99 of the people are not paying Attention towards this exact chart right Here because Bitcoin is currently Experiencing a retest of a downtrend That has been around for over 440 days so in this video I will be Exactly discussed this exact retest and Also will go over the most important Charts in crypto right now and also Discussing some crazy signals about the Golden cross the inflation reports and Much more key important stuff so don't Forget to slap up that like button and Let's jump straight away in towards the Content yet again so if I'm looking at The one hour time frame we can see that Yesterday we were experiencing a minor Movement towards the upside before in The end of the day once again coming Down very quickly towards this important Downward solving support line that Previously around was of course Providing resistance you can clearly see Previous resistance flipping into Support right here and yet again Flipping into support if Bitcoin were to Go lower than this level right here and Word to come down towards these levels Of 21.4 K I am actually going to be Starting to open up a new Bitcoin long Position because still my requirements For my Bitcoin loan position are Somewhere down around 21.4 Coach Works 21.3 K I am still planning to open up a

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Bitcoin long trade here it's going to be A scalp trade and so far I've not been Entered yet here maybe I'm going to get Lucky if we are going to have another Drop off towards the downside and if I Will be getting entered you will be the First one to know here on my YouTube Channel or my telegram or my Twitter Page so make sure to follow me on all my Socials to stay exactly up to date on Whether I'm opening up a new Bitcoin Long or whether I'm opening up a new Bitcoin short or any trade in general Tomorrow is going to be an extremely Important day because tomorrow the Inflation CPI and core inflation data is Going to come out and usually Bitcoin And basically the stock market as well Tend to move like crazy on this news We've been discussing it already for a Bit here but make sure to subscribe to The channel against tomorrow I will be Live streaming the exact inflation Report stream and I will be basically Discussed of course what the market Reaction is I will be potentially Opening up some live trades on that Stream so make sure that you're going to Be there tomorrow and if I'm going to be Looking at what historically speaking Have been happening with Bitcoin is that The the day before the U.S inflation Data comes out Bitcoin tends to pump Very significantly and if I'm going to

Be looking at this data I can currently See that we're currently exactly one day And 11 hours out before we will be Getting the next U.S inflation data and Look what happened last time around one Day 11 hours we saw a big run-up started Also right here uh let me see exactly When the run-up started it was Approximately 20 hours before the data Comes out so so usually like 30 hours Before the U.S inflation reports come Out the market tends to react and price In what the inflation reports are going To be if it's going to be of course not Like expected we tend to drop if it's Going to be more positive we tend to Pump right so that is basically what I'm Expecting I'm expecting actually a Similar movement right now here I won't Be surprised if we're going to be going Up out of anticipation that inflation is Going to drop very quickly so make sure To pay attention towards the U.S Inflation right now and always but Literally always tends to Signal a lot Of volatility in the market so you must Be paying attention towards this chart Right now then talking real quickly About the Golden Cross so like you can See on this chart the Golden Cross has Officially happened on bitcoin and Basically what tends to happen like 80 Percent of the times here is that always Once a golden cross occurs the Bitcoin

Price action comes down and after the Price action comes down basically then We're going to go up after the Golden Cross so right now again we saw the Golden Girls Bitcoin dump straight away After we had the golden across like we Have 80 to 90 of the times but also a Fact one month after the golden across Bitcoin tends to trade 20 higher 80 Percent of the time so it is going to be Likely that we will be seeing a rally After the Golden Cross happens so Somewhere around in the coming two to Three weeks ahead of herself so that is What I'm currently anticipating I think It is likely to see a scenario like this Playing out here I'm on the bigger Picture bullish only on the image short Term right now I think there could be Some more price suppression and maybe Some more cybers consolidation until Tomorrow right so if I'm going to be Looking at my trades currently you can See that I'm still long on bitcoin Within a badge yeah 125 000 US Dollars currently in a profit Often about 31k here so this is the Swing trade I've been entering ever Since seventeen thousand dollars if I'm Going to look at my next trade you can See that I'm currently planning to open Up a new trade here so far I did not got Entered yet here I'm waiting for a Potential retracement if we do not get

The retracement so I do not get filled Up on this straight right here it is Going to be very unfortunate but still I'm just going to be going on with life Because if I don't get it filled up here Maybe I missed a trade but then I'm Going to be looking at my next trade Right so I'm only willing to trade Bitcoin on low risk and if I'm going to Be entering the price action for Bitcoin Right now on this region right here I'm Most certainly taking some more risk Maybe I could be making some profits but The risk is almost certainly higher what Is definitely not worth it for me so Make sure to always have a good risk Management and that is at least what That I'm trying to do right now here I'm Already in a long position so I'm not Rushing in towards the long because I'm If the market goes up I'm anyway going To be benefiting from it from my swing Trade position on bitcoin right here if You do want to be trading Bitcoin Yourself you could do so as well and if You sign up again then link description You can get a 30 000 US Dollars deposit Bonus if you sign up without any links You only get like ten uh four thousand US dollars so it's definitely worth to Check at ITR and if you're living in the US you can check out bitcat that allows You to trade without kyc without VPN Here looking then also at this crazy

Downtrend for Bitcoin if I'm looking at The daily time frame the Bitcoin price Action is currently experiencing the Retest of the legendary downtrend you Can see here we got rejected signifi Efficiently and then yet again another Significant rejection and after 440 days Approximately we broke above this region And ever since we broke above the region Here we right now are seeing a retest For the first time and so far we have Been seeing a successful bench from of This exact level right here and if we Were to come down to 21.1 K we're going To see another retest and that's also Exactly the reason why I want to be Opening up another trade on 21.1 K right I think if we ever will touch this level Again we will be most certainly see a Very strong band so make sure to pay Attention to where it said Bitcoin broke A significant downtrend and also if You're zooming in on a daily time frame You can also clearly see Bitcoin broke Also Above This previous high right so Bitcoin officially have been confirming And higher high Bitcoin has been Confirming high or low so we are clearly Trading in an uptrend and if you were to Look at this on a bigger perspective Things are actually looking quite bright In terms of the trend Bitcoins current Score they're creating so that is why I'm currently not betting against the

Trend but rather going with the Trend Right now here then looking as well on The daily time frame on the supported Resistance chart here on the image short Term on the a little bit of a smaller Region you can see that we're currently Trading on very important support you Can also see it on this shot right here This level where we're currently trading On has been historically speaking Providing massive amounts of support Slash resistance and currently we are Having an important retest of Potentially support and that is why I Think it is very important to pay Attention towards this level tomorrow The U.S inflation is going to come out Here I will be live streaming it so make Sure to subscribe to the channel right Now here and I will see you guys Tomorrow back on another video what will Be extremely important it's going to be A volatile day it's going to be a Volatile week so make sure to get ready For it but anyways thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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