Bitcoin is breaking out right now and While this is happening Bitcoin is Running in towards critical resistance And I will be exactly talk about that in Today's update video so make sure to Watch the video till the end it's going To be a short one but very important I Will give an update all my trades the Levels to look at for Bitcoin right now And much more important stuff so don't Forget to slap up the like button can we Once again smash it back above 600 with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content and on the One hour time frame you can clearly Start to see that Bitcoin has been Getting rejected from of this downward Sloping resist line and ever since Yesterday evening we have been breaking Above of this level and right now we're Seeing a confirmed break above the Downward sloping trend for Bitcoin and We can see that we're confirming and Higher high on the one hour time frame However yes we are looking quite bullish On the image short term due to the fact That we broke above the important Downward sloping trend line we are still Trading at this very key level of big Resistance for Bitcoin and like you can See the last few times Bitcoin has Retested this level we've been getting Significantly rejected by it and as long As we're not breaking Above This top

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Side of resistance I am not expecting We're going to necessarily see a Continuation further on towards the Upside what is going to be very Important for me in order to be flipping Bullish to bitcoin is a confirmed break Above 28.8k if we see the confirmed Break Above This level and the confirm Break is a significant four hourly kind Of close with volume Above This range Right here I can confirm we're looking At the breakout and if we confirm the Breakout I am targeting Bitcoin for Levels around 31 000 US dollars but as Long as that is not happening I'm going To be expecting that Bitcoin is going to Be bouncing between the top side and the Lower Side in this range please do not Front run anything right now here wait For the confirmation and right now yes I Am definitely seeing some bullish Signals happening on the imminent short Term however still the four hourly time Frame has not confirmed the breakout and I'm going to be very cautious right now Because this creatures also be a Significant fake out so for me to take It low risk it's important to wait for The confirmation of the break above the Range and once that happens we could Definitely look at a long position for Bitcoin but as long as that is not Happening I should be very careful the Reason why I am also very careful is

Because this level is literally the most Important resistance for the entire Trend of Bitcoin you can clearly see in The previous bull market this level that We're currently looking at was providing This support in the bull market boom Right here boom right here and also Right here on the Luna collab this level Provided so much support in Lost bull Run it provided so much volume in the Last Bull Run that right now it's going To be a crucial level to break above of And I don't think that it is necessarily An easy level to break above of what Many people think we can easily break Through it I think it's going to be a Very tough level to break above it once We break above it yes for sure what I Want to be doing is of course open a Long position on the retest of this Exact level right here so for me yes I Have been bearish on bitcoin I am still A little bit more bearish than bullish But if we confirm the break Above This Level I will be turning bullish So Currently I am still in a short position For Bitcoin why is because we have not Broken Above This range and the best Level to short Bitcoin is literally at The resistance so I still have my order Setups around this level right here to Short Bitcoin so I'm only making a loss Of an approximately 100 right now but For me it's going to be patience if

You're trading it's patience and Currently I am very patient to wait to See where the market is heading next to Ours so if we confirm the break above The stop side I'm going to close out on All my short positions and open a big Long position and that is just the exact Strategy that I'm looking at right now Here but of course like I said several Times before I will only flip bullish Once we confirm the bullish breakout and Right now we have not still seen that so On The Daily Time we can see that we've Been consolidating for an approximately 18 days right now here in this range Even 19 already and we're basically been Trading sideways for quite a while here And we're trading somewhat of a flag Formation right now here and while I am Looking at this chart right here we can Still see the three-day time frame for Bitcoin is of course getting rejected by Its most important level of support from The previous Bull Run and right now we Are creating a bearish Divergence on the Three-day time frame on this signal Right here and if I'm looking at the Two-day time frame you can literally see That we're currently retesting this Previous range low that currently is Providing the resistance and while this Is all happening we can see actually That the two day or Bitcoin is of force Forming higher highs while the RSI is

Forming significant lower highs so we Are still creating a bearish Divergence I do want to be pointing this out Because yeah it's a quite an important Signal to look at and to be very clear This is the three day and two-day time Frame and it takes quite a while before These things tends to be playing out Here my main scenario is still Retracement back to 25 000 a lot of People are going to be probably Panicking at this stage if we're going To come down here I will be of course Open up a new long position for Bitcoin Because then I am expecting we're going To see the continuation up here so I Don't think it's going to be happening Straight away here this is still my Forecast I still think I know we have Been moving up a little bit here did it Doesn't change my trajectory of course If we confirm the break Above This level Right here it will change my trajectory Because then we are seeing a confirmed Break above the range and that could Turn me bullish here but for the Immature turn I still think that this is The likeliest scenario to be playing out Here so that was it for me on today's Update video if you did enjoy don't Forget to slap up the like button and of Course if you want to be trading don't Forget to check out the links in the Description because you can write and

Claim a 30 000 US dollars to post a Bonus and I think there's going to be a Lot of opportunities to trade Bitcoin Right now in this range here so yeah That was it for me in today's update Video thank you so much for watching and We'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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