The $3 billion doll Bitcoin liquidation Is almost here and on today's update Video I will be exactly discuss my price Targets I will talk about the Bitcoin Funding rates that are still negative What this means for Bitcoin and what it Historically has meant Bitcoin will do After the funding rates go negative in The bull market so I will be talking About this the most important charts on The iMed short term the long term and Many more important charts so without Any further Ado don't forget to once Again slap up that like button back Above 1,000 likes That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the imminent Short term and yes looking at the Imminent short term I first want to be Discussing the fact that we're once Again creating another Bitcoin C Me Gap Of course we're creating one every Single week but for the last two weeks We've actually created quite a big gap But every single time so far but last Week we have filled up the Gap Eventually after three days to 4 days But yes usually you always fill up the C Me Gap so yeah Bitcoin could potentially Create another big gap on the Lower Side Just like we created one on the Lower Side last weekend around but of course Like we know Bitcoin usually comes back

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Towards that c close price either on the Monday or in that coming week itself so Yeah this is a thing to look out for Because currently the seei Futures Gap Is sitting around 63.8k also going Further towards the content guys first Of all I want to be saying if you've Been following the channel you've been Making a lot of money because I have Talked about this exact box here on the Lower side for in about four to five Weeks right now here while we were Trading in this entire Trend I said Whenever we're hitting the orange Bo I'm Going to be opening up a long position And yes my long position is very very Small that I opened I very very much Regret it because I was using a pyramid Strategy where of course the lower Bitcoin was going to go the more I was Going to be entering in case Bitcoin Still was going to be dropping even Lower back towards let's say $58,000 or Potentially even $57,000 I'm going to be even open up Bigger positions on bitcoin but like We're currently seeing Bitcoin is just Consolidating between the lows and the Highs and basically what we can clearly See is that of course on the lower side Of course it's the support box and so Far every single time once Bitcoin touch This level we tend to see a very big Spike back towards the upside and every

Single time once Bitcoin comes comes in The region on the top side of course we Also see a very big rejection on the Higher side so Bitcoin if we're zooming Out here is just consolidating in this Region right here and basically all We're seeing right now here is that Bitcoin is just sideways consolidating And basically getting ready for the next Enormous breakout and of course one of Those breakouts is going to get Determined and getting created with and Squeeze a short squeeze most likely in My opinion because if we're currently Looking at the stage of the market of Course we are clearly in a bull market We have been rapidly increasing in value In the last periods of in the market and Currently we can see that the fing rates Of course are still negative which means That the majority of the Traders are Actually trading short and they're not Opening up long positions and that is Actually a very good thing to see in the Bull market because because if we look Back at the previous bull market every Single time once the funding rates goes Negative which will happened over here Which happened over here which happened Over here uh which happened over here Which happened over here of course it Also happened over here and I mean Honestly every single time once the fing Rates just go negative it means that the

Majority of the Traders are bearish and While we're trading in a bull market This is one of the most bullish signals You can actually get here and it is Flashing right now once again on the Market and that just makes for me so Extremely bullish for Bitcoin in this Entire rally towards the upside where First of all everyone was extremely Euphoric everyone is starting to get Bearish saying that Bitcoin is going to Go down to 40K to 52k those are the Targets that I hear at least a lot but I Believe that this is a huge stap and of Course due to the fact that everyone is Shorting the funding rates are clearly Negative and they are going to be Fueling that next pump towards the Upside even more so if I'm also looking At the liquidation heat map we can Currently see that there's of course More than $2.8 billion Worth of bitcoin short liquidations Lying above us around 71.6k and I've Said it many times before but Bitcoin Always follows the liquidity and why Does it do so because the liquidity is Something easy to grab out of the market And I'm not saying that Bitcoin is going To go to $100,000 and Beyond straightway Afterwards no all I'm saying is that I'm Expecting that Bitcoin is going to grab The liquidity and then potentially comes Down again or goes up I mean I don't

Even know what's going to be doing Afterwards I have to look at the market But one thing is for sure and is that I Think Bitcoin is going to go back Towards the top side of this region Around 7 uh around 71.6k and that is sitting of course Somewhere right here so I think Bitcoin Is going to go back towards the region On the top side and it's most likely Going to be happening sooner than later And if Bitcoin were to be going down Again here before that I would take that Opportunity with both hands because if Bitcoin pushes pushes from the low to The high it's going to be about an 20% Plus trade here towards the upside which I will be interested on taking because I Think the risk reward is extremely good So If you are interested in trading Yourself guys there is right now a way On how you can claim a free $200 trade On bitcoin or ethereum and all you need To do for this is literally only go to The link description of today's video Where you can sign up an account to buy Bid if you press on that link you come To this page you press on register to Claim and afterwards you deposit $100 in Your first seven days and boom you are Eligible to claim a free $200 Bitcoin or Ethereum trade on buybit and yeah buybit Is of course by far the best change out

There so if you're interested in trading Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies Out there check out bybit which allows You to trade over 500 Bears so it's just The way to go so if you're interested in Trading check it out in the link Description of today's video but let me Continue the video of course even Further we do know that yesterday we had The Bitcoin Hing which was of course an Extremely bullish event and if we're Just looking at the bigger things of it All most likely the biggest gains are Still going to come after the haling so I don't really believe that this is the Real time to be panicking in the market All we need to do right now is survive And if I'm looking at the historical Data from this bull market so far I mean It looks to be that 20% Corrections are The new standard in this upcoming bull Market right now we've also seen a 20% Correction and I honestly do really Believe that this could be the bottom or Bitcoin could still go a little bit Lower but either way we are right now in A stage of the market where it is not Smart to be bearish and also if I'm Zooming out on the daily time frame We're just creating one enormous Bitcoin Bull flag pattern here on the bigger Things of it all and whenever this is Going to be breaking out we're just Going to get a gigantic breakout on

Bitcoin and we're just going to be Seeing the market flourishing extremely Hard and whenever the breakout happens 100K is going to be inevitable and we're Going to be moving up very quickly and Like I said many times before liquidity Is increasing and improving in the Industry and this is only going to be Indicating and is only telling us that The market is only heading One Direction And the direction is upward so this was It for me in today's upd video if you Did enjoy the content don't forget to Slap off the like button subscribe to The channel and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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