99% of all Bitcoin Traders is going to Be losing out if they don't know this Crucial information I will be discussing On today's video because yesterday Bitcoin hit $70,000 us and right now Ever since it saw a massive rejection Towards the downside but we have seen This price action many times before and I will be exactly explaining what this Means for Bitcoin also we got once again More than $200 million US dollar in Inflows on the spot Bitcoin ETF and Right now black Ro is holding more Bitcoin than micro strategies well they Have accumulated this in Just 2 months So make sure to sit back relax because I Will be discussing the most important Data points so can we once again slap up The like button once again above 1,000 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the coment Because if I am right now looking at Bitcoin of course yesterday we saw a Gigantic pump towards the upside and While this was happening we touched $70,000 Ed400 and we saw a big big rejection Towards the downside to be exact we saw A rejection of about 5 and a half% and It was $44,000 which is quite insane and Also if we're looking at the coinbase Chart or at the binance chart to very Reliable exchanges we can see that there

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Was a massive amount of volume flowing Towards the market so this means that There have been a lot but a lot of Orders cleared and I believe this is a Very good event for the market and let Me quickly explain why and let me also Explain about why this has happened many Times before and why this will Eventually lead to even bigger breakouts On bitcoin so we broke up off the ultimi And basically what we did is clear a lot Of sell orders especially around the $70,000 us level because I do expect That a lot of people actually want to be Liquidating their positions over there Because yeah $70,000 is of course quite High and if you potentially bought Bitcoin two years ago around $69,000 They are maybe right now happy to sell Their Bitcoins for just 70k right now And due to that we saw that massive Rejection in the market but but if I'm Looking at the 4H hourly time frame the Last time once Bitcoin broke above its Timi we saw a very similar type of Movement I mean in the last time we saw Of course Bitcoin wicking above it Massive rejections afterwards massive Volume also on those scandles and Basically what we did saw over there is That we basically just went above the Alomi and then saw a massive rejection And then afterwards we Consolidated for Another 13 days 15 days approximately

And then the next time once we did broke Up that timi we went absolutely Exponential because the moment we broke Above it at that point once all the sell Orders were cleared we pushed up over 20% in just the first 20 hours so that Is absolutely insane and if that were to Be happening for Bitcoin this time Around let's say we're going to get a 20% pump in 20 hours we're going to be Pumping all the way up to $82,000 in a matter of one day once we Do clearly break above the atime high And I want to be pointing out is that of Course my time Horizon was 16 days where I think that Bitcoin is going to Consolidate between these levels but Like I said in many videos before I do Expect the breakout could be happening a Little bit earlier since we are indeed Having massive amounts of Bitcoin sport ETF flows yesterday we saw another $223 Million Us in net inflows coming in Towards the market and that means that Still regardless of the high outflows From gbtc we're seeing massive amounts Of Bitcoins getting bought from these Institutions while Bitcoin is sitting at An almi so well you are maybe panicking Right now that Bitcoin uh is sitting at An almi and you're selling off your Bitcoin still there are institutions That are right now buying massive Amounts of Bitcoin and they do

Apparently believe because you're not Going to buy it if you think it's going To go lower that it is indeed going to Be going higher and I personally and I Would rather listen to the smart money Than the dumb money and that is why I Think this is a very interesting metrics And you have to understand that on the Pace how they're right now accumulating The Bitcoin Supply is going to be Running out at some point and also in a Couple days we're going to be having the Bitcoin Hing and that is going to be Making making it even more difficult for Them to accumulate actually more Bitcoin So what we have said many times before That the Bitcoin Hing was actually an Sell the news event I do believe that This time around it could be a bu the News event uh because yeah we are right Now already in the middle of the Bitcoin Bull market and indeed we're seeing These large amounts of buys coming from Black Rock and in the first two months After the spot ETF launched they have Already actually accumulated more Bitcoins than micro strategy which is Quite insane in my opinion and also the Nine new SP Bitcoin FS are right now Holding more Bitcoin than gbtc so in Approximately 2 months from now on maybe Gbtc outflows are going to be stopping And then the buy pressure will even get More and more and more and that is of

Course in the end of the day going to Make me even more bullish on bitcoin so I think that indeed right now we are at That perfect storm in the market it is Just moments before we're going to be Having the explosion and what I'm trying To be pointing out with don't get fooled Right now and why 99% will lose here is Because 99% of the people think we are Going to get that rejection from off This point because I see it on Twitter I See so many people be bearish and I see That the people that are bearish on 16k Are still bearish right now and honestly I don't think that this is a smart time To be bearish I don't think that this is A smart time to short Bitcoin this is a Period where we only want to be looking At long positions and actually while This is happening the price section is Still creeping up towards the upside and What we're seeing is that after this big Rejection towards the downside we Actually recovered quite strongly and Right now still guys we're sitting at Quite an high level and we're still in An upward sloping Trend right now so Right now it is weekend and I'm not Necessarily expecting we're going to Have any breakouts over the course of The weekend I think we're going to be Consolidating a little bit sideways but I do expect that once Monday is going to Come we're going to start see more we're

