Bitcoin has been moving up significantly Over the course of this weekend and on Today's update video I will be exactly Talking about what this means for Bitcoin should we be looking at the C Me Gap we're currently creating or not Since the last two weeks we also created The C Me Gap so I will be exactly Talking about this the most important Charts the most important things that we Need to discuss right now so without any Further Ado don't forget to stop up the Like button back up about 400 likes on Today's video and let me jump straight Away in towards the content so on the IMed short term Bitcoin clear has been Once again bouncing back towards the Upside and actually once again it's Quite funny because this is happening For three weeks in a row right now here But Bitcoin is once again moving upwards Over the course of a weekend and usually Over the course of weekends Bitcoin Tends to be trading somewhere around the Seei close price however right now once Again it is pumping over the course of The weekend so Bitcoin is right now Creating a c me gap for the last three Weekends Bitcoin actually created the CME Gap over the course of the weekend And so far has not filled it up here so Will this once again be another time Where we're going to create another C Me Gap over the course of the weekend and

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Not fill it up at all so let's see how It's going to be playing out here the Week is of course going to be ending at The end of Sunday we've got another 17 Hours in this week before it ends and Then we should be looking about what is Going to be happening next in the base Case scenario usually what happens is That Bitcoin remains to be trading Around to see me close price what is in This case going to be somewhere around 34.8k I mean third on bitcoin is also Actually breaking about this very Critical level of previous resistance You can clearly see this level $35,000 Previously R created significant Resistance for Bitcoin here we saw a Small little fake out but once we broke Below it this was once again the level That provides resistance also right here And we're currently actually trading Above This level so any retest at all For Bitcoin to retest $35,000 would Actually been seen as a bullish retest So let's see how it's going to be Playing out and hopefully Bitcoin could Continue in this trend further onwards I Mean we're still holding on towards the Upper sloping support line Bitcoin is Right now Trading still in an upper Sloping trend however a few things that I'm very very worried about is that Bitcoin is currently on the 4ly time Frame as well clearly losing momentum

And not only on the 4ly time frame but Also looking at the 12 hour time frame Bitcoin RSI is creating a significant Lower high price action is creating Higher highs so Bitcoin momentum looks To be drying up here while the price Action remains to be going slightly Higher and higher so this is suggesting And indicating that we're about to be Entering somewhat of a cool phase here And I've been saying this for quite well On the channel already I think the big Resistance is laying somewhere 36.5k and yes the market is nowadays Really moved by news so we have to be Waiting to see what is going to be Happening we do know that in exactly 66 Days from now on I just tweeted about it As well the Bitcoin sport ETF is coming Why is because gray skill they won the Lawsuit against the SEC so the SEC is Forced to accept it by the final Deadline of Ark invest what is on the 10th of January what is in from now on Exactly 66 days away from here so yes There are a lot of opportunities right Now on the market potential is going to Get accepted earlier but this news is Really going to be moving the market Massively because you have to understand Once these ETFs get accepted they all Want to go live as soon as possible and Once they go live all these issuers from The largest asset managers all over the

World are going to go on a marketing Campaign on bitcoin and that is really What is going to be driving the price Upwards so I am super excited about what Is going to be happening next for Bitcoin and honestly I think Bitcoin is Going go much much higher once it does Clearly get accepted on this Market some Are saying is right now already priced In I do really think yes there is Somewhat of the ETF acceptance is Already priced in but you can't price in The change of the demand that is going To be happening especially also with the Whole thing coming up in only 160 days From now on so if you want to be trading This don't forget to go to buybit Because you can currently claim a the Post bonus up to $40,000 and without This link it's only $400 there are some Big things lining up here potentially The coming two months are going to be Boring but after that it looks to be That we're going to get a very exciting 2024 so Bitcoin is indeed breaking back In towards the bull market region it's Breaking outside of this bare Market Phase that we've been trading in right Now backing towards the bull market Region so I am super excited about that As well and of course we can currently Clearly see here that the majority of The resistance is definitely laying Around 36.5k but once somewhat of this

News hits the market I personally think We're going to Crush through it and then Realistically speaking the next Target For Bitcoin is going to be 43.2k what is A massive Target towards the upside and Honestly you know what happens in these Market people always are very careful And they say Oh wait we're not in a bull Market but just imagine once the Bitcoin Sport ETF gets accepted Bitcoin is Definitely going to be pushing above $40,000 people could get very excited Again here and potentially retail Interest could be returning and then we Could get literally the same effect Effect as the previous bull market and We could see big hype flowing back into Bitcoin and potentially Bitcoin is going To go literally exponential and really If Bitcoin breaks above 36.5k $43,000 us It's probably going to be imminent very Quickly and I mean quickly discussing Ethereum because there are not a lot of Stuff happening in the market right now Here but ethereum is seeing some very Interesting stuff here because ethereum Right now is actually breaking above This very critical downage soling resist Line that we have actually traded Against for in approximately 200 days Right now here so ethereum bouncing back Very nicely if I'm looking at ethereum And is currently running into towards Somewhat of resistance is this green

Line right here and you may think oh This is just a green line what does it Mean but honestly this green line is Quite important because uh my chart is May be a little bit messy right now here But you can clearly see this green line Previously ran provided significant Support and resistance here as well Massive support found around this level Right here so honestly I think that if We potentially see rejection from off This level it could quite harm ethereum Because ethereum against Bitcoin remains To be trading in a bar Trend honestly I Am super excited for the next Bor for Ethereum but only IM the short term Potentially it could damage a little bit More why it's because once that ETF Really gets accepted all the spotlights Will be on bitcoin and that is probably The point also where the Bitcoin Dominance is going to increase further So ethereum could potentially be Suffering and since Bitcoin is going Sideways right now here that is why These altcoins and ethereum are really Moving in um in this market right now But once all the spotlights are back on Bitcoin usually those are the ones that Are actually suffering in the market so This was it for me in today's update Video I truly hope you did enjoy it if You did like it don't forget to slap the Like button tomorrow it's no weekend

Anymore so tomorrow we could get some More prize action thanks so much for Watching and see you guys till the next One peace out goodbye

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