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Bitcoin broke below super important Support and on today's video I will be Exactly discuss the most important Support currently trading below us I Will talk about my price targets I will Talk about the liquidation heat map and Many more important charts that are Going to tell us something about where Bitcoin is heading towards next so Without any further Ado don't forget to Slap up that like button back above 800 Likes on today's update video that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away Into ours the imature term of the Bitcoin price action for over 10 days in A row I've been saying that if Bitcoin Were to be coming towards 39.7k it will Be a gift and right now Bitcoin once Again has seen a significant correction Towards the downside and I'm still going To say the same I currently still think That 40.6k is going to be the first big Support below us but as soon as we do Break that level I think 39.7 to 39.4k is going to be my target as Support and I personally really think we Could be bouncing from off that level so What I will be saying here is that I Still have my ORD set up around this Level and if Bitcoin were to be Retesting that region right there again I will be most certainly add a Significant amount of money towards my

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Current ongoing Bitcoin trade I already Have open so this is my big support Target I'm currently aiming for and Honestly if I'm looking at Bitcoin we Currently have been seeing a breakdown Of the symmetrical triangle on bitcoin After we' seen this level supported Bitcoin for more than six times in a row We right now broke below it and after Breaking below it we saw that this Previous support Target flipped into Resistance like I exactly talked to Everyone out there what we want to be Seeing and at that point Bitcoin saw a Gigantic rejection towards the downside So we had to breakdown and retest of the Previous support level flipping into Resistance and right now it is breaking Lower and honestly the levels where I Should be looking at right now here is Of course first of all the the current 4-Hour support that we're hanging on on I mean so far we're still holding on Towards this level but just like I said I think if we break this level right Here the next support Target for Bitcoin Is going to be 39.7k what is going to be A super interested range for me to be Accumulating more Bitcoin long trades Looking at the liquidation heat map Currently the majority of the Liquidations are actually laying below Us and it's laying sore rent at 40.5k Region the approximately $800 million Us

In Bitcoin Longs are going to get Liquidated if Bitcoin comes down towards That 40.5k level so yeah going to keep my Eyes wide open towards it and honestly Since we're running so close towards it I won't be surprised that Bitcoin is Actually going to be touching that level I mean if I approach Bitcoin a little Bit differently we are potentially Creating somewhat of a descending Triangle and to be very clear such kind Of a pattern is actually a very bearish Pattern because a descending triangle is A typical bearish buas reversal pattern And I mean you can see that Bitcoin Create this pattern in the bare Market Of 2019 2018 but honestly this pattern Right here is a very beish SP pattern And honestly if Bitcoin is really going To be breaking below this level I won't Be surprised that Bitcoin is actually Going to see a significant move towards The downside and of course I think the First support is going to be this level Right here 39.7k then we could see a Small little Bounce from it and once we See that initial bounce here I'm going To put my stop loss straight away Towards profit so that is very important To understand what I will be doing with This trade once I get this entry in here I will almost immediately move my stop Loss to profit because yes we want to be

Minimizing the risk and maximizing the Profit and yesterday I also discussed The fact that we had another meme coin Absolutely explode and that is Historically speaking is usually not Meaning something really good for Bitcoin because usually the point where Meme coins are exploding is the point Where the market is going to be topping Out because that's literally what we' Have seen with Pepe we've seen that with Sheiba and we've seen it with Doge and Right now again we had bunk here on that Initial move towards the downside for Bitcoin exploding so this is actually Quite a bad thing here and usually it Doesn't really take that long before we Have a massive correction in the market Just like we had with Pepe just like we Had with Shiva and just like we had with Dogecoin so this is something to be Paying attention towards but honestly my Price expectation right now for Bitcoin Is not necessarily a massive dump right Now here and I and I've drawn this price Expectation literally at the top well Bitcoin was sitting at the top and People were saying no we're going to go Even more exponential I said no I Personally think we're going to see some Consolidation right now for Bitcoin and Once we're going to be entering that Bitcoin spot ETF approval window we're Going to see another slide pump towards

The upside so that is why I currently Want to be actually looking for these Long positions on bitcoin because I Really think we are going to see another Move towards the upside once we're going To be entering the Bitcoin sport ETF Approval window what is literally only 16 days out from now on so that is why I Expect that this is the point where I Want to be accumulating more Bitcoin and I really think that 39.7k is going to be The Lower Side of the region so that is Why I am definitely interested on Accumulating my positions around that Level right there so if you want to be Trading yourself don't forget to go to Buy it in the link description of Today's video because you could Currently claim a deposit bonus up to $40,000 and without this link it's only 400 and on top of that you could claim a Free $1,000 trade and all you need to do Here is go to the link description of Today's video sign up using that link Below complete kyc level one deposit $100 in your first seven days and you Will be able to claim that free $1,000 Position on buybit you can claim it on Bitcoin ethereum or on Pepe and if you Can't trade on bybit whatsoever check Out FX because FX also allows you to Trade without kyc it's very similar Towards buybit but you just don't need To do kyc so that's also super nice so

