Are All Mnemonics Interchangeable?

Foreign [Applause] A ledger wallet or a tracer wallet onto A a jade or a green wallet generally Speaking yes but uh with some with some Provides there are very specific cases Where you might not be able to do that But for most people the answer is yes so If you have created a award that for Instance with say Ledger trouser blatron Jade cold card blue wallet and any of These software wallets for instance Normally the mnemonic that gets created Is a what is called a beep 39 Mnemonic which is a very specific Standard Many developers don't like it because It's got some problems but at the end of The day uh it it picked up and it uh and It became a de facto standard right There's a wider discussion to be made Around the fact that uh the secret keys Do not represent your funds just like You probably might have heard about this If you if you have been playing around With wallets you probably have heard of A hardware wallet is not really a world Um you don't have any funds on to your Blockchain Jade or onto your Ledger Nanos for instance those devices only Protect the and control and generate Safely the secret keys that can then Control your Bitcoin so it's just like Sort of a remote controller

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Um it probably makes more sense it's More appropriate to call them something Like Hardware designers because that's What they do they sign transactions at The end of the day and those Transactions are the ones that allow you To freely spend your own Bitcoin that You you have in self-custody

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