you know five years ago 2016 was When the first one came out yep yep yep Yep and then uh it did hit a dollar at One point I mean and then uh now it's Like six cents so there you go the story Of mini mini a coin right there oh for Sure yeah cryptocurrency is dangerous Right I mean it's one of those things Where it's because of I maybe a little Bit of lack of Regulation a little bit Of the ease of forking is what I kind of Blame it on especially once ethereum Came along and it was like oh you can Just build a token and there was all This confusion and and people started Just start buying ship and I'm like why

Are you guys buying ship it's just a Token what are you doing and then uh I Was wrong I should have bought shib and Then uh If we only had a dollar for every Shoulda Woulda Coulda in crypto we'd be Billionaires just from that right now It's a rough one I because especially if You go I'm like that fundamental grumpy Old crypto Boomer that's like I can't Get behind any of the the nft stuff I Was like No And I should have and then I Couldn't really get behind like the the Token meme thing I was like it doesn't Make any sense to me what does it solve It doesn't solve anything what are you Guys doing why is there so much money in It Well you're in good company because on My channel I talk about uh orange coin a Lot and uh I get called crypto Boomer All the time so there you go well easy Bitcoin is the well Bitcoin was the way To go but ordinals now what is what's Happening here like uh ordinals and BRC 20 Bitcoin tokens clogging up the Network uh a couple days ago my my 16 Bitcoin mining rigs were making a little Over a hundred dollars a day extra just From all that Madness uh it's come down They're still making a little bit more Than they were a week ago but it's a It's considerably cleared up since since Then but still pretty fun nice few days

Of extra profit nothing wrong with that Do you even know which ordinals they Were at that point like I don't I I have Some ordinals that I like went and Inscribed because I was like learning About it but then I and then I bought One but like I didn't even check to see If it's like one I don't think that they Are I think the Pepe ordinals were doing Really well of course because the way it Goes it's like if Pokemon takes off Pokemon takes off and everything Pokemon Is cool all of a sudden it kind of feels Like that in in crypto I guess maybe We're moving out of the dog phase though There's that it's not Doge and ship and Now we got Pepe maybe we'll be a return To the Doge things against one day Hopefully yeah I love dog theme dog Memes dog themed coins tokens do you Have uh do you have any script miners Mining Dogecoin or Litecoin or and like No no I do not but the L7 it's it's a Beast Um and it I mean the L7 seems like it's Being propped up by Dogecoin uh but yeah No I've never done these scripted money Well okay so my some like uh I got I got Serious in the big into a crypto in 2017 But to give me some kind of OG status uh I did build my first mining rig in 2014 Which was a script Miner I built it with Uh There's four

Radio AM uh Radeon 280 X's R9 280 I can't remember what they were Yeah the RS I think the 280s were maybe R7s and the R9 was the 290x and then They had the 295x or 295×2 They're definitely 280s I had uh four of Those in a milk crate uh to my Litecoin And uh man I was working I was working At a stop a software startup at the time And working like I don't know 12 to 14 Hour days and then I come home and then That machine would be offline and I'd Like figure it out So eventually I'm Just like you know can you swear on this Yeah you're fine you're fine okay I was like this I'm I am done with This whole mining thing it's never going To work out and of course I would have Been mining like eight litecoins per day With that thing at the you know which Were worth nothing at the time but uh And this I you know sold it all at a Loss on on eBay and gave up and then Again three years later I'm like oh well Maybe maybe there's something here maybe I shouldn't check this whole thing out Again so I got back into crypto at that Point yeah I think I jumped out in 2018 Because of that bear and I took a break Like I got super disappointed with the You between the YouTube channel and all That and I was like just gonna focus on My day job which they don't like another Three years in I'm like I can't do this

Anymore what's happening Yeah yeah it's uh crypto it's just this Perpetual cycle not just in the price Um and all that which you know obviously But also in your emotional state at any Given time because you have these Unbelievably euphoric highs where every Decision you make is the most brilliant Thing imaginable and you can do no wrong And then moments later everything is Terrible everything is ruined every Decision is bad and then you just sit in That period for for you know years like The last crypto winter yeah and you're Like I don't I don't care about this Anymore what's the point of any of this You know It's wild on this one's been extremely Stressful because it's like bearish but Like sideways bearish with like a little Glimpses of hope here and there and then Biden comes out and he's like 30 tax and You're like no oh Yes on what I got no money left yeah not only are You taxed technically speaking if you're You know by the books every single day You know as uh normal income and then on The capital gains to eventually but then On top of that let's just do carte Blanche 30 so yeah I'm glad some of that Stuff's hopefully not gonna pan out well And you're already being taxed on your Electric bill as it is

