Bitcoin is creating a massive Rising Wedge here well at the same time Creating that barriers Divergence on The Daily time frame and after the ETF Launched yesterday and the high Potential is going to be drying out of It we could potentially start to see the Next move for Bitcoin potentially going Down again here so on today's video I Will talk about these most important Patterns that I am currently watching my Price targets my next trade that I will Be taking here on bitcoin and many more Stuff here I will talk about the4 Billion used dollars inflow we had Yesterday in Bitcoin spot ETFs and what This will mean in the future for Bitcoin So without any further Ado don't forget To slap all that like button on today's Update video smash it back above 1,000 Likes it will be absolutely incredible And with that of being said L me jump Straight away in towards the content and So first of all guys I want to be Pointing out that I'm currently starting To get worried a little bit about the Bitcoin price section but you have to Understand I am only going to be trading This but with my spot wallet with all my Money invested in crypto I am not going To be selling off anything so looking at The imate short term Bitcoin is clearly Creating that 1hour support line and I Will be closely looking towards this

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Level because once we potentially break Below this over sling support line that Is potentially the point where we could Start to see some more sell pressure is Going to be entering the market and what You have to understand is that right now Since the ETF on bitcoin got accepted we Did more than $4.5 billion used dollars In volume in the first days smashing the Expectations of 4 billion do first of All but moments later Bank of America They banned the Bitcoin spot ETF what is Of course absolutely incredible and that Is totally not what freom means in my Opinion they're not even letting their Customers invest on what they are Believing in so after that happened Bitcoin saw a slight move towards the Downside again here but basically things Are settling down right now here and Bitcoin is just still trading around $46,000 new what in my opinion is quite A good thing but you have to understand That I said this numerous times before I Said if if it wasn't for the Bitcoin Sport ETF I would have been bearish in This region for Bitcoin since the price Action we're currently creating is just Looking like typical bearish price Action and that this is just a top that We're currently forming here in the Market and to be very honest D let me Quickly prove this by unchain data there Is right now also a signal that right

Now is clearly indicating that this is Potentially a point where we're going to Be having the midcycle top here because Last time around back into towards the Previous cycle in 2019 we also saw the Bitcoin price section topping out moving Down here then having that Bitcoin Helping and then started the massive Massive run towards the upside so if Something like that were to be happening Towards Bitcoin I wouldn't be panicking But I would approach this as an Opportunity and that is still unlikely Scenario that could be happening and you Have to understand that currently about 94% of all the Bitcoin wallets that are Out there are currently in profit so if Someone were to be selling anything uh Yeah the price could be dropping down a Little bit quicker than we have been Expecting and so of course those are Those are two very important things I Needed to be pointing out here but Currently looking at the imminent short Term we are indeed creating a rising Wedge pattern here and a rising wedge Pattern is a typical bearish by pattern And it has a price tack out of the Beginning of the wedge here so I have Set up some numerous levels that I'm Currently looking at and I'm going to be Pointing out these levels where I'm Looking at I am looking to be ping in Towards long positions because yes I

Personally think we could get a slight Pullback before having that massive run Up towards the upside again here and if We are going to be having that pull back I would take that opportunity with both Hands here so if Bitcoin were to be Breaking down honestly my price Target Is sitting around 40.5k towards 43.5k so in my opinion I don't think That 43.5k is going to be a very good Range to be accumulating already but 40.5k is going to be my level where I Want to be opening a bigger position so Those are the levels that I'm currently Looking at and of course here on the Even bigger perspective you can see all My support levels here on the lower side I'm going to be trading Bitcoin if it Comes comes down towards these levels I'm going to be looking for long Positions to trade Bitcoin even higher And of course the reason why I think That potentially Bitcoin could go down Here is that of course on The Daily time Frame we're seeing massive momentum L Here and not only on The Daily but also On the 12-hour time frame we are seeing Massive momentum loss here and to be Very honest if Bitcoin just breaks above The rising W here and continue even Higher there will be of course an Absolutely plausible situation as well Here because if you're looking at Bitcoin right now you can currently see

