Bitcoin is breaking below support right Now and in this exact video I will be Talking about the price targets I will Talk about the next big levels of Support for Bitcoin and much more Important stuff we need to be paying Attention towards right now so don't Forget to slap up that like button and Count me once again smash your backup of 600 that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Let me kick off the video with talking About to see me gaps because currently Over the course of this weekend we did Not create a new Bitcoin C megap and Right now the only CME Gap that's very Close towards us is of course the CME Gap on 28 000 US Dollars below us due to The fact that we have not seen a new See Me Gap getting created yesterday I am Not necessarily expecting there's going To be a significant move that has to Happening today but really what it will Be looking at today is of course the Break of this airport sloping support Line for Bitcoin and you can clearly see Bitcoin was starting to create somewhat Of a left shoulder and the head right Here and right now it created that right Shoulder so we have seen clearly we are Creating a losing momentum structure and We can clearly see that actually an Head And Shoulders pattern has been breaking

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Down for Bitcoin so if I will be Measuring the price target of this exact Breakdown right here I can't be looking For some more bearish price targets for Bitcoin and to be very clear the next Price Target that we'll be looking at is 29.2 K what is going to come exactly in At this previous resistance support Target right here if I really will keep A realistic look at Bitcoin if I'm Looking at Bitcoin right now I still can Also see that we're currently trading on Support I mean yes we broke the upper Sloping support line but currently we're Still trading on a horizontal support Line This horizontal support line is Trading around 29.7 to 29.8k I will only Be looking at this target right here if We confirm the break below this love but Currently of course looking at the price Action and price structure of Bitcoin we Are trading in a downtrend because we're Creating lower highs and lower or lows And of course if we do reverse the Strength so we see continuation towards The upside and break B above the Previous High then we will be expecting A further continuation up but as soon as We do see the confirmation break below 29.8k potentially even a read test it Will allow a new training opportunity For the persons that have not been able To catch the trade right here so the Next Target for that level is of course

Going to be realistically speaking 29.2 K but for me really where we'll be still Looking at is that for our big support Line on 28.7 k 28.7 k is still the level Where I want to be opening up bigger Long positions because what I'm Currently really doing is waiting for a Good pullback for Bitcoin and on the Next pullback I am going to be opening Up massive trading positions and the Levels where I'm really interested in is Either 28.6 K or either the 27.9 K and Of course I will be only anticipate These levels once we confirm from the Break below this level but currently Already on the imminent short term we Have seen the upper solving support line Getting broken so there are definitely Some signs of weakness in the price Structure of Bitcoin right now on the Four early time frame we are also Running in towards the top side of Resistance like you can see and we're Training somewhat of a parallel Channel Towards the upside and actually it would Make a lot of sense to see Bitcoin come Down towards the upper sloping support Line and you know what is very funny is That this upward sloping support line is Going to come in somewhere around that Same region in terms of horizontals as The previous high right here so so if Bitcoin were to see a drop in the coming 48 hours and it comes down to 28.8k it

Comes down towards the airport sloping Support line and the horizontal support Box so that is where we'll be keeping my Eyes wide open on currently I think we Are creating a losing momentum structure If I'm purely looking at the momentum This is the daily time frame for Bitcoin We're creating the daily movement Towards the upside we're creating higher Highs on The Daily time frame that Resists this line towards the upside but Once looking at all the three most Important momentum indicators the RSI The macd and the money flow index we can See something very important of course On the multi-flow index we can currently See the money flow index is creating a Lower high while the price section is Creating a higher high what means that We're currently creating a bearish Divergence macd also creating a lower High while the price actually forming a Higher high we're also confirming that Bearish Divergence RSI as well we're Creating a lower high on the RSI and Higher high on the price action so Bitcoin is creating a bearish Divergence On three different momentum indicators Where you should really be paying Attention towards because right now We're clearly seeing that Bitcoin is Creating a momentum Divergence what Means that momentum probably is going to Get lost in this movement towards the

Upside what probably means that Bitcoin Is going to see a slight cool phase Happening on the daily time frame before Potentially continuing the trend towards The upside or before potentially Continuing sideways for a while to Consolidate around this region so this Is very important to pay attention Towards all these signals are pointing Towards One Direction and I know oh and Bears Divergence doesn't necessarily Have to play out today it doesn't Necessarily have to play out tomorrow so It could also take a little bit of time Before this does play out but currently We are seeing these signs of weakness Getting created in the price section of Bitcoin So currently I am still in the Trade I've opened this trade in Approximately three or four days ago and Currently I am making more than 3 300 US Dollars in profit and I'm looking to Continue my short trade towards the Downside towards targets of Approximately 28 000 US Dollars make Sure to subscribe to the channel because Then you're going to stay exactly up to Date on my trade right now here because Right now if I'm also looking at my next Trade I am very interested to be opening Up these new trading positions on these Levels that I just pointed out 28.8k and On 27.8k so if Bitcoin were to come down Those are definitely levels where I will

Be opening up big positions so don't Forget to subscribe to the channel to Stay exactly up to date about what I Will be doing next there furthermore if I will be looking at the price structure Of Bitcoin we can currently see that Only three day time frame were actually Also running in towards this critical Resistance right so you can see it on The weekly time frame we're currently Running into our weekly resistance and On the three day time frame you can Clearly see this level previously a Ranch provided big support big support Right here it was of course the Resistance Middle Line support right Here and currently we are running in Towards it so this is a very important Level many people think we already broke Back in towards the region on the top Side while on the weekly time frame We're clearly not officially breaking Back in here and I wouldn't be surprised To see a small cooler face happening After we're seeing that significant Barriers of verges getting activated Here on the daily time frame so if you Are interested in trading this don't Forget to check out the links in Description because if you sign up an Account on buybid you can actually get a Deposit bonus up to 30 000 US Dollars And this is a limited time offer only so Make sure to sign up an account if

You're interested in trading and claim You're the boss of bonus right now Talking about trades we can also have Many good trading opportunities on all Coins because right now we can see that The Bitcoin dominance is clearly getting Rejected by the top side of resistance So the Bitcoin dominance is right now Getting rejected from the top side and Every single time if you would have Bought all coins here on the top side You would have done an extremely good Job here because basically all coins are Good buy if the Bitcoin dominance drops By 20 afterwards right and currently We're seeing another rejection from off That top side I am not necessarily Saying we have to go towards the Lower Side again here I don't think it's Necessarily likely to see that happening As well here but yeah all coins could be Starting its next run up right now here Of course if there's going to be Somewhat of a crash in the market I do Really expect that all coins are going To get hurt more than Bitcoin and if Bitcoin really confirms the breakup of This level right here I will be looking For continuation towards the upside Towards my next Target that is going to Come in somewhere around this region Right here that is right 52 to 54 here For Bitcoin so yeah this is where I will Be looking at right now here I will keep

My eyes wide open on this exact level And if we will confirm the breakout Towards the upside of the Bitcoin Dominance all quests will probably not Perform very well if we see the Rejection all coins are going to Absolutely Skyrocket so make sure to get Ready for the next move right now here But anyways that was it for me in Today's update video if you did enjoy Don't forget to slap up the like button Subscribe to the channel if you want to Stay up to date about all my trades Don't forget to follow me on my socials And I'll see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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