Going to start see more volatility at The markets again here and most likely That is going to be the point where we Are potentially going to start to see That massive breakout occur on the Bitcoin price action and then that Massive continuation towards new Tim Highs of course so going further in Towards the content right now we broke Out also of that symmetrical triangle And Bitcoin exactly touched that Symmetrical triangle and boom bounce Back towards the offside and actually Right now while is trading it is still Trading at an relatively almost the Highest 4H hourly candle ever closed on Bitcoin so yeah still we're sitting at Quite an high level and Bitcoin is still Doing an extremely good job and Literally what happened yesterday is That we cleared out a lot of sell orders And also yesterday I spoted a new Consolidation phase I tweeted about it And also exactly after we broke the Downtrend we exploded towards the upside So once again if we will see new Consolidation phase I either will Discuss in my video or on X so make sure To also follow me on that platform as Well if you want to be staying up to Date about real-time trading Opportunities and of course everything I See I try to discuss in this video but Of course some things are just very time

Relevant so that is why I posted on X And guys if you want to be benefiting From these breakouts and the volatility In the market or these big rejections Make sure to go to decoin in link Description of today's video because That is an exchange where you could be Trading yourself without any Restrictions because more more Restrictions are coming to different Cryptocurrency exchanges and decoin is Still one of the only exchanges where You can trade without kyc with low fees And where you can copy trade the best Traders out there in the market and if You want to be having this copy trade Feature make sure to sign up account Using the link below because that is the Only way how you get access towards this Feature and also you will get an Additional deposit bonus so if you're Interested in trading check out decoin In the link description of today's video And yes right now it is really Calm Before the storm Bitcoin is about to be Breaking Above This 70k level here and Once we confirm the breakout just like I Said what happened in 2021 or 2020 we Saw 20% push towards the upside in hours And expect something similar is going to Be happening with Bitcoin this time Around and like I've discussed many Times before my bull market Target for Bitcoin is sitting around

$170,000 and I think the 100K is going To be reached with within three to four Weeks after we close the first daily Candle above that alltime high so I'm Going to be looking forward towards that And once it happen of course I will keep You guys exactly up to date and once We're seeing some signals that the Market potentially is going to be Topping out because we are going to get Massive Corrections along the way Towards the upside and I believe that The 1.618 is going to be a very Important level to be keep your keeping Your eyes wide open on so I will guys Keep you up to date on what I'm Expecting what could be happening next And if you just subscribe to the channel Right now you will you will definitely Benefit the most from that upcoming Bitcoin bull run because right now in 38 Days we're going to have the Bitcoin Hing and many people have said always The Bitcoin Hing is actually a sell the News event but if we're looking back at History I mean yeah in 2016 Bitcoin went A little bit down and then we had that Big push towards the upside here in 2020 It didn't really was a sell the news Event in my opinion we just had the Pandemic crash actually and now we're Already forming a new Tim M before that Whole thing is happening and we're in a Different stage of the cycle and where

Everyone is right now saying it's going To be a sell the news event I think Because everyone is saying that it's not Really going to be happening exactly Like that right and what is going to be Happening once the halfing comes is that Bitcoin production is going to get cut In half and since we are having a Different environment compared to four Years ago we're right now having Black Rock buying more than what is it 5 to 6,000 Bitcoin every single day on Average probably start to see that it is Not going to be sell the news event but It's actually going to be accelerating The Bitcoin price action off work and if We're looking at the chart here I mean It has never been a big sell the news Event and if we were to be getting any Correction I would take the opportunity With both hands for sure with both And if there's going to be any Correction at all and I said it many Times before it looks to be that the new Standard in this cycle is going to be 20% Corrections because every single Time since the bare Market B done the Only the biggest Corrections we've seen Are just 20% Corrections so if we were To be getting any 20% correction in the Near future it would also mean it's Going to be a big opportunity to Actually accumulate loan positions which I'm also going to be doing guys because

I will be opening up some new trades Here and I will be trying to do so on That next 20% % correction towards the Downside whether it's going to be um Once Bitcoin pushed up to 80k or 100K or 12K it doesn't really matter for me U But I'm just going to be a little bit More patient right now because of course The last thing I want to be doing is Losing and that is of course a thing That no one wants to be doing losing Because losing is for freaking losers And that is not what we're doing but I Am a very patient Trader and yeah you Can also copy trade me on decoin because Yeah my next trade I'm going to be Taking on decoin um with a lot of money Once I do see that good opportunity in The market so this is it for today of The video if you did enjoy it slap that Like button subscribe to the channel Guys I will be back tomorrow again with Another update and then the day after It's Monday and I think that is the Point where really the explosive price Action is going to be happening I think That this weekend a lot of altcoins are Going to be exploding because Bitcoin is Probably going to go a little bit Sideways so if you want to be learning More about altcoins go to altcoin Rover My second Channel where I talk about Altcoins thanks so much for watching I'll see you guys on the next one peace

Out goodbye

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