Acquire and Redeem a B-JDE (Blockstream Jade) Token

In order to get a block stream Jade Hardware wallet token you're going to Want to find yourself on Once there you're going to want to go Over to token Market In there you're going to notice that There's a blockstream jade token click On view offer As of recording this video the price Shows a 42.50 per token this is a 15 Discount compared to the regular price On the Block stream store so there's an Incentive to get the token so from here I'm going to actually scan this QR code Using my phone so once I do that I will Show you what the sideswap app shows us Great now that I've purchased the Jade Token we can go to our side swap app and We will see the unconfirmed transaction Down below once we get two confirmations We will officially have one block stream J token in our wallet remember one Confirmation takes one minute on the Liquid Network so let's wait two minutes After waiting two minutes we can now see That we have one block stream J token in Our side swap wallet nice job so in Order to redeem this token on the Blockchain store we're going to want to Go back to the internet and we are going To want to go to the block stream store To go to your account you're going to Need to go to my Dash account

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This URL will be in the description box Down below don't try and memorize it It's okay So once you go to this URL you're going To need to make an account you can use Any email you'd like with any password You'd like we're not using this for Anything it's just to make an account Once you make an account you're going to Want to scroll down and you're going to Want to go to redeem tokens Once in redeem tokens you're going to Click on the drop down and you're going To want to click the blockstream J token And select how many tokens you want to Redeem we're just going to convert one Token today Once you click convert token to coupon It will bring us to a new page fantastic It's going to bring us to a BTC pay Server and we're going to want to input Our email here so put any email that you Want to receive the coupon code to Redeem on the store to Press continue And then from there I'm going to copy The address to send to and I'm going to Go back to my side swap And I'm going to go up to the upper Right hand corner and press send From there I'm going to paste in my Address and I'm going to click the Jade Token and I'm going to press 1 because That's the amount of tokens I want to

Redeem I'm going to press review And I'm going to press accept because That is the correct address and the fee Looks good and everything looks good to Me so broadcast Great once it'll once I press broadcast It'll say send and we get an outgoing Transaction And as we can see we have no more tokens In here and we have an unconfirmed Transaction going out of our Side swap wallet so let's go back to the Internet and Perfect the invoice has been paid So let's go to the store And you will see your coupon code here Fantastic so we are going to Simply copy This coupon code and now we're going to Go get ourselves a nice brand new Jade So go back to the store scroll down and You're going to see the blackstream Jade Hardware wallet we're going to press add To cart We are going to press view cart And we can apply the coupon code right Here Apply coupon Fantastic and as you can see right there It has now taken the 49.99 off but Remember we only we got a 15 saving Using the token and we're going to Proceed to checkout and just like that After I inputted the proper information My order has been received and I'm

Getting a confirmation screen right here So congratulations you just completed Your first token purchase and Redemption On the Block stream store nice job Thank you

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