That Bitcoin is indeed going parabolic We are literally in a parabolic run up Towards the upside right now here so Indeed it could even continue further on Here but to be very honest I want to be Pointing out that with my trades I want To be seeing Bitcoin go down a little Bit further before opening up my massive Positions so I am a little bit worried About the price action right now looking At the liquidity heat map we can't Currently spot a massive amount of Liquidity either above or below us but Looking at the funding R we can also Currently see that they're still Negative to neutral so that also really Means that it is not necessarily Signaling that this is necessarily the Top and of course if more people are Going to be thinking oh this is the top So we need to be short selling Bitcoin Right here of course at that point we're Just going to be going higher but right Now I'm still seeing a lot of euphoria On the market and I want to be pointing Out here is that it won't be necessarily Bad and it won't also not surprise me to See Bitcoin first dump towards the Downs Because you you have to understand right Now since the Bitcoin SP ETF is accepted Wall Street is involved and Wall Street Likes to Fu you Wall Street like to fool You and they are going to be trying to Suppress the price section of Bitcoin to

Be buying more Bitcoin their themselves Of course so don't be fooled for what is About to be happening right here and of Course if you want to be trading Bitcoin You could currently do so and buy it First of all you could claim a $440,000 De buos of bonus if you sign up an Account using that link below and Without the link it's only 400 and on Top of that guys if you sign up account Using the link below you could claim a Free $1,000 trade and that is super Simple to claim because all you need to Do for that is literally sign up an Account using the link below complete KC Level one deposit $100 in your first Seven days and you could be claiming This insane deposit bonus that uh Basically is absolutely massive because It's a $1,000 trade that you're getting For depositing $100 it's a massive thing Here and uh you could be trading it and Of course if you can't complete kyc make Sure to go to fix where you can trade Without kyc and on top of that they're Giving you a 10% cash back on everything You're depositing so make sure to check It out as well uh I mean going further Towards the contents we do know that if This is going to be a midcycle top that We're currently sitting in it could be Possible uh why is because currently We're sitting at Massive Resistance and I said this yesterday as well if we

Break Above This level 40 52,000 is Going to be my Max next resistance but You have to understand that I literally Drew this liquidity or this resistance Heat map all the way back around $ 20,000 use and 46.8k is just a massive Level for Bitcoin to break above off and You can see already they were struggling A little bit here and once again if we Were to be seeing any correction I mean For Bitcoin sometimes we see 20 to 30% Corrections let's say we are going to be Getting a correction back down to $36,000 some people will most likely Once again Panic extremely hard here and Saying oh it is over it all flops but to Be very honest I would see that as an Opportunity of a lifetime so I truly Hope Bitcoin is actually going to be Seeing a big retracement because if We're going to see a big retracement on Bitcoin it will allow me to see and buy More Bitcoin and of course that is a Thing that I want here and I mean Historically speaking if we're looking At all these big events that so far Happened in Bitcoin in terms of Companies or ETFs or Futures ETFs we can Currently clearly see that of course in The previous ultim high of the the Two-year so in the 2018 B Market we saw That the top was marked by the CME Futures launching then in 2021 we saw The first top was marked due to the

Coinbase IPO and then the exact bull Market top was formed after the Futures ETF launched and I mean a SPO ETF is a Little bit more bullish than a futur Futures ETF but honestly this is once Again a gigantic uh thing and we have Seen a significant amount of weekly Green candles in a row and honestly it Won't be surprised for me if we are Going to see some downside because Because the hype is going to be exing The market a little bit here and then After that in approximately 92 days from Now on we're going to be having the Bitcoin Hing and I think that if we are Going to be having that Bitcoin Hing we Are going to be seeing the next bull Market is going to get initiated again But I don't necessarily think that this Is necessarily the time already we Should be saying the bull market is Starting of course you could say this is The beginning of the bull market but I Think the most exponential gains are Still yet to come here and if there were Be a retest or a move towards the Downside it will be an opportunity that I would say with both hands here so this Was it for me in today's update video I Truly hope you did learn anything from It we are indeed creating a massive Varish Divergence and I will be closely Looking towards this Rising wedge Pattern because if Bitcoin breaks the

Upper soling support line of this Rising Wedge pattern then we are expecting that Bitcoin of course is getting to see some More downside so guys make sure to share This video with your friends and family If you learned anything from it but as Well don't forget to SL that like button On today's video so thanks so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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