Bitcoin remains to be super boring while Volatility and volume remains to be Dropping yesterday the U.S decided to Postpone all the Bitcoin approvals or Denial still at least the beginning of 2024 and the Bitcoin holding is only About 230 days out from now on and the Question that I want to be answering on This video is there a possibility for Bitcoin to hit a new Ultimate before the Whole thing I will be talking exactly About what currently is going on in the Market what are the main differences Between this bear market and the Previous bear markets I will be Comparing all the data towards each Other I will discuss the most important Charts so without any further Ado don't Forget to slap up the like button on Today's update video if you do like These kinds of videos let me know in the Comment section down below and let's get In towards it straight away so like I Just discussed in the intro yesterday Europe launched its first Bitcoin sport ETF wall straight after the US delays All their Bitcoin spot ETFs still at Least least the beginning of 2024 and Before we're going further in towards This let me first quickly tell you why These spot ETFs are so important for the Market many investors out there on the Markets are currently saying but a sport ETF isn't so important for the market

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Because you can already buy Bitcoin if You want to from off the market but what I also tweeted here on Twitter a few People understand once BlackRock spot ETF money flows in towards Bitcoin it Will go easily towards one hundred Thousand dollars why is because it's Important to understand that if in the US you invest in towards a spot ETF you Could have massive tax advantages and Also the ability to borrow against your ETF what will make a Bitcoin sport ETF Way more obvious to be buying and Holding in your portfolio than just Bitcoin on spot where you probably can't Borrow against and probably also have to Pay more taxes over so I personally Think that a Bitcoin sport ETF will be a Super positive for the market and yeah We're expecting that in the beginning of 2024 they they have to say something About this so if it gets approved the Market is going to react very positively Towards it and to be very clear like you Can see right here 2024 is lining up to Be a very great year so see 2023 as a Year of accumulation but in 2024 we will Start to see the deadline for the SSC to Make a decision about all the Bitcoin Sport ETFs the U.S elections will take Place and usually that has massive Effects on the market and also we will Probably see interest rates are getting Cut again since there's a massive

Consensus that this is going to be Happening in 2024 because otherwise the US government is going to default on its Own depth and more importantly the Bitcoin whole thing is also happening in 2024 and let me right now get into where The part of the video where I'm going to Talk about the Bitcoin whole thing and Could we see a new awesome high before The next whole thing so looking at Bitcoin right here we do know in 233 Days from now on we will have the next Bitcoin whole thing and time is slowing In Crypt in literally four and a half Months from now on we will have 2024 on The floor and the next Bitcoin whole Thing if you don't know what the whole Thing is here means that the production Of Bitcoin is going to once again cut in Half and this happens approximately Every four years and this is going to Create a massive scarcity shock on Bitcoin and let me straight away go in Towards why this bear Market on bitcoin Is different than previous bear markets You can hear on bitcoin is that right Now in this bear Market form of 2020 we Have seen the exchange balance massively Decreasing well in previous bear markets The Exchange balance have been Increasing so we're seeing a different Sentiment in this bear market and if This trend continues in approximately 2030 to 2035 we will have no available

Bitcoin to be buying from exchanges so This is a massive Trend that if it Continues it's going to be super bullish For the market so pay attention towards This trend and this is already making Myself very excited because in the next Whole thing there's going to be even Less Bitcoin production we will probably Accelerate the increasement of balance Known exchanges where you can be buying Bitcoin so Bitcoin is becoming more and More scarce over time and I haven't said It enough that Bitcoin is a long-term Investment and if you have a long-term Perspective you will be definitely Certain to be making a significant Amount of profit and that is why I Invest in Bitcoin for the long run but Let me write out talk about the charts That are indicating us and telling us Something about Bitcoin and its previous Halving cycles and what we should be Doing with it so to answer the question Is a Bitcoin ultimate possible before The next whole thing of course it's Possible is it likely to be happening no What I'm currently looking at at this Chart here is the previous Bitcoin whole Thing cycles and you can see basically Every single time the Bitcoin whole Thing happens we tend to see a hype Rally in towards the halving cycle for Bitcoin so you can see here in 2016 we Had a massive hype run up here and just

