Bitcoin is getting ready for another Gigantic move and while we're watching At these patterns we can see that Onchain data is telling us we're are About to be having another massive Massive short squeeze so I will be Talking about this the liquidity heat Map the most important charts on bitcoin And many more important stuff I will Talk about my trades and more so without Any further Ado don't forget to slap up The like but on today's update video can We smash it back above 700 that will be Absolutely incredible with that being Said let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent short term for the Price action on bitcoin so what I have Been saying for quite a while here is That of course the Bitcoin SP TF is Going to get accepted in 20 to 25 days And I think that we're going to be Having a gigantic pump once we're going To be coming in that window of potential Bitcoin SP TF acceptance oh while we Have that dump towards the downside I Said to everyone on the channel we want To be looking at long positions I set up Some long orders in this green box right Here that didn't got filled I did got Some long orders filled up on this Wick Towards the downside like you can Clearly see here on the lower side I'm Only currently in an approximately $800 Profit so it's not necessarily a big

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Trade where I got entered with so that Is still quite unfortunate I still have My order set up around the 39.7k region In case Bitcoin really is going to come Down again but if I'm looking at the Imate short term for Bitcoin right now We can clear currently clearly identify That this has been previous big Resistance currently flipped into Massive support and if you're looking at This trend here on the top side there Are two important points here the lower Point right here in the market and the Drop off point here on the top side so The $44,000 I think is going to be a big Level of resistance and of course this Level that already has been showing us It is a big level of resistance so Bitcoin currently remains to be Consolidating I think we're about to be Having another big move here but let me Firstly talk about the Bitcoin Liquidation heat map because guys right Now we can currently once again see that There is a massive amount of Bitcoin Shorts piling up above us again and you Can see currently around at 44 to4 45,000 level there's maybe more than2 Billion US doll in Bitcoin short Liquidations laying so yeah this is very Interesting to be seeing and honestly if Bitcoin sees another pump towards the Upside I think a lot of the short

Positions are going to get squeezed out Here so I will not close out on my Bitcoin long position I'm just going to Keep it open and of course if Bitcoin Falls down towards my target R 39.7k I'm Still going to be entering more but Honestly my personal expectation is that We're not going to go towards that lower Target of 39.7k again but like you can Currently see this is the most important Resistance that we're trying to be Breaking through personally I think we Are going to be breaking through it and Honestly I will be just looking at the Symmetrical triangle because Bitcoin is Once again creating a new clear pattern That is going to be telling us about What is going to be happening next year And honestly I think this symmetrical Triangle is the best pattern to be Looking at right now because we can Clearly can spot the upper soing support Line with more than five touch points on The Lower Side the the down soing Resistance line here from the top side On bitcoin as well so honestly this is Looking very good for the Bitcoin price Action right now because the symetrical Triangle is a typical continuation Pattern and since the trend has been Overall bullish I really think it is Going to be actually breaking bullish Again here so the support we're going to Be looking at is sitting somewhere

Around $41,000 and really at the point where Bitcoin starts to be breaking below Support or either above resistance that Is the point where I will be expecting The next move is going to get initiated And if we're going to be looking at Realistic price targets I'm going to be Aiming for a bullish Target around $46,000 and a bearish Target somewhere Around $39,000 what also makes a lot of sense As a bearish bias Target so these Targets both make sense for me they're Very realistic and honestly I will be Only expecting these targets to be hit Once we see a confirmed breakout not Just a wick above the resistance so Still I think on the bigger perspective Bitcoin remains to be sitting in this Consolidation phase between 44,000 And that $40,000 level I think this is a Big level of support below us and this Is a big level of resistance so I remain To be expecting that even though if we Have the breakout Bitcoin is probably Going to go up again and then Potentially have a potential retracement But honestly if we break above the red Box on the top side then really Bitcoin Could start to fly even higher and yes Guys if you want to be trading your Bitcoin yourself make sure to go to the Link description of today's video where

You can currently sign up for link to Buy bit and if you sign up using that Link you can claim a free $1,000 air Position all you need to do here is go To the link description of today's video Sign up an account using that link below Complete kyc level one and if you Deposit $100 in your first seven days After registering your account you could Be claiming that free $1,000 air Position so make sure to go in the link Description of today's video where you Could claim this insane air position on Buybid further on I do really quickly Want to be pointing out this chart on The bigger perspective and why I think These levels are so important you you Can just see from the previous Consolidation phase that this was of Course that these green lines here are Both the drop off points for the big Correction towards the downside for Bitcoin and of course the green box is Big support and the red box has just Acted as Massive Resistance what Basically kickstarted the Bitcoin bar Market so I do really think it's going To be very important to be looking at These things here and then of course as Well on bitcoin the two-e time frame we Can actually see that Bitcoin has of Course once again BS from the exact same Upper sloping support line and basically It broke once again the downward sloping

Resist line and after that it has been Going absolutely parabolic so Bitcoin is Actually looking very good on the longer Term perspective and honestly I do still Think we could get some retracements Right here but I really think another Bull market is going to come and Probably it's going to come in 2024 and Then as well for today's video we've got A sponsor called geometric energy Corporation so what it basically is here Is that geometric energy corporation Better said as gak is a Cutting Edge Teag company focused on using Advanced Technologies for social good they're Currently working on sustainable Energies space exploration and computer Industries and honestly they also Launched the coin it has been going down A little bit here in the last week it's Currently sitting around2 million Us in Market cap and the volume is around $2 Million us sitting around p700 in coin Market cap so of course make sure to Always do your own research on these Coins I am not a financial advisor the Coin is not only listed on unism but Also on numerous other cryptocurrency Exchanges like Maxi poex open ocean and Bitmart they're sharing all kinds of Updates about the project so if you're Interested about it make sure to follow Them on Twitter for sure where you can Also learn more about the project we'll

Also leave a link on today's video Description going further in towards the Content if I'm currently looking at the Bitcoin dominance honestly I am not Necessarily expecting altcoin season is Going to be here but what I did said a Couple days ago is that I think altcoins Are going to be picking up again here Because because honestly if I'm looking At Bitcoin I think that we're about to Be entering a consolidation phase and if Bitcoin is going to be entering a Consolidation phase right here I Honestly do really think that altcoins Are going to be starting to be exploding So yeah that is my expectation that I'm Currently looking for so yeah that is Currently my expectation I think Bitcoin Is going to go a little bit more Sideways right here consolidate in the Symmetrical triangle we're looking at And that could really give altcoins the Room to actually grow more exponentially Towards the upside so we can see that The Bitcoin dominance is not necessar Massively increasing like I said several Times before really once Bitcoin breaks It Alo my that is the point where I Would really start to scale in massively Towards altcoins because that's the Point that usually altcoins goes most Exponential and we're really entering Altcoin season and I mean last thing I Want to be saying here is that of course

The dollar Index has been seeing a rapid Decline here and due to that Bitcoin has Also seen this SL slight uptick recently So the dollar Index looks to become Weaker and weaker over time and that is Of course for the long term a very good Thing for Bitcoin so let's see how That's going to be playing out but Anyways guys this was it for me in Today's update video if you did enjoy it Don't forget to slap all the like button On today's video and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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