So you're yeah you're taxed and then Taxed and then taxed and then you're Like okay maybe you maybe the guy's Saying just buy Bitcoin was right just Screw it I'll just buy it and we'll just Go from there but I really like the idea Of having a hard asset that generates Revenue right like the whole reason I Found it interesting is because I had Like listened to like Rich Dad Poor Dad And I was like well I can't really Afford property but I can buy a GPU And that's like an asset that will Generate revenue and then I can buy Another GPU and I can start building up And then maybe eventually that Revenue Will be enough to buy property and then Generate Revenue off the property I Haven't gotten to that second step yet But um Once again and then it crashes you know I was so close and then you're like it Is what it is Well one of the things I love about GPU Mining is one if you have good electric And you made good buying decisions with The actual hardware and stuff just as in The right Market just as a steady income Source it's that but if you're a little More you know risk risk for the biscuit Kind of a person then you can do some Spec Mining and yeah 95 of the ones you Might expect line spec might turn out to Be nothing but if you happen to get that

Right man you can spend a couple Thousand dollars on you know GPU Miners And a few thousand dollars electricity Can turn into you know 50 Grand 100 Grand or you know more like flux is one Of my big success stories and I've had Several others since then but things I Just decided I'm going to mine this Speculatively hold it and then you know Years later you get rewarded for it and Then you just try to repeat the process But like where else can you do something Like that like those are there other Opportunities out there like that I mean To a certain extent it's gambling right But it's it's So yeah you can go to the casino but It's gambling that makes me feel like I'm not a degenerate like I'm doing Something responsibly but yeah for sure I mean the the biggest one lately I Think was cast but for me and mine and That before it hit the markets or Whatever but they're hard to find and uh And then there's other ones that I look At that I'm like I should have done more I should have mined more like like a Nexa or a radiant but if I once again I Get that crypto Boomer in me I look at It and it's a fork of Bitcoin cash and I'm just like Yeah Such a bad Fork that they don't even Remove their references to bitcoin cash

In the GitHub and you're like why is This why is this a thing and then you Say that and then everybody gets mad at You like like you're you're the devil Because you're talking bad about their Coin or whatever but you're like I'm Just telling you why I didn't see it Coming like I just didn't A token that takes you know 27 minutes To create doesn't have any value in my Head so I don't make those connections Right but in the world we live in now I Guess a lot of that doesn't matter so And that's the literal literal reality Of the situation I watched a thread on Twitter it's like how to make a token in Five minutes and they showed you step by Step how to Fork a token and just name It whatever you want because you know There's all these random ones you know Popping up right now and that's all it Takes for some of those I mean proof of Work ones I guess is a little bit more To it and getting well there's a Difference yeah there's a difference Between a token and a coin right coin is Going to be like Bitcoin a token is Going to be something that's built on Top of another coin right like the brc20 And erc20 standards so yeah there's not Even uh none of those are ever Um proof of work Just coins are like yep Bitcoin or Whatever but tell me this then uh what

Is your Channel about what have you been Covering lately Uh so the channel started just kind of a Personal finance Channel and I did lots Of General Finance videos that no one Watched and I did lots of um Bank Reviews and a brokerage reviews because I found that that was something I Actually geeked out about a little bit And was able to make good quality videos On and that got semi-ranked occasionally In YouTube search results I actually got Some traffic from that so that was a Good starting point but I was very scared for a while to talk About crypto on the channel even though Something I'd been heavy into even Despite me you know making this YouTube Channel talking about all these other Things but I was scared to talk about it Because I'm like oh it's I don't want to Become a crypto Channel because you know As soon as the bear Market hits it's Like well then no one's gonna watch my Channel so I've seen it a hundred Different times uh but eventually I'm Just like well even if that does happen Which I have noticed at big time for Sure uh is like you know it's still Something I'm excited about I'm Passionate about so why should you know Wouldn't I be talking about it uh and Then I can just like make it work when When that does happen so lately I still