Weeks before it to be exact three weeks Before the whole thing occurred we saw a Small little decreasement in valuation Since we do not have a lot of data I Can't really say this is true but the Last Bitcoin cycle of course we had the Pandemic crash and due to that we saw a Massive decreasing before the whole Thing and I don't think it's going to be Happening again here if you look at Bitcoin what happens in the first and Second half of whole thing is that Bitcoin had a massive rally in towards The whole thing and just three or four Weeks before the whole thing occurred we Started the downtrend so that is what I Will be expecting again here and that is Why I will expect the Bitcoin probably Is going to remain this is sort of Positive fry section and before just Weeks before the whole thing happens we Tend to see a downtrend and then a Recovery towards a new bull market Because yes I am still expecting there's Going to be another bull market Happening and it's going to probably Happen at the end of 2024 or beginning Of 2025 and that is the period where we Can make tons and tons of money so Quickly talking about where we are Currently in the cycle So currently we Are in approximately 240 five days out Before the next whole thing and if you Look at these previous Cycles last year

Around we were in a small little Downtrend currently we're also in a Small little downtrend but in the end of The day we still had some few rallies Towards the upside and we basically Hovered around the same price exactly Like we're currently doing we're having Boring sideways consolidation then back In 2016 as well we had a minor rally Towards the upside and then we saw weeks And weeks of boring consolidation you Can see also right here at that point we Started to be creating an ascending Triangle on the market like you can see Right here and currently what are we Doing we're creating also that ass Sending triangle on the market so we're Seeing a very similar consolidation Phase getting created before the whole Thing just like 2016 and what happened In 2016 is that we moved towards the Upside and that was of course a very Bullish move here then at the same time Talking about what we are currently Seeing here and where we're standing in This cycle is that we also once again Sold the hash ribbons flash Buy Signal On the price action of Bitcoin so that Is also very positive and bullish thing Here for the market and you can Currently clearly see here every single Time we had a bullish Buy Signal you can See an orange you can see this yellow Circle on the price chart and basically

Nine out of the ten times this signal Occurred Bitcoin moved up the only time It didn't was to hear back in August Where we did move towards the downside But at the same time we can see this Moving average that is providing support And resistance and basically indicating And telling us clearly where the trend Is going towards for Bitcoin is also Currently below us and is going to be Providing support if we do come down Here so this is also a super important Level to be paying attention towards Then at the same time looking at the Bigger perspective at the EMA ribbon we Can currently see that we just had that Bullish crossover on that email ribbon And historically speaking every single Time this has happened we saw a rally Towards the upside so what am I Currently pointing towards is that Probably Bitcoin is still going to see More upside before it's going in towards That bearish momentum and just like to Talk about that we are creating an Ascending triangle here on this pattern We are indeed creating one and I've been Saying this for quite a while on the Channel but we are going to be expecting A big break is going to be happening in This market approximately in four to Five weeks from now on where Bitcoin is Either going to be breaking above Resistance or below support and that is

Going to indicate and tell us about Where this move is heading towards then Of course many people ask me of course Also about the time Horizon I just sat Four to five weeks before we're going to See the massive move take place here and To be very clear in terms of price Targets if Bitcoin breaks bearish my Price Target is going to be somewhere Around twenty five thousand dollars the Big support trading below us and if we Do break bullish Above This resistance On the top side I will be talking about A level for Bitcoin of 36 to 38 000 US Dollars what is of course a massive move Towards the upside so talking about the Time when is this going to be happening I mean if I'm looking at the volatility Index we can currently see volatility is At historical lows never seen since 2016 And if you're looking at the daily Historical volatility index you can see That we're currently trading on a low Volatility not seen since the beginning Of this year and we're even trading Below that level and to be very clear We're currently at the low of daily Volatility not seen since 2018 what is Absolutely ridiculous and usually after Long times of boring price action and Loan consolidation we tend to see big Moves getting created on the market so That is what I'm currently waiting for And for the big move to really take

