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Within 48 hours from now on the Black Rock Bitcoin sport ttf will be getting Accepted and even potentially it could Be happening today so on today's video I Will talk about what this means for Bitcoin I will talk about the most Important charts the most important news We need to discuss right now because yes The Bitcoin sport ETF is so close and And this is what the major Market moves Will be driving in the upcoming 48 hours So without any further ado don't forget To snap up that like button back above 1,000 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that of being said Ley jumps straight away in towards the Imminent shortterm on bitcoin where we Can currently see that Bitcoin is still Holding on towards this very important Horizontal support line I mean yes Indeed Bitcoin broke the upper sloping Support line and ever since we did so Yeah we went down towards this very Imported horizontal support line what I Also discussed on yesterday's video So Currently still Bitcoin is holding up to Towards this level and like I said on Yesterday's video as long as Bitcoin is Holding this level I don't think we're Going to go much lower but as soon as we Do break below that 43.1k level I think The next big support Target for Bitcoin Is going to be sitting around 42.2k so yeah indeed if Bitcoin does

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Design to be breaking below the green Box we could be going a little bit lower But of course still you have to Understand that the main move Bitcoin is Going to be making is going to be on That ETF news and most likely in the Days before it and in the hours before Getting accepted we are going to be Seeing a lot of volatility and we're Going to be seeing a lot of fake outs so Don't be fooled on the Bitcoin price Action right now and of course if we're Still looking at Bitcoin I would still Approach this as a massive consolidation Phase and we're just still yet to be Having that massive breakout from of This point so we're still just waiting Before that big move is going to get Initiated and of course on the 4ly time Frame we're still creating an upper sing Support line that thing is also looking Very good and on the 4ly time frame we Can clearly see that this resistance box I called for a very long time right now Here is still acting as major resistance So the 44.2k is the level to break for Bitcoin And also if we do break Above This level Before the potential ETF acceptance I do Think it's going to be a very bullish Thing and we would likely going to see a Continuation towards the upside because If we're also looking at the Bitcoin Heat map we can currently see yes indeed

There is some amount of Bitcoin Liquidity laying above us around that 44.6k level we're seeing an Approximately 800 million Us in Bitcoin Long positions we're seeing that Approximately $800 million US dollar Worth of bitcoin long position Liquidations are laying down rank that Level so so honestly could we get a Massive fake out towards the downside The Bitcoin SP ETF then gets accepted And bounce back towards the upside most Certainly we can so yeah there could be Some very big fake outs on Bitcoin in The upcoming days and up coming hours so Make sure to be prepared for that Currently I have personally already set Up the levels where I'm buying I of Course have my buy orders set up around 39.7k and I'm buying in approximately $400,000 worth of bitcoin once we're Going to be reaching that level so make Sure to of course make your own strategy But this is currently the strategy that I am using at the same time the fing Rates remain to be negative what means That there're still more shorters than Longers in the market and of course if The ETF gets accepted we're going to be Seeing a massive short squeeze on Bitcoin and of course right now we're Coming at the end stage of that Bitcoin SPO TF approval and if we're looking About what Fox right now is reporting

What Reuters is reporting all these Massive companies these massive news Corporations are saying that most likely The Bitcoin spot ETF is going to get Accepted on Wednesday and not on Monday Or Tuesday so the main consensus is Still that the spot ETF is going to get Accepted on Wednesday so we need to be a Little bit patient for that but to be Very honest could it be also happening Today or tomorrow yes most certainly but Of course it is most likely that it is Actually going to be happening on that Wednesday so that is very important for Everyone to keep their eyes on of course Guys honestly I still think you're super Early if you're getting into Bitcoin Right now because literally the Black Rock Bitcoin sport ETF has got a One-on-one backing with real Bitcoin and Literally they also stated that they Have more than two billion used dollarss Already lined up for the first week and Honestly that would be absolutely insane And this is literally only for Black Rock and we're going to be of course Seeing also these other issuers bring in A lot of capital to bitcoin so honestly I really expect maybe we're not going to Necessarily get that pump once it gets Accepted but once it really goes live on The market we are guaranteed to see a Massive bump on bitcoin getting created So that is is definitely very

Interesting in my opinion and of course The fact that the SEC also tweeted about That you shouldn't fall for fomo well That Bitcoin ETF is just days or even Hours around the corner makes also sense For me that we are going to see that Bitcoin SP ETF getting accepted and at The same time we can currently clearly See the Bitcoin price section is still Holding up this daily support line but In the end of the day it all is about The news at the moment so that is why It's important to keep your eyes wide Open on that and yeah if you want to be Trading Bitcoin yourself you could Currently claim deposit bonus wereth $40,000 all you need to do for that is Literally only go to the link Description of today's video sign up an Accounts and trade on buybit because Without this link it's only a $400 use Deposit bonus that you're getting on the Website so it's a win-win situation and On top of that you could claim a free $1,000 trade and it's insane what you Have to do for it because it's almost Nothing you only have to go to the link Description of today's video sign up That account complete kyc level one Deposit $100 in your first seven days And you could claim a free 1,000 Position for only depositing $100 and That is only available on buid and of Course if you cont trade there check out

Fex the this is definitely an insane Deposit bonus so right now we're coming Closer and closer towards the Bitcoin Sport ETF and we can see that the teda Market Gap is still increasing massively I think this is a very bullish Development in the market in general and Usually the higher the market cap of T Goes the higher the Bitcoin price goes As well so honestly I think it's going To be inable even in general we are Going to be seeing that that next push Towards the upside and to be very honest I think it is also going to be happening Uh once that ETF gets accepted right so Uh we are still seeing that Bitcoin is Holding up towards the daily EMA ribbon And of course on the bigger perspective We're creating a massive consolidation Phase that is just moments before Breaking out and once we break out we Are probably going to be having a Massive move for Bitcoin and like I said Earlier if we break above the red box And if we break Above The Orange Box I Think what is going to be next is that Bitcoin ultim High it could be happening Very quickly right now here I do also Think that 2024 is going to be the year Where Bitcoin is going to be setting new Tim highs and maybe it's going to be Already way quicker than I'm expecting But I think it is going to be happening Fairly soon again for Bitcoin so things

Are looking very strong for Bitcoin Right now here I don't see a big reason To be necessarily panicking on the Bitcoin price action right now here so With that being said guys we just have To wait a little bit longer before that ETF gets accepted and then we are going To be seeing that massive volatility We've been waiting for and honestly the Bitcoin price action has been very Boring and slowly lately but still I Think we're going to be having that Pre-run up towards the upside moments Before that ETF gets accepted so make Sure to get ready for that I think we're Going to be having big volatility this Week and I think that in a few hours From now on we're going to be having Massive volatility on the market so with That being said thank you so much for Watching share this video with your Friends and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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