Do talk about Um crypto a lot but I'm just I've been In a lifelong entrepreneur I'm a Lifelong like side hustle guy I try all Kinds of stuff so now while I do create The crypto content I do 50 50 with just Like make money online through side Hustles or random things I think about Or find and talk about that type of Stuff and that's kind of keeping the Ship afloat uh even when uh crypto is Not super exciting but I have had a few Crypto videos do decent with you know Views and stuff but it's definitely not Like it was just a year ago no for sure It's definitely I think I'm down like 600 or something in views it's not easy I can get the peak of 2021 I was doing Like two two million views a month or More two to three million that's awesome Now it's like 300 000 you're like We're goodbye Really good I know it's only doing about that right Now and I've been working like around The clock to get it up because it was Below 100 000 views a month yeah uh two Months ago or something so no yeah I Haven't dipped down below that hundred Thousand but I've dipped down pretty Close into the hundred thousands and It's been pretty rough I do know this Behind you though you have a YouTube Plaque which is the 100K subscriber

Plaque what channel is that for Uh it's called Burger fiction okay that One so Channel I Movie Channel Cinema did lots of video Essays lots of Super Cuts of a bunch of Like every Brad Pitt eating scene ever And which is like all added together Every Tom Cruise Running Scene ever 18 Minute long video like literally every Moment second for second that he's Running on a screen but also video Essays and movie reviews and stuff I Agree with my good friend and uh we ran That for like five years 160 000 subscribers something like that and Then the big thing was like 85 million Views I think now it still gets like 500 000 a month nice but the problem is uh It's like makes no money the the cpns And RPMs are terrible and eventually YouTube's like if you're not going to Put your face in front of the camera and Your voice uh for all of them and just Reuse Clips well then we're gonna Demonetize you and that's what they did So it went from from very little to Nothing nothing like okay so I like YouTube what else can I do and so here I Am there you go nice well and you're Getting close now to another 100K so you Get two Plex Slowly yeah working on it creeping up There see if we can get those numbers And pump those numbers up everybody

Yeah check in check the channel out down Below and go subscribe that'll be Perfect so you're in the same area as me In Texas are you worried about the uh This Texas crypto Bill removing the Curtailment for crypto mining I have no idea what that is so there's a Bill proposed now right now so do you Know what curtailment is I understand the general idea of putting Something off for yeah so Bitcoin miners Will go into like a big like a power Company or or a power company they'll Negotiate curtailment which says if you Are if the power demands High you Request us to shut off you pay us a Certain amount per kilowatt hour we Provide that power back to the grid now The reason why this is important is Because power companies are usually Separate from power generators and power Companies Buy on basically what's the Equivalent of a stock market they'll Usually buy credits in the beginning of The whatever the the quarter or whatever It is and they'll say last year or Whatever based on our numbers we used About this much so we'll buy this much For this one well if they run out and The power's up and they have to go back To the market and buy they have to buy On the spot market and just like Anything else with trading when you go To buy the power on the spot Market

Everybody else is usually doing the same Thing because it's usually like got real Hot or something like that causes the Price to Skyrocket so it ends up Increasing the bill for consumers so to Fix that what they've been doing Especially with Bitcoin miners is doing The curtailment so they'll turn off That's why they'll they'll have the Bitcoin buyers turned off and then They'll pay them it actually is cheaper For the the residents of that particular Area for that power company then if they Went onto the spot Market to buy it and The best part is they can take that Extra power from the curtailment and Sell it back onto the spot market so They're making even more it's extremely Beneficial in situations where the power Company is actually like a co-op or a Cooperative where the people that are Buying the power are members of that Cooperative meaning at the end of the Year they pay them back whatever the Profits are right so this is kind of how Curtailment's been working in Texas now There's a new bill that's been proposed That that is going to say that for Bitcoin miners they are not allowed to Curtail so you will not well they're Allowed to curtail but they'll be Mandatory whenever the state tells them To curtail and there will be no Financial benefit and they'll block

Power companies from paying a Curtailment fee through the Bitcoin Miners specifically targeting of course Bitcoin mining and no other industry as Well well like we've been seeing kind of Across the board so anyways that's the Whole story if you hadn't heard about it Yet yeah I had not heard about that That's uh crazy Um maybe Texas instead of punishing Bitcoin miners they should focus on just Fixing their grid like there's there's a Thought well I think the grids oops been You get well we'll let you get Reconnected Okay Look at that some sennheisers I apologize one second no problem there We go okay cool you good my uh my Wireless I guess I forgot to charge them And they just crapped out it happens now You look professional with the Sennheisers um so yeah like can we just Fix our grid can we just uh get some Better Power Generation stuff and then We can have Bitcoin miners come online To take the excess instead of turning Off to that's been that's been what Bitcoin miners have been able to do Right I mean so since that winter storm Bitcoin Mining in Texas has increased a lot And that's helped actually bolster the Grid up there are some interesting