Place I will be looking at this Consolidation phase here of this Ascending triangle where we're creating A gigantic compression on the price Action of Bitcoin so how could I make Money from of this move should I be Buying all coins I'm going to come in Towards that in a second from now on so Make sure to stick in this video but Currently how to make money I am trading Bitcoin on bitcats and on buy bits and On my bit get trade I'm currently in a Profit of about one Bitcoin and I'm Going to be riding this swing trade if Bitcoin moves up here and if it comes Down to 25 000 or even 2 twenty thousand Dollars I'm going to add more margin Because I want to be building up a swing Trade for the next bull market to make a Ton of money from the prices going Parabolic and I am also Along on Ethereum and on bitcoin here on the buy Bet exchange I'm currently in a small Little loss that I'm very confident that I'm going to make a profit with this Trade because yes if we do come down Further I'm going to add more marks and I will be talking about should we be Buying all coins or the reason why I'm Currently long in ethereum in a second From now on because just like I told you I am swing trading the market because I Think with swing trading you can make The most amount of money if you want to

Be trading or swing trading the market Yourself go to the link description of Today's video where you can find a link To buy bit where you can claim it to Post a bonus up to thirty thousand Dollars so if you're interested in Trading or swing trading or just buying Bitcoin and spot go to buy it and claim The deposit bonus up to thirty thousand Dollars but to answer the question Because I just said I think Bitcoin is Going to go higher before the whole Thing take place should we be buying all Coins that is the question question that I maybe get almost every single day and I am going to say my answer for good Right now because once looking at the Altcoin market and once looking at the Price of Bitcoin and the altcoin market I can make up a very good sentiment so Let me quickly talk about the Bitcoin Dominance and the old coin Market in General and after this I'm going to talk About ethereum and why I've opened up That position so currently you can see This orange line right here is the Bitcoin price and the other graph is the Bitcoin dominance so we can currently See the Bitcoin dominance has been in a Small little rebound towards the upside And basically every single time once Bitcoin breaks is automized so you can See these vertical lines that is the Point where the Bitcoin dominance tends

To be dropping significantly not before Because before it tends to be Consolidating upwards here as well November 2020. Bitcoin breaks its Autumn High that was the point you should have Started to be investing into all coins Not in the bear Market of 2019 not in The bear Market of 2 2018 the best time To be buying all coins in my opinion There's no Financial advice just but Once Bitcoin breaks his ultimate and I'm Not talking about all altcoins because I Am definitely most certainly investing In ethereum why you may ask is because Ethereum has got the best pump economics Ethereum is currently deflationary since The merge came out here and you can see That currently since the merge happens More than 300 000 ethereum gone away From the total Supply and with this pace It's going to be having a deflation of About 0.3 percent a year what in 10 Years will mean that three percent of The total Supply left the market was a Mess to scarcity shock and while this is Happening state ethereum is at an All-time high and also the balance of Exchanges of ethereum is also rapidly Decreasing so what we're currently Seeing here is a massive Supply shock in The creation you can see the ethereum Total value stake is absolutely going Parabolic there's a lot of trust in the System and this means that ethereum is

Probably going to have a massive Scarcity shock and that is why you've Also opened up a Forex leverage trade on Ethereum I am swing training ethereum And if my liquidation is going to get That around 1500 US Dollars I'm going to Just add double the margin I'm going to Add double the margin because I am going To double down my trades here because I Want to get an entry on ethereum because I think ethereum can really go to ten Thousand dollars within two years from Now on so in two years it will be the End of 2025 I think the next Bull Run Has been gone so I had like one to one And a half year from now on I think Ethereum is going to be sitting around Eight to ten thousand dollars and if That happens I will make millions and Millions of dollars from of this trade From of my bet that the market is going To once again refers back towards the Upside after the Bitcoin whole thing Happens after the Bitcoin sport ETFs get Approved ethereum is going to roll in This wall here so I've got a long-term Prediction here and I'm embedding my Money on this prediction you can see I Put my money where my mouth is because You can literally see my trades right Here but yeah this is what I'm doing This is what I'm expecting I hope I made It clear for everyone out there on the Channel so if you did enjoy this video

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