Adam Back explains how the Boltz team innovated with Liquid when #Bitcoin fees rose temporarily

A relatively new novel development there Was bolts HQ they do submarine swaps Between Bitcoin utxos and the lightning Channels so they will sort of send you Some liquidity and accept your utxo or You can send them some stats and they Will send you a YouTube so but in the v Run up that was caused by you know the Temporary trend of ordinals and Inscriptors that caused the problem and So what they did to work around it is They implemented a liquid Bitcoin to Lightning submarine swap so it's Trustless it's autonomic but it's Cheaper and faster they're interesting So they're now like you know three or Four ways to get capacity one is to Close the old Channel open a new one or Sometimes people just open multiple Channels kind of a bit a bit odd now we Have splicing and then you have these Kind of Submarine swaps between Mansion Which is less efficient than splicing so I think splicing would replace that one And then the submarine swap with liquid Is interesting because that doesn't Actually use any main chain space and It's cheaper and faster than doing on The main chain even than a splice range

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