Bitcoin is crashing towards the downside Right now and in this exact video I will Talk about my price targets I will talk About the trade I opened on the exact Breakdown and much more important stuff We need to discuss right now on today's Update video because this move is very Important to be paying attention towards Right now so don't forget to slap up the Like button on today's update video Let's smash it back about 500 likes and Let's jump straight away in towards the Content once looking at the even at your Turn we do know that we first initially Created the CME Gap from of 26.8 K all The way up to 27.9 K and Bitcoin is Currently trading on 27 000 US dollar so The Bitcoin CME Gap is getting Significantly filled up and once Bitcoin Comes down to 26.9 K the C Mega will be Filled up like I've been expecting and Like I've been saying on my channel it Is going to be extremely likely to see Me Gap is going to get filled up because Literally 95 of all the CME gaps tend to Get filled up up within three days after Creation and right now it's Wednesday so That is exactly three days after Creation so I am still expecting to see Me Gap is going to get filled up and After that we can currently see that Bitcoin is actually breaking below the Most important support level of this Entire Trend so we can see that this

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Important level of 27.5 K previously Abraham provided very strong support Here it provided significant resistance And here it provided also some Short-term support for Bitcoin however Right now on this breakout towards the Downside we are actually once again Falling below the 27.5 ks support and This is going to be a very bearish thing In my opinion because yeah the one hour Time frame broke bullish within higher High and right now we can see that we Broke below this critical level of Previous support that Rhino will most Certainly flip in towards resistance so This is definitely a bear very bearish Thing for Bitcoin and I will keep my Eyes wide open on what is going to be Happening next for Bitcoin but but Indeed we're seeing a significant move Towards the downside and basically the Entire CME Gap is literally getting Filled up yet again furthermore we can See that on the one hour time frame Bitcoin created a symmetrical triangle I Was already looking at this pattern last Night and in the morning Wally was Looking at it we started to be breaking Down I opened up a short position on Bitcoin and then we started to also see The confirmation of a break below this Very important level support right here I even added more margin and currently I'm in about 3 000 US dollars in profit

Or my Bitcoin short position that I've Opened after we moved down here Previously random was also short on Bitcoin but I managed to close the trade In a small little profit but right now I Once again got a new trade open and Since everyone is longing it and I'm Shorting it I'm actually making already More than 228 US dollars but just Shorting Bitcoin so if you're interested In trading yourself as well don't forget To go to the link in description and you Can right now get an account on buy with Or big cat and you can claim the Possible bonuses up to fifty thousand Dollars and if you're interested in Trading it's extremely valuable and it's Definitely worth it because it will Literally give you an extra fifty Thousand years dollars gun pounder to Trade with so that's definitely worth it But it's only going to be valid if you Do sign up with a guide using the link In the description furthermore we can See that on the 12 hour time frame we Are currently aiming for this very Important downward sloping trend line I've been talking about this yesterday As well and I said it's going to be very Likely that we're actually going to see A rejection from it and if we do break Above it then I'm definitely going to be Turning very bullish for Bitcoin we can Also see on the 12 hour RSI I've talked

About this yesterday as well this Important rejection and yet again so you Can see every single time the 12 hour RSI touches this novel here touches this Downtrend for Bitcoin it basically sees A gigantic reaction towards the downside Lost them around Bitcoin touched it it Was around 30.6 K and it moved all the Way down here towards levels of an Approximately 25 000 so make sure to be Alert this is a very important retest That we actually actually just got here On the 12 hour RSI and this could have Some more bearish effects for the Immature term on bitcoin furthermore we Can see that we're still creating this Potential daily bull flag or this daily Flag for Bitcoin in general maybe if we Draw it a little bit differently it's Going to be a falling wedge here but it Looks to be somewhat of a flag on the Daily time frame and I'm just going to Be waiting to see when this is going to Be breaking out and yes once Bitcoin Trades back on the lower side of support Maybe it's going to be a good time to be Opening up some Longs again here but as Soon as Bitcoin breaks above the Resistance that is really the point Where I will flip bullish but as long as We're not breaking out I will definitely Say neutral to bearish on bitcoin since Yes on the daily time frame we're still Creating lower highs and so that is the

Reason why it will remain to be a little Bit more cautious slash bearish on the Price section of Bitcoin looking then at The daily time frame we can start to see That the volatility is not necessarily Picking up yet but we can start to see That Bitcoin is still on this extremely Low volatile range here but we can Definitely start to see that there are Some more volatile moves starting to Happen right now for the price section Of Bitcoin if I'm looking at the Volatility index and on how narrow Double Lodge bands actually is right now We can still clearly see that the Bitcoin price action is extremely not Volatile and that the volatility is Still going to be imminent and once the Volatility hits I am going to be looking To of course expect a reversal if we're Going to be hitting some odd or of these Highs right here but usually once Bitcoin hits these highs on the top side It tends to indicate that the volatility Is going to slow down so that is really Where we'll be looking at but currently I'm still waiting for a gigantic move For Bitcoin and probably is going to be Happening anytime soon then looking at The weekly macd here for Bitcoin we are About to be having a bearish crossover On the weekly macd what is definitely a Very bearish signal that could be Playing out right now because this will

Be the first time ever that the Bitcoin Price section is going to be seeing in Bearish scores in about 308 days here so That is definitely very significantly And once this cross does occur it's Definitely going to be extremely Interesting to see how the market is Going to react towards it because Historically speaking Bitcoin tends to React quite significantly towards these Macd crosses on the weekly time frame And looking also on the weekly support Slash resistance if we're going to be Having a better Scrolls no matter what Happens I'm still going to be expecting That we're going to find support around That 23.7 K Target and of course on the Weekly time frame as well if I'm going To be looking at the big support can Also still look at the 200 weekly moving Average this is the BLX chart so it's Not updating yet and it's still trading On 27.7 K but it is currently trading on 27.1 K so the price chart is a little Bit lower but I still think that the Weekly time frame the 200 weekly moving Average is definitely going to be a very Important level of support like you can See from the past and I currently do Still expect that this level is probably Going to be providing some support and If we do break below it what is the next Level you may be Wonder it's going to be 25 to 24 000 still the level that I have

Keep my eyes wide open on I've been Saying I've been calling it for quite a While but if Bitcoin comes down towards That level I'm going to be opening up Gigantic long positions I'm going to Deploy more than 500 000 of my own Capital with like two or three x Leverage and make a million US dollar Bitcoin long position so make sure to Subscribe to the channel to stay up to Date about that but that was it for me On today's update video if you did like It don't forget to slap on the like Button on today's video and share this Video with your friends if you do think It's valuable and you did learn Something from it because then your Friends can also learn more about crypto And make more money in the future so Thank you so much for watching so thank You so much for watching Bitcoin is Indeed breaking in towards the CME Gap And more importantly we are breaking big Support so there could be a potential Signal that we're actually going to see More continuations towards the downside Because Bitcoin yeah is not necessarily Looking that strong at the current Moment only so yeah Bitcoin is not Necessarily looking so strong so I am Still actually expecting we could still Come down to twenty five thousand Dollars and I'm not saying it's going to Be happening in a straight go and maybe

Bitcoin is going to reverse but yes it's Still a likely play for me in my opinion So thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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