Bitcoin has been testing my support for Over four times in a row right now and I Believe there's going to be another big Bitcoin move happening anytime soon so On today's video I will be exactly Explaining what the next move is going To be for Bitcoin I will also discuss That I just adjusted my trade a little Bit that I had set up so make sure to Watch this video till the end to find Out what I have changed up what I'm Currently expecting and of course many More important charts will be getting Discussed so without any further Ado Don't forget so stop the like button on Today's update video can we smash it Back above 600 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said Le Me jumps straight away in towards the Imminent short term for Bitcoin and Honestly looking at the 15-minute time Frame we can clearly see they were Creating somewhat of an upward sloping Support line with more than four touch Points and we're creating a downward Sloping resist SL also with more than Three touch points so Bitcoin is really Getting ready for a massive breakout to Be happening anytime soon and honestly Once this breakout really occurs that is The point we are expecting another big Move could get initiated for Bitcoin and This is of course not the only pattern That I'm currently looking at because

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You want to also approach Bitcoin for a Little bit of an higher time frame so Also on the 4L time frame Bitcoin has Created this massive upper sling support Line I discussed in yesterday's video And the video before we baned from it More than three times but unfortunately Right now Bitcoin has confirmed a 4H Hourly candle close below this very Important ort sloping support line so Bitcoin is losing support right here but I think this is the most important chart We should be looking at right now and It's the Bitcoin descending triangle That we're currently creating and Honestly I have been seeing this level While Bitcoin is not even retested it Once I already said this 40.6k 40 to 7K Level is going to be the biggest support For Bitcoin so you can clearly see we Touched it once right here twice three Times and now four times in a row and Honestly one thing I learned here and One thing I do know here is that the More times you're going to test support The more likely it is going to be that You're actually going to be breaking Below it what is going to be happening For next for Bitcoin because we're also Creating this down and sloping Resistance line so in fact we're Creating a descending triangle a typical Bearish buy continuation pattern and Since we are in a bearish Biance

Continuation it is very likely that this Pattern is actually going to continue Towards the downside and what are the Price targets if it does break towards The downside and what are the price Targets if it does decide to be Breaking Upwards right so quickly going to Discuss it in case we do see a bullish Breakout I expect Bitcoin could go back Towards the top side of the region Sitting somewhere around 42.4k so Somewhere a rent is reaching here on the Top side but if Bitcoin breaks down the Original price Target is sitting around 39.4k and honestly where I expect Bitcoin to really go towards is towards That 39.7k level why 39.7k I have discussed This level many times before you can see This also previously around it acted as Massive Resistance and the point we Broke above it that was the point Bitcoin went really exponential towards The upside so 39.7k is going to be my level level There's even more significance if we Even dive back in towards the3 but I Believe that the majority of my Followers already know this level Because I discussed that so many times On this channel so first I had some Orders set up on 40.2k but now I Adjusted my orders and they're all set Up between 39.7 to 39.8k where I want to

Be entering my next Bitcoin trade of Course I first of all I mean a few days Ago on this move towards the downside I Got a partial order filled here on Bitcoin but unfortunately since the Market moved so fast I only got filled With a very small margin and due to that I'm right now missing out on a Significant amount of gains so I will be Holding this trade open but if Bitcoin Really comes down I'm going to be Entering the big trades around 39.7k so It's important to be watching these Videos because then you're going to stay Up to date exactly what I'm doing or if I'm adjusting my trades whatsoever and Currently for the first time in the past Like three to 4 days we're finally once Again starting to see that some Liquidity spiling up on the top side but Currently still the majority of the Liquidations and liquidity is laying Below us somewhere around that 40.5k Level and approximately 285 million us worth of liquidations are Laying so yeah Bitcoin could still go a Little bit lower especially why I'm Saying this is because the funding rates Are still high so make sure to not get Fooled right now because Bitcoin indeed It has been bouncing towards the upside But honestly if I look at this pattern It is quite a bearish pattern in my own Opinion and honestly the continuation

Towards the Lower Side is from of this Point in my opinion a little bit more Likely but I don't really expect it's Going to be a big drop towards the Downside I think it's either going to be 39.7k that's going to be providing Support or it's going to be 39.4k so Either these two levels are going to be Providing massive support but anyways How I am approaching it is that this Green box right here is indeed the Buying range this box right here is the Box where I am interested in opening up Long positions for Bitcoin and honestly If I look at the price action on bitcoin Right now I'm thinking it's very likely To expect that we're actually going to Be reaching this region so I discussed This chart as well many times on the Daily time frame and honestly what I'm Expecting to see what is going to be Happening with Bitcoin is that we're Going to see somewhat of a consolidation Phase happening between the 39.7k and That 44.5k on the top side that is what I'm currently expecting I've been saying It for quite a while and honestly I Won't be surprised if it is actually Going to be happening as well so if you Want to be personally trading this Market don't forget to check out buyit In the link description because Currently you could get a Theos bonus up To $440,000 and if you actually sign up

Account using the link below you could Even claim this insane free $1,000 trade All you need to do is go to the link Description of today's video sign up an Account using that link below complete Kyc deposit $100 in the first s days and You could claim a free $1,000 position On bitcoin ethereum or on Pepe whatever You sign up on using that link in the Description and like I said in the past As well if you can't use bit make sure To check out FX because FX is currently Giving you a 10% cash back and you do Not need to do KC on this exchange so Check it out in the link description of Today's video but what is very important To understand is of course the bigger Perspective on bitcoin where are we Heading towards next and what part of The cycle are we currently in I mean Honestly if we're looking and comparing This Bitcoin move and this Bitcoin point Where we EX Tech got rejected towards Previous Cycles it is actually at a Point the previous Cycles also always Found resistance at in that midr runup So I personally think we're going to get Something like this price action I think We're going to hit new aliz somewhere in June so mid 2024 but we're going to see A slight decreasement here but I think We're going to see a slight decreasement Here in January February we're probably Going to be picking up again and then

April as well and then from of May and Onwards I think the real boom Market is Going to get started so so this is my Realistic expectation for Bitcoin right Now honestly right now if you're also Looking at the IM der I think we're Going to see somewhat of a pump if we're Going to be coming in towards that Bitcoin ETF approval window but after We're just going to see a slight Decreasement and then it's really going To get priced in because then the ETF Makers are really going to be jumping Into Bitcoin this is at least my Expectation maybe it is going to be Different this time around due to these Bitcoin spot ETFs they could be Potentially influencing the market and It's going to be a different Outlook Than it used to be so let's see how it's Going to be playing out but anyways I Think we are about to be entering a bull Market and the bull market is really Going to get started somewhere in 2024 So we're about to enter 2024 so it's a Very good thing here so this was it for Me in today's update video thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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