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Now we have another really interesting One and that is the Apple blocks Coinbase wallet release on iOS Apple blocks the coinbase wallet on iOS As per the details from a tweet thread Coin by coinbase iOS users will be Unable to send nfts from their Wallets On iOS devices anymore Apple blocks Coinbase Wallet app release requesting 30 of all nft transfer gas fees Now If you are a gamer you've probably been Following their lawsuit over the entire Fortnight thing uh with epic and and Bethesda and all of that right and it's Been extremely interesting because both Companies are extremely greedy and it's Funny to just watch them fight with each Other over 30 percent but now we're Getting to a position where apple is Trying to basically get 30 from Something that is uncontrollable right So for this to actually happen the Coinbase wallet would have to be Essentially figure out how to grift Those fees basically making it Centralized at the end of the day and That'll never happen The complete lack of understanding from Apple on how blockchain Works should be A freaking embarrassment bro It is embarrassing that Apple a Technology company would not understand How a self-custodial wallet would

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Function The main reason cited and mentioned by Coinbase is that the gas fees required To send nfts need to be paid through Their in-app purchase system so that They can collect 30 of the gas fee Additionally coinbase mentioned that for Anyone who understands how nfts and Blockchain work Apple's request is Impossible like we were talking about Quote Apple's proprietary in-app Purchase system does not support crypto So we couldn't comply even if we tried End quote cited coinbase Coinbase also mentioned that this is Similar to Apple trying to grab a cut of Fees for every email sent over an open Internet Protocol one of the biggest Troubles with this action by Apple is That iOS users holding their nft in an IPhone wallet have to go through a Lengthy process to transfer the nft Because simply put Apple has introduced New policies to protect their profits at The expense of the consumer invest or at The expense of consumer investment in Nfts and developer Innovation across the Crypto ecosystem end quote the action Will definitely affect a whole sector of IOS users that are holding their nfts in Their iPhone wallets which if you're Doing that I know there's problems I I know that there's a ton of people Probably doing that

You know luckily you can export your Seed phrase hopefully you already have For coinbase wallet you can recover it Somewhere else But like Don't store it's very it's extremely It's extremely dangerous to store crypto In any form even if it's self-custodial Self-custody but in any form on a mobile Device It's you know like secondary to that is Like a a you know a computer that's Connected to the internet but the a cell Phone has more attack vectors than any Other device in existence right now If you're holding anything of value that You don't want to lose right on your Cell phone which I get it like we hold So much data on our cell phone But like this is not the way right this Is not the way don't hold all that data On your cell phone It's ridiculous okay I just I just want to state that Say you guys are aware right Thanks for checking out this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here or more crypto Content down here also I'd like you to Check out my locals page at son of a where you can become a Member for free or choose to be a five Dollar a month supporter that unlocks

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