Right now we only have less than 48 Hours left till this insane Bitcoin Consolidation will come towards an end So in this exact video I will be going Over my price targets and this is Definitely the most important upcoming Trade for Bitcoin after we basically Have been trading sideways for an Approximately seven to eight days right Now so don't forget to watch this video Till the end it's going to be very Important because on the 4la time frame As well we're creating a beautiful Consolidation pattern as well just like We're doing on the one hour also the Bullet events is squeezing up and we Will be talking about all of this on Today's update video as well we'll be Talking about the weekly time frame Bitcoin Fibonacci that currently is Retesting us so I will be talking about All of this on today's update video so Don't forget to slap up the like button Can we once again smash it back about 300 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that it means that Let me jump straight away in towards the Content and right now once I am looking At the Bitcoin price section on the one Hour time frame you can clearly see We're creating the downward solving Resistance is lying we're getting Rejected by this level quite a lot of Times already and really once we break

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Above This level it's going to be Triggering my long positions because Then we're breaking this important Downtrend and we could see some Short-term relief for Bitcoin towards The upside so that is what I am Currently focused on I'm looking at this Downtrend and once we break it now have A retest I will be opening up my next Long position however we could also Break bearish Bitcoin doesn't Necessarily have to be breaking up to Trade because if it breaks the upward Sloping support line we could be going In with a shorting position so right now We can see it also on the four hourly Time frame Bitcoin is squeezing the Price action in and if you're also Opening up the bullet events over here We can clearly see the price action of Bitcoin has been going sideways for Quite a long time right now here the Volatility has stays very low and due to That reason we are expecting that Volatility is going to be picking up in The coming hours ahead of ourselves and If we look at where this potential trend Is going to be ending it's going to be Ending within two days from now on and That is also why I'm expecting the Volatility on the market is going to be Picking up a little bit here of course It is currently weekend so probably Today and tomorrow is going to be boring

And the start of the Monday we could be Expect to see that volatility really Kick in because usually over the course Of the weekends Bitcoin doesn't really Move a lot and of course Christmas is Also coming up so we could be expecting Some less volatility or maybe the Christmas effect where people are going To talk about Bitcoin and due to that That's the reason why they're buying so Usually we see around Christmas some More volatility so let's see how it is Going to be playing out here if we do Break bearish or bullish we're going to Be keep on monitoring this exact Breakout right there and once looking at The 8 hour time frame for Bitcoin we can Currently start to see that the bullish Bands is also really squeezing up it's Tightening up right now we can see it on All these time frames the 12 hour time Frame as well look at this we're really Coming together very quickly and that is Also indicating that volatility is not Going to be picking up right now I'm not Saying that we're going to be moving Right now no I'm expecting over the Course of the weekend so beginning of Next week especially we can start to see That move happening at the same time I'm Currently still training Bitcoin I'm Still long on bitcoin like you can see Right now on the left side right here I Think yes um I just pointed out here I'm

1.7 x long on bitcoin and that is Definitely a very low leverage people Are saying why are you not opening a Bigger position if you're so convinced No because my whole strategy right now Is is to DCA in towards this Market with A swing trade position like you can see Here on the top side defending rates are Negative what means that I'm getting Paid to be in my position and I'm Currently building up more and more in Towards the straight like you can see Right now over here as well I'm Currently 100K in towards my trading Position and it's an approximately 58 000 that I invested in Australian Position and if we really are going to Be moving lower towards lower levels or In 15 14 000 I'm going to double the Margin so I'm going to add another three To four Bitcoin and then of course I Will be building up a bigger and bigger Swing to a position and due to that I Want to be making of course a lot of Money in the next Bull Run what I'm Writing and trying to do is just loan The exact bottom and if I can get sketch This straight I can make a ton of money And that is exactly what I'm currently Trying to do here and that is also why I'm already still long on bitcoin maybe I will deleverage my trade to 1.6 X Leverage or maybe to one 1.5 x leverage Even because I want to be having a low

Risk rate with higher returns if you are Interested in trading you could do so as Well if you sign up using the links in The description you can get also an Additional deposit bonus if you're from The US I would recommend to check out Bit get because big cat allows you to Trade without VPN or without kuc so Check it out right now in the link in Description if you want to be receiving Some extra bonuses still for me to Really be convinced of my swing trade And really up the leverage to 5x or even 6X I want to be seeing a break above This blue box because if we break this Blue box right here what I'm going to do With my trade is up the leverage and add More margin as well then I already of Course have my entry price below that Blue box of support but we are Confirming the bullish breakoff back Above 18 000 right that is really the Thing I want to be seeing right now here I want to be the I want to see the Breakup of 18.5 k a double with the Point that it will scale my trade Massively that is currently what I'm Waiting for and if I'm looking at my Long-term chart for Bitcoin of course if We're going to be looking about where The Bitcoin bottom usually tend to occur It's of course somewhere one year after The bear Market starts and right now of Course we've been already going through

That one gear cycle and we already have A potential short-term bottom on bitcoin But if I'm also sending up a Fibonacci Here from swing High swing low I can Currently see that we're bouncing from The 0.786 right and if I'm zooming in The 0.786 here is of course an important Level of the Fibonacci support if we do Breakdown however what are my targets And I I've said this several things Before if we go down to 14K I will add Massive margin towards my trades because That is also the 0.65 and also the 0.18 And there's two very important Fibonacci Levels because those are the golden Pocket entry that's the golden pocket Support for the Fibonacci and look what The golden poker did previously around It got us rejected that was a very Important point right so previously Right they provide resistance and this Will be most certainly if we are having Another lag down here be the level where We're expecting a lot of buy pressure so At least for me I'm already buying in Towards my swing trades however I am Also prepared to go lower and that is Why I set up my leverage orders also on 14 000 and that is why I'm completely Ready for that also zooming out looking About where the next Bitcoin whole thing Is here from of the short and bottom we Create on the market it's only another 476 days away and the previous bottom it

Was approximately 448 days away and if We're looking about how far we're right Now away from it it's only 427 days so Previously around we already confirmed The bottom will it once again be the Same of course we can only find out ones That already occurred and that is also Another reason why I think this is a Good time to DCA I think the market is Standing very low of course we're Probably at the top cycle of the FED Interest rate hikes and that is also Making me very bullish on bitcoin of Course for the weekly time frame I will Keep on monstering the legendary support Line because this is the level that I Want to see Bitcoin holding on towards And like you can see we're still holding On towards it I've even told talking About the legendary support line and While we were of course trading around Above This level well enough and with The FDX collapse we basically came down Towards this level and so far we're Still holding on towards it of course Every week we go higher next week it's Around 16.7 K so truly I hope to see Bitcoin go up a little bit here because That will help us massively in this Trend so keep on monitoring this level Of course if you're subscribed you will Know exactly how this uh this chart is Looking so make sure to slap up the Subscriber button of course if we're

Going to be moving down here I'm Prepared with my strategy I am prepared With my next race because I'm here to Make a ton of money in the next Bull Run And that is why I'm preparing it for it Right now in the bear market like you Should be doing so this was it for me on Today's update video if you truly Enjoyed don't forget to slap up the like And subscribe to the channel That would Be highly appreciated and right now we Will be keep on monitoring this next Move for a Bitcoin so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel right now and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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