Problems with that that I didn't even Realize until I started working for a Power company Um what exactly the issues were with the Like the winter storm and what was you Know why things weren't renterized and So on in some cases it's actually Interesting that like The so for natural gas for example you Can line the pipes with like heaters That they use in the North like the or Like a heating film but in Texas you Don't do that why because then it makes It extra hot so I was like oh now I Understand kind of there were reasons For some of it not all of it right like We could have winterized the the um wind Farms Um and not had them get all locked up or Whatever there was definitely things That could have been done but I think It's getting better But I also think to your point it's Getting better because Bitcoin is being Mined in this state at such a heavy Level right Um so that's the extra money that comes In to bolster the grid up right without That Capital where did the power Companies get money to fix the grid Right that's the question like chicken Before the egg type thing Bitcoin comes In and Bitcoin miners come in and they Help you know get that capital for the

Power companies and the power generators And then they're like oh no let's go Ahead and slap them with a penalty and You're like what are you guys what are You guys even doing over here it makes No sense anymore but it's kind of funny Well my good good news for me is my Miners are not in Texas they're in Oklahoma Um but I'm sure other places will start Wanting to do the same kind of stuff but When it comes like the power grid and I'm like I'm one of the I'm one of the Crazy people who I'm I'm a super pro Nuclear I just want to get rid of Everything we have in our country and Just put a bunch of reactors everywhere And just call it a done deal I agree but Then it's counter to the population Narrative which I think is kind of a Funny one the more nuclear reactors we Have the more population we need right Which is like this weird argument that I Think you can see it sometimes when like Elon talks about needing more of a Population or whatever because what Happens if you have all these nuclear Plants and then your population is Decreasing then you have nobody to work The plants because of the way the Numbers work right less people will be Interested in that category of work and Less people will be around and then you Just have these failing plants what

Happens then right so I agree with you but I think the whole I Think The entire narrative has to shift not Just one piece right well there's so Many moving pieces to like yeah like all Any of my thoughts when it comes to that It's all like pie in the sky stuff Because there's not just are there Enough people Out there who actually go through the Training to do these things can we get You know we have enough people that Actually have the domain that's required For you know these plants and stuff but Then there's also just can we change Public sentiment about the dangers of it And can can we get um can we get States And can we get the country to be future Thinking enough to where instead of Going oh natural gas uh Power Plant I Build this it pays for itself in like Less than five years or I spend 10 times The amount of money I build a nuclear Plant and it takes almost a decade to Pay for itself you know it's like There's all these huge hurdles when it Comes to a change like that Beyond just What you said there's just one more to Throw in there so I don't know it'd be Interesting to see what actually happens Over the next couple decades no I Definitely think you're correct like It'll be yeah I always wonder how that

Like obviously like Chernobyl played a Big factor on that right like 11 Mile Island was one the one for us yeah so it Just kind of when that gets into the Public mindset it's really hard to sell That to people when you're like hey There's this clean nuclear engine energy Thing and they're like but what about And you're like okay yeah some bad crap Happened but it is the cleanest energy Right the at least cleanest compare with The amount right that you can get Cleanest and safest I mean statistically Everything we do currently now is less Safe than nuclear and it's less clean I Mean I guess like you know wind and Things like that but um those those Aren't always on that's the downside to Renewables is they're not always on Which is fine if you have a way to deal With that if there's days when it's not As windy enough to support it or it's Super cloudy and wear your solar farming Is you know if you have an backup plan But you know nuclear is always on Um and the safest of those options for Sure Yeah I agree I think that's probably the Way to go for sure so what are your Plans in the future with the YouTube Channel and so on are you going to build Up enough crypto content to be ready for The next Bull Run when do you think that Next Bull Run will be as well

Uh this is gonna be so I mean I'm sure You have your own views on it but this Is gonna be such a weird time to watch Because from a cyclical point of view uh We are now 12 months out from the next Bitcoin having traditionally as of the Past three times we you know we've been Through this uh it 12 months leading up To the having Bitcoin slowly appreciates Very gradually when we hit having the Six to nine to 12 months afterwards we Have that rapid you know appreciation we Have the bull market voila it's bull Market again so you know that for us Would be uh the end of 2024 beginning of 2025 but the previous times this all Happened Macro economically we were in this Massive bull market uh across the stock Market equities marketing all this stuff And this time we are not in that Scenario so I you know uh I would like To think that in a year and a half we'll Be you know sitting pretty with our with Our golden Bitcoins and all that good Stuff but I don't know it's just I'm Waiting for what the next big you know Hammer drop is uh uh credit card debt in The U.S is an all-time high it's about To cross one trillion dollars Simultaneously credit card interest Rates are the highest they've ever been Um there's an amazing amount of Commercial real estate that is not is

