A770 8GB Hashrates

What's up Sons it's blind riding with Son of a tech once again and today I Have a review of this beauty right here Which is the ASRock Intel Arc a770 eight Gigabyte model and this particular GPU Comes with a lot of features that the Reference model doesn't come with and I Have found to be quite uh awesome Frankly as far as the build quality and Everything this is the best build Quality I've seen from an ASRock GPU Ever so we're going to get into all of The hash rates right after a word from Today's sponsor today's sponsor is Coastal crypto Coastal crypto can be Found at coastalcrypto mining.com Via The affiliate link down in the Description below they don't want to Take up a lot of your time and neither Do I because I want to get into the Video they're here to help miners find Parts if you're looking for Asics or Even gpus or any other parts be sure to Check them out use promo code soat at Checkout out for five percent off any Purchase on the website welcome back Everybody so first let's go ahead and Cover the specifications of this GPU as You can see here we are on a PCI Express 4.0 by 16. it does support DirectX 12 Ultimate and opengl 4.6 the memory here Is cut down from the Intel Arc limited Edition from 16 gigabytes to eight Gigabytes and it does run at these

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Slower speeds so when we're talking About the memory clock we're talking About 16 gigabits per second over a 256-bit bus which means this is more in Line with the Intel Arc a750 eight Gigabyte model from a memory perspective Than it is with the Intel Arc a770 Limited edition which has higher memory Speeds meaning we are looking at 512 Gigabytes a second of total bandwidth From there we have three DisplayPort 2.0 And one display or one HDMI I 2.1 it Does support hdcp multiview 4 and the Recommended power supply is 700 Watts You have two 8-pin pcie power adapters On this one so no needed upgrades to any Of the ATX 3.0 power supplies for this Particular GPU even though it is a newer Release other than that one of the best Things about this GPU in particular that I found was not only the cooling but Also a switch that allows you to turn Off the RGB which is very very nice for Mining because if you're putting this in A mining rig you probably aren't going To want to have the RGB going all the Time so you can click that switch over And it is a physical switch on the GPU Itself and it will shut off all of the RGB now talking about the cooler in Particular it is a three fan design Which means you do have multiple points Of failure for fans sometimes for mining Two two fans is a little bit better if

You're in in a server case blower models Are awesome as well there is an Intel Arc a770 version that does have a blower Style cooler so that may be something You want to look into that being said One of the great things about this GPU Is it does have a metal backplate and They did install thermal pads between The back plate and the back side of the Memory modules so the memory is Definitely a lot better cooled than some Of the other models available this is a Premium cooler design probably one of The more premium ones for the Intel Series as it is so far getting into the Hash rates first coin we took a look at Was the was Elysium and the reason why We are actually utilizing in particular Mmpos here is we do get better hash Rates across the board for the most part With mmpos then in Windows and we do Have overclocking capability now within Mmpos for Intel gpus so if you want to Get more information on that please Check out my video on how to utilize Intel gpus in mmpos on Elysium we got 1.72 gigahash a second and that was at 214 Watts on the wall now there is a Disclaimer here in general when I was Doing the testing on this particular Test bench the Intel gpus were having Issues with the risers I don't have Issues with the risers on the AMD b550 Motherboard that we built the mining rig

In but I do have issues with the risers On this particular Z590 motherboard with the 11900k in it So we tested via basically looking at The load prior to beginning Mining and The load after Mining and calculated out From there this means that it's a little Bit less accurate here then I typically Have on this and I just wanted to make That clear up front at idle what we were Seeing was 121 Watts so we just Subtracted of course the total while Mining from that 121. we also still have To take into account that it's a gold Rated power supply which is not going to Be you know platinum and we're running On 110 instead of 220. so all of those Things combined means there is more in The tank here as far as efficiency goes But we still do have the numbers now on A lithium like I said we ended up with 214 Watts once we did the math out Taking a look at Dynex we ended up with 1.61 kilohash a second now it was Running at quite a bit lower than what Was reported in the software in the Software it showed 115 Watts however at The wall we were really looking at Around 80 Watts which is quite Interesting and that trend did continue Across the board really except for the Ones where we were allowing for Basically Max overclocks for core Intensive algorithms overclocking was

Applied and what we ended up with was a Core clock of 2200 pushing to 2400 did Cause some thermal reports from the gpus However I couldn't tell you exactly at What point that was applied but in this Particular case we did run into that Issue taking a look at Ergo we ended up With 123.85 mega Hash a second at a very very Impressive 76 Watts at the wall and then Taking a look at Caspa we ended up with 419 Mega Hash a second once again Clocked at 2200 megahertz on the core And this was sitting around 210 Watts at The wall radiant is a similar story Between 210 and 220 Watts depending on On when I took the picture of the Kilowatt and it was sitting at 621 Mega Hash a second on radiant now there is Another minor called Nano Miner that Does support ethereum classic as well as Adding support for kapow or prog pal Algorithms really just kapow at this Point and probably more Prague pal in The future I'll be doing a separate Video on that because it requires a Different testing methodology and stay Tuned for that so there will be a Follow-up video for both the Intel Arc A778 gigabyte as well as the Intel Arc A770 16 gigabyte models down the road For ethereum or ethereum classic ET hash coins in particular as well as For kapow that being said with all of

These numbers with SRB minor which does Seem to support of course these the best We do have them calculated out Hashrate.no remember numbers are always Fluctuating and what is showing Profitable right now on the day of Recording may not be what is profitable When you are watching this video okay But if we did take a look at that and Calculate it out at 13 cents a kilowatt Hour a lithium comes out on top making 11 cents a day while Dynex comes in Second making eight cents a day and Ergo Coming in third making seven cents a day We're at a loss on both Caspa and Radiant where you end up seeing a loss Of 36 Cents a day on Caspa and a loss of 17 cents a day on radiant so really when We're talking about Intel there's a Couple points here that obviously stand Out and that's going to be that the Memory intensive algorithms are the ones That you're really aiming at with Intel You're not aiming at even with the top Of the line model core intensive Algorithms which which means more than Likely when we get into the testing for Ethereum as well as kapow what we'll Probably see is a reduction on the Kapow Side or less profitable on the pal side And more profitable on the ethereum side That being said of course with ethereum We do compete with Asics so it's Probably not a coin that you want to

Mine personally what I am mining with This particular GPU is ergo so while There is the potential for Elysium right Now and the profitability charts to be Profitable on a lithium these gpus are The best for Ergo right now as far as The Intel Arc series is concerned and That means that you're at a competitive Advantage on Ergo compared to all the Other available gpus out there for the Price remember this comes in at under 300 for 512 gigabits per second on the Core but I would recommend the in Intel Arc a750 for mining over the Intel Arc A778 gigabyte model because you're Getting the same memory but then you're Also getting a cheaper price around the 250 range and on sale all the way down To like 225 dollars whereas on sale for The Phantom gaming here in particular Really you were only looking at like 250 Dollars so that's kind of where you run Into some of the issues Stay tuned because I do have a review For the Intel Arc a770 16 gigabyte and That throws obviously a wrench into the Cogs as far as What ends up being more profitable at This top range of the Intel gpus thanks For watching as always please hit the Like comment subscribe and notification Bells down below and I will see you next Tuesday

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