The last and final move is starting Right now and on today's update video I Will talk exactly about the levels where I will be longing Bitcoin the forecast What I currently have on that imminent Shortterm what is going to be happening Next with Bitcoin the biggest support Targets the