Completely vacant and all all these Things are coming due and there's gonna Be all these defaults we have bank Failures we have this inflation we have The interest rates being high it's like What is this storm that is brewing and How's it going to affect all this stuff Or is it they're gonna like you know Reverse their decisions on on rates and It's all going to go away we're going to Put more money and we're gonna go back To a glorious bull run so I don't have The faintest clue of what's going to Happen next um but we should start to See a clearer picture within this next Year of at least where things might be Going I'm still optimistic long term on All this stuff obviously but I think the Third option is that that Bitcoin Replaces all of this I like that's that's where I'm preaching This is a good word this is I mean this Is the thing is like when I talk to People sometimes about this I have to Remind them especially in the crypto Industry it's like you wanted this to Happen like this is manifested by Bitcoiners like you realize that right Like the entire point of Bitcoin was to Replace the corrupt archaic system that We are swatching witnessing collapse Right now so then you can't be like oh I Want to replace it but I also want it to Be all honky Dory would you what'd you

Think was going to happen of course it Was going to be painful like if you're Going to replace an entire economic System it's going to be painful right Yeah and which was really fun as a Bitcoiner and as someone who would love Us to you know go away from uh Funny Money printing all the time into Something a harder money as the backing Or as the reserve currency uh it was Interesting and fun to watch when the First of the the most recent bank Failures you know uh Silicon Valley Bank And Signature Bank and all that we're Collapsing Bitcoin pumped it's it we Went from low 20s up to 30 you know and So will that continue to happen will People lose faith in the dollar lose Faith in uh centralized Banking and go To bitcoin or other places uh it looks Like some people have in the recent History but I don't know if that Trend Will continue or not it'll all come the Problem is is it'll all come down to Convenience and I fear that cbdc's are Going to be that convenience and Unfortunately it's like you know I was Talking to my parents earlier about one Of those like the situation where you Can just like walk into an Amazon store Place your stuff in the cart and walk Out and all you gotta do is swipe your Card and I'm like seeing you won't even Have to swipe your card like you're just

Gonna walk through you'll have some NFC Tag it'll charge your government Cbdc it'll go through and then it'll Tell you if you were or were not allowed To purchase certain certain items if we Get real dark but we'll have to see how That plays out and then alternate to That you know you get this fully decent Centralized option with Bitcoin so it's Like it's almost like we're at this Weird fork in the road no matter what Happens we're going digital but there's This strong chance that we might go to This fork in the road that it's like Like we end up in a more totalitarian Leaning Society right that like that's Where we could end up or we could go the Freedom path with Bitcoin and I don't Know which one ends up playing out the You know the the the skeptic in me says Like bitcoin's not going to win out over Over large governments and institutions Right like how are you going to beat That The convenience factor is is really Tough to overcome with something like That I mean I am hopeful that Maybe if uh uh we if the U.S creates the U.S digital stable coin dollar and we You know attach it to your to your Social security number or whatever you Walk into stores and it takes a picture Of your face and knows who you are and It just subtracts it where would that

1984 world is that we're gonna build uh I do kind of wonder if uh it'll be even Easier for them to print and manufacture Money when it's completely 100 digital And if that it finally brings about a Situation like other countries have had Where we have hyperinflation and then There has to be some other kind of stop Gap that is we lean to Um and you go back to a standard that Prevents that like we used to be on the Gold standard and that prevented a lot Of this stuff from happening we got off The gold Center then there we are uh so You know if that if that's the path or Maybe you know we have some finally have Some you know Innovative uh future Thinkers and they just decide to bring Bitcoin into the fold and be you know One of the first countries to kind of do That in a really material um and Important way but I don't I don't know I Have High Hopes obviously I have quite a Bit of Bitcoin I'm mining it every day Uh I'm you know it's what it comes to Politics where I don't pay attention to Anything but I'm I'm much more of a Libertarian than I am anything else I'm Kind of like I just I want to hands off Of all this stuff I want hard money I Want everybody to deal be you know leave Everybody alone and do their own thing And I want to live in this like perfect Little Utopia but uh you know it's not

