Right now the bits going Rising which is Breaking down and in this exact video I Will be going over my price targets of This Rising wedge I will also talk about The most important levels of support and Resistance the important double top Slash losing momentum structure that Bitcoin is currently creating and much More important things so don't forget to Watch this video till the end I will Also give an update on my 100 000 Bitcoin loan position and much more Important stuff here so don't forget to Slap up that like button on today's Update video can we once again snap it Back about 500 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away towards the video And let me kick off the video with Talking about the CME gun since Bitcoin Has dumped over the course of the Weekend we write and created another CME Gap and the CME Gap is traded from 23.6 K to 23 000 and usually see me gaps tend To get filled up here so I am actually Still expecting that it is going to be Likely even before we have a massive Dump if you are expecting it yourself to At least see a small bench to fill up The CME Gap to either continue from of That point onwards or either to see that Correction towards the downside from of That point happening so make sure to Keep your eyes wide open CME Gap is

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Trading above it and from this point is Like a two and a half to three percent Move towards the upside if we were going To be filling up the CME Gap if I am Going to be looking at the price section Of Bitcoin on the one hour time frame You can see the support box has been Really providing a big big amount of Support for the price section of Bitcoin You can see that we've been bouncing From it several times and right now Still we're bouncing from it and still We're holding on towards this level so That is a good thing to see here and It's going to be important that Bitcoin Holds on towards the 22.5 K because as Soon as we do break below this Horizontal box right here it's basically Going to confirm that we're breaking Below key support and we're probably Going to go a level lower and a level Lower is somewhere around this range Right here around the 21 000 US dollars So you yeah if we do break the 22.5 K we Could see Bitcoin fall down with another Thousand dollars and that is of course The last thing I would like to see so if You do break below this level it could Confirm a shorting opportunity for Bitcoin and at the same time a new long Opportunity somewhere around this next Support range for Bitcoin right then Looking really at the price structure of Bitcoin we have been talking about how

The momentum has been drying up on the Price chart of Bitcoin we've been seeing Less exponential high is going to create It and also somewhat of a double top Potentially here on the Farley time Frame and right now we can really see That we're coming down from this point So is this really a rounding top here if It is going to be a rendering top we are Probably going to be breaking down below This level somewhat in the coming two Days and if we do break below this range Right here on the forward lay time frame So that 22.5 K we could definitely fall Down towards twenty thousand dollars and Then even we could start to create Somewhat Over The Head and Shoulder Spending so it could become even worse Than that so currently the losing Momentum structure is not a good thing To see here I have been talking about it For quite a while now on the channel we Are also spotting some amazing bearish Divergences happening on the 408 time Frame right now so make sure to pay Attention towards this chart at the same Time we are right now breaking down of The rising watch I have been talking About for the past few days here on the Channel and you can currently see we Broke the open sloping support line and Ever since we did so we moved towards The downside but right now I want to say Here I've got some crazy price targets

For this Rising watch but in order for The rising wedge to confirm the breakout Towards the downside we need to break Below the 22.5 K horizontal support box If we break below that support box I am One thousand percent convinced we're Going to be moving down towards 21.1 K Here this next orange support box so That is going to be a dump of an Approximately what is it four to five Percent here towards the downside and Really if we do break below this Horizontal level right here since the Ryzen which already broke down it's only Going to be more than likely that we are Going to be visiting these lows and These lows right here are also the price Target of the ryzen white chair so the Price target of the rising wedge comes In on twenty one thousand dollars and The big support for Bitcoin also comes In around twenty one thousand dollars so I am expecting that these targets are Going to be met as soon as we do break Below that important level of 22.5 K Support so that is how I'm going to be Trading the market right now if you're Looking at my most important support and Resistance chart you can currently Clearly see we are still trading at Support so as long as we're training Above support nothing to worry about but As soon as we lose it we're just going To go a level lower and that is of

Course the thing that you should be Prepared for right now and also with Your trades currently I am willing to Add still more margin towards my trade If we move them to 21 000 and that is Exactly what I'm going to be doing also I will be taking more profits along the Way up here but still my first take Profit Target is around 25 000 that is still the level where I want To be taking the majority of my profits On my trade here so I'm still going to Be waiting for that level if we move Down to twenty one thousand dollars like You can see right here I will add twenty Thousand dollars towards my trade so Yeah that is really what I'm waiting for If you are interested yourself as well In trading this range so maybe Potentially short Bitcoin if we break Below the range here or maybe the long Bitcoin if we do break above the top Side whatever you think is the best Strategy you could do so and buy it Because Bible is a trading exchange and You could be trading yourself as well Currently I made a 37 000 US Dollars Profit in just a matter of one trade Here you could do the same here and if You sign up an accountant buy with you Can write and claim of thirty thousand US Dollars deposit bonus after initial Sign up using the link in description if You're living in us or you're living in

Germany or in a country where you can't Use vibrate make sure to check out bit Gap because bitget allows you to trade From of any other country without VPN Without kosc and you can also withdraw More than 10 Bitcoins on a daily basis And they're offering 20 000 US Dollars Deposit Bond so make sure to check it Out if you sign up at account using that Link in description you will get the Deposit bonus so what definitely very Valuable furthermore we can currently See that on the daily time frame for Bitcoin we are currently still at Crucial critical support you can clearly See this has been previous resistance This has been previous resistance this Has been massive support for Bitcoin and Currently you can see massive support Provided right here and right now we're About to retest this level so still as Long as we're training above 22.5 K also On the daily candles it's going to be All right for Bitcoin as soon as we fall Below it that is the point where I will Start to worry and then looking at the Weekly time frame we currently close the Weekly candle but still officially we Have not confirmed the bearish crossover On the weekly time frame like you do Know if you have not watched yesterday's Video this signal has never flashed ever Before because on the weekly time frame The 250 weekly moving average has never

Crossed towards each other and if it Does cross it will indicate a death Gross on the weekly time frame for Bitcoin and this is a signal that never Flashed before so make sure to pay Attention towards it as soon is a bus Flash you will be the first one to know Here on the channel but be aware it's a Lacking indicator but anyways this is it For me in today's update video if you Did enjoy the content don't forget to Subscribe to the channel and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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