Check it out in the link description of Today's video I also absolutely love This exchange and and this chart that I'm currently going to show you guys I've shown this so many times before on The channel as well and that is purely That because of the history because last Time around Bitcoin got rejected so Significantly on the top side and Supported so significantly on the lower Side I really think it's going to be Playing out again here I think this is The support Target the levels where you Want to be buying this is the Distribution range here and honestly if We break above it that is going to be The point we're going we probably go Absolutely exponential and the Lower Side as well if we break below the Accumulation range then probably we're Going to go lower but this is the region That I'm currently keeping my eyes wide Open on if it's in the green it's at Least for me definitely a buy so so yeah Guys uh once again we broke that of a Symmetrical triangle these patterns are Super nice to be trading in in the bull Run so make sure to keep your eyes wide Open on the channel because we're trying To discuss all these important channels And yeah it will be highly appreciated If you can slap up the subscriber button Right now here since my goal is of Course to one day hit that one million

Subscribers on YouTube then as well if We're looking at the super Trend the 4- Day time frame we can see that basically In the entire bare Market we have seen The super Trend be bearish and after the Bare Market Buton was in the Super Trend Actually turned bullish and I will be Once again tell you guys once this Indicator is going to be flipping Bearish yet again I will be notifying Everyone out there even though I do know From the last bare Market it was Actually a bad point that had notified You it was going bearish but in the Bigger Trends usually it is really Helping us to determine whether Bitcoin Is in an upward strength or in a Downward strength here so this is a Thing I want to be pointing out this is A thing I want to be sharing with Everyone out there on the channel so Make sure to subscribe to the channel to Stay up to date about the super Trend Indicator and about where we're heading Towards next year so this is definitely Looking very interesting then as well I Have discussed this level numerous times Before as well I think that people are Right now in the wrong stage of Mind Here because some people are thinking We're already entering a bar Market I Personally think that we're in a Midcycle runup this the point where We're going to be having the runup

Preing and we're just probably in my Opinion just see that slight correction Then the Hing comes and then we're going To see that exponential move towards the Upside and create maybe a massive C and Handle on the bigger perspective right So I don't think we should be bearish on The long term I don't think we Necessarily should be super bearish on The short term but I think we should not Necessarily expect that the Bitcoin bull Market has already started I mean some People are saying yes it already has Started but it's better to say no we're Just in that reaccumulation phase still Here and honestly for me the bull market Really starts if Bitcoin breaks his Altim high and honestly I am super Prepared for the next Bull Run uh I mean I would love to have more time to Accumulate even more crypto but I'm Already prepared for the next Bull Run But I don't want to be fooling my Followers out there because if we're Looking about where the stage of the Cycle we currently in it doesn't really Make sense to right now say we're in a Bull run even though though there are a Lot of signals that are currently Indicating us right now oh yeah this is Also what happened last time around in The pre-o market stage here maybe were Writing going to get that correction Towards the downside and then that move

Towards the upside just like we had Right here so correction down then the Move up maybe something similar is going To be happening for Bitcoin that will be Absolutely amazing of course but Honestly I really think that Bitcoin is Just moving like expected and one thing I want to be discussing here before Ending the video and that is of course The ethereum compared to bitcoin uh pair I mean so many people are saying yeah It's altcoin season whatsoever I believe That yes we could have a slight altcoin Season right here but you have to Understand that the ethereum compared to Bitcoin chart in my opinion looks Actually very bearish why am I saying so Is because literally we are right now in An exponential movement towards the Downside and this is on the weekly time Frame so you have to really understand This could take some time before playing Out here but yeah if you look at this This I mean you could even inverted and I did this several times before and you Can see that this is an exponential Rally towards the upside right and and Due to this being towards the downside And right now hanging on Live support if Ethereum breaks his support Target right Here it could potentially drop very Significantly against Bitcoin and that Would be devastating for altcoin so I am Not 100% sure that altcoin season is

Here yet and honestly I think that Ethereum is looking quite weak here Against Bitcoin so hopefully we're not Going to be breaking below the support Because if we do we could lose a Significant amount of value from etherum Compared to bitcoin and I am personally Also a big invest into ethereum and I Wouldn't love to see this but I do want To be sharing this fact that it is Looking weak on the charts but maybe It's going to be bouncing back from all This level maybe the downtrend is going To be ending at this exact point maybe We are right now creating that bottom Structure but yeah I do want to be Pointing this out that we are right now Looking quite bearish for the ethereum Price action so this was it for me on Today's update video I truly hope you Did enjoyed if you did so don't forget To subscribe to the channel share this Video with your friends if you did learn Something from it and want that being Said see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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