Going to happen it's a hard one to yeah It's a hard one to to see actually Function right I I lean more towards Libertarian as well but just take I mean If you just take Cryptocurrency in general I mean it is a Threat so you you That's become clear right software by Jason Lowry uh that entire book talking About basically like the hash Wars that Will come out into play and the you know The importance from a strategic Standpoint of of mining Bitcoin as a Country we've seen Russia now take Number two slot on Bitcoin mining you See Hillary Clinton's uh addressing it a Couple weeks back where she said you Know the problem is that mining can Destabilize Destabilize Reserve currencies so They're very aware of what's happening Right and and the reason why they can do That and why she talks about mining in Particular and why mining can just Destabilize is because it doesn't need a Fiat Inlet like proof of stake does And if you don't need a Fiat Inlet then You have no reason to have any of these Entities right we don't need the Federal Reserve to exchange peer-to-peer right You no longer need that and that is that Will destabilize countries right and and I think that she's correct there so I Think and it's not controllable yeah

Like okay you ban Bitcoin mining in the US great all the Bitcoin miners move to Other countries you ban Bitcoin uh in The US okay fine all the Bitcoin nodes Well good luck enforcing that but you Know all the Bitcoin knows that are in The US they can run them out you know Outside the US and and so like you'd Have to have you know across the globe Unprecedented cooperation amongst Nations to actually try to down this Thing at this point Um and certainly possible but how are You going to do that if you're also at The same time sanctioning them and Cutting them off right yeah so they're Like sanctioned restaurant oh don't mind Bitcoin what are you doing and you're Like what'd you think they were gonna do You think they're just gonna sit there And be like okay we're bad we'll sit in The corner and be quiet like no that's Not how this works so to your point About like you got to get everybody to Cooperate like that's never happened Ever so I don't think that's gonna Happen which is why when there's you Know people who are anti-bitcoin like It's just software people are going to Be able to change the maximum number I'm Like good luck Good luck getting all these people to Agree on yeah you have to let everybody Agree right and that's kind of the I

Mean that's why Bitcoin has been so slow To make any changes right I mean there's Been I mean block wars and block size Wars and all that and it took forever For any changes to be made and some of Them like still will never ever be made Right and and that's almost regardless Of if it's good for the network or not Right it's just like it's that difficult To do but to your point about nodes and Stuff as well peer-to-peer networks have That's nothing new that's been around For forever have they been able to Successfully shut down Pirate Bay Yeah Can they shut down Ironing software movies and TVs I think Of the past we got rid of that yeah Exactly so like when it's like okay now You're gonna try to do that with Something that actually gives someone Value and Financial Freedom good Freaking luck it's not gonna happen dude No it's just not like if anything you Push people into it I think to your Point like I I have said I think a cbdc Will be adopted because if you make the People poor enough and dependent on the Nation that's deploying the cbdc you Already have your Inlet of customers Right it's like use our cbdc our payment System and this is how you'll get your Tax return this is how you'll get your Disability this is how you'll get

Whatever government programs assistant Programs you're signing up for all Through that and you've onboarded the Entire population or a majority of them That are like you know at that point Poor because you completely collapse the Economy by printing so much money to do It and it's so convenient too because as We get paid this money they can Automatically take out our taxes without Us having any involvement they can just Take them out as it goes why wouldn't She want this perfect convenient system Yeah well that I mean that would be nice They never can seem to tell me how much I owe them until like All jokes aside some transparency and Like to the whole tax system would be it Would be nice And they'd be like well we don't really Know but you're going to be in trouble Yes you better tell us how much you Think otherwise we'll be in trouble but You don't know how much but you know you Better be honest yeah I get I'm confused I don't even know how much I owe I'm Always like uh send it off to the CPA or A tax attorney and then mine's always Like This is really hard it's gonna take a While So I'm like son of a gun especially once You start getting into all the affiliate Marketing crypto mining trading and

You're sending like I think this last Year I had like 40 freaking 1099s They're just from all the different Revenue sources and you're like there You go oh also throw this crypto on There yeah Pages after page of you have Sells a spreadsheet and this sponsor Paid in crypto so have fun with that Yeah it's a it's a mess but yeah that's When it's like yeah when you have a CPA Which one if anybody has complicated tax They don't have a CPA get a CPA because It's like worth their weight in gold but Two you know it's just a proof that how Difficult all this stuff is when you Know because I have the same problem I Send all this stuff from the CP and They're like Uh what do I do with all this I'm like I Don't know figure it out I don't know How to do it yep exactly you know it's Uh it's a difficult one to get through I Uh I I think I filed for extensions Every single year so every every single Year have to it's impossible not to take Yeah by the time once you get your to 99s when they find the late people send Their late ones it's like but and you're Going back retroacts we figure it out It's just it's uh oh and then all the Failures last year with like block fly And everything that are like oh and they Oh my God and they like well after Deadline they're like hey don't you know

File your time we're sending you 10.99 For all the money that you earn but you Don't get back I know exactly I do I Logged in the other day and I was still Like you can't extract all this I was Like I'm so glad they wanted to sponsor The channel at one point and I sat down With my I felt funny I was like well how Does this work like it doesn't I was Like it's centralized you got Gemini Custodian I was like yeah I think I'm Not going to but I had put like it's Nothing it's like 250 I put in there to Like test it out to see if I was gonna You know have him as a sponsor that Shit's like I'm never getting that back That just sits there and I'm like oh That poor little 250 dollars it stuck There forever yep I mean I'm sure you Can relate as a YouTuber uh I did say Yes to some not from Celsius or Voyager But other like crypto projects and stuff That wouldn't do Funk directly malicious Turns out I learned some tough lessons Um through that whole period and so now I just have policy uh I adopted pretty Early on after having it getting burned A couple times I'm like I just don't say Yes to anything that has any like Investing or make money like unless it's Like a software tool like helps you sell On eBay or that kind of making money if It's like an investment make money I Just don't even touch it so I do no

Coins yeah I do no coins no mining pools Nothing like that is allowed uh but I Did do like but with I had a specific Clause that Said like I'm only advertising for the card to liquidate your mining Rewards I will not condone any of the The other weird stuff where you're you Know putting the money in and getting an Apy back or anything like that so I had That one Um and then I've done like the minor Outlets but even those get sketchy Because like the fact of the matter is Like Asic miners are kind of hard to Find and you'll have like I swear I'll Have like a front like a front end like A a good relationship with like somebody That's like selling crypto Miners and Then like a year into it I'll start Getting messages of like hey like it's Been like a six months and they haven't Shipped my Miner and I'm like Go get online like what happened to you Guys It's it's such a Cutthroat business it's Like this whole industry yeah Fly by Night people people who can't who don't Last you know a project that everyone Raves about one day is vanish from the Face of the Earth the next day like All across the board yeah and then the Celsius is in voyagers and all the Tara Lunas oh that one burned me big time I

Lost I had I six figures in Terra Luna Which I took half out uh to buy my first Round of Bitcoin miners but then uh the Second half just went to zero okay when That collapsed I skipped a lot of those Um the worst is I lost money online I Used to run mining pools back in like 2016 2017 2018 and I had uh I worked With another friend or whatever and we Ended up losing like I don't know it was Like fourteen thousand dollars or Something like that it was getting Drained the wall is wallet was getting Drained before it was hitting the Payment wallet for the pool software so It was just like dumping out and like Just that was within like 12 hours right We went to bed woke up and like poof all The money gone had to pay all the miners Back and like and then I was like I'm Done with pools everybody's trying to Hack them all the time you need a Full-on team and a full-on like opsec Team to take care of that it's just the Way it is yeah that's that's why I Wouldn't want to I wouldn't want that Responsibility So if you were going to purchase any Cryptocurrency Right now which one would it be I mean I buy Bitcoin all the time it's It's uh it's actually not my number one In my portfolio by value that's flux um

I you know I love flux but I'm not I'm Not more bullish on flux than I am Bitcoin it just happens to have worked Out that way Um But uh I mean I I bought uh all last Year I was buying Casper Um I bought a lot of Nexa a lot of about A lot of radiant make good money on all Those uh seeing your and your icons down Here in the AXA another one I I mined a Lot of and bought a lot of Um so yeah I don't know my But I buy lots of random stuff here and There but um my actual top five these Days uh Is flux and then Bitcoin and then my uh Three four and five they They shift from day to day Um Well come on Delta Dogs going crazy aspa block square and Nioxidant my three four and five right Now by value I haven't heard of block Square Uh it's fractionalized real estate it's Pretty cool little project great team They're doing some cool stuff that one Has done really well also it's like a Micro crap I do lots of micro caps I do Lots of very small market caps there's a New uh there's a new nyoksa competitor Out ooh called Game Pass Seems sketchy but if you want to check

It out go for it I'll check it out That is uh I'm not condoning Game Pass They did not pay me for this spot and I Would it's not Financial advice all Right boys yeah and I'm not gonna own Any right now but I'm in the top Um top 50 at least of neoxo holders I'm Waiting for them just counting down the Days until they finally get their Masternodes going I am just worried About regulation with them because or Licensing really I don't understand how They'll get around all of the licensing For these servers with like GTA 5 and All of that right if Rockstar just Decides to randomly shut them down They're shut down you know what I mean Yeah yeah I don't know how they'll Navigate all that stuff well I should Also say anything I talk about that I Like because my top 501 my top five Changes all the time but two Uh I say this on my Channel I want to Talk about crypto like I do like a lot Of these things I am bullish on various Projects like flux we're getting a full Been bullish on that one for a long time But at the end of the day they're all Kind of just means to an end and that End is me having a lot more Bitcoin Right so you know will I have flux in Five years from now probably a little Bit but hopefully we have another Bull Run I'll be selling a big chunk of it

And getting a bunch some of my pocket And a bunch more Bitcoin and then Andy's A happy guy same with the officer or Casper or anything else Um I want more Bitcoin that's my goal As long as we can figure out ordinals Yeah I have I have zero insight into Ordinals I haven't even tried to do one I have zero insight into BRC 20s other Than looking and seeing what the top Trading ones were and I did say that There is a Pepe brc20 uh that's been top Of the charts uh but yeah I don't have Any insight into those things Um The problem will be is if it keeps Clogging up the network right and that Like it's a fine balance obviously as a Miner you get rewarded for that but at The same time it's like if nobody's able To like if it turns into an eth problem Where it costs you a hundred and fifty Dollars to send fifty dollars like it's Just not going to be viable right yeah Well that's where the hope of and I'm I'm sure most people roll their eyes When people say things like lightning Network yeah uh but you know things take Time to get adopted and take time to be Developed and who knows what the actual Future of like lightning network will be I am very hopeful for it but that's Something that the lightning Network

Would solve having that layer two on top Of Bitcoin you can send stuff all day Long for cheap or no fee and then at the End of the day whichever provider you Used for your lightning provider so if You're using Strike App for example they Do their one transaction in the day to Settle in Bitcoin on main chain and you Don't even see or experience those fees And they they eat that and they they Work on how they can afford to do that So you know stuff like that is solved That way Um if it were to get adoption and I'm Sure there's a whole new set of issues With that too that we haven't Experienced yet but I don't know some of That stuff just so early because even Even ethereum which is more mature when It comes to adoption of like a layer two It still has its own host of problems And own adoption issues and it's still Tiny Um and you know compared to the to you Know Bitcoin market cap or or ethereum Market cap so I don't know I don't know What the answer is to some of that stuff It is what it is we'll see what the devs Say at the end of the day you can see Where everything heads into and then We'll see what the SEC says about all of It as well Another mess and with wrapped in the Mess yeah and then everybody will

Pretend like they know what's happening Like they did during the pandemic and Then at the end there you'll be able to Be like oh we didn't know what's Happening you're like and it is what it Is Everyone's an expert until they're Not yeah Anyways Andy thanks for coming on today It was a fantastic conversation I had a Blast remind everybody where they can Find you Uh before oh yeah well thanks for having Me this was this was super fun I just Like to geek out and nerd out about a Lot of stuff so it's just fun to chat With someone who also Geeks out nerds Out about this stuff uh you can find me Here on YouTube at your friend Andy just Type your friend Andy in Search and You'll find me uh or you can find me on Uh Twitter at oh hi Andy h-a-i uh those Are my two main places uh where I talk The most Um and then yeah if you do join me one Of those places uh leave me a comment Leave me a Twitter reply say hi I'll say Hi back awesome thanks everybody for Watching hit the like comment subscribe Check out all of the links for Andy down In the description and I will see you Next Tuesday today's sponsor is myself I Recently launched a crypto mining E-course at son of a and it Includes nine steps to cover when you

Decide to start your crypto mining Journey this is specifically pertaining To 2023 crypto mining profits and taking Advantage of the DOW market to achieve Skyrocketing growth as we move into the Next having a Bitcoin you learn buying Mining equipment in a bear Market using Outside investment to speculative mine Begin mining once profit is established Sell mine crypto to pay for electricity Hold and prep for the Bull Run sell at The top of the bull market sell mining Equipment at the top of the bull market And begin investing in land and power so That you can bring in outside investors To utilize excess resources thanks Everybody for your support and I hope You enjoy the course let me know what You think of it in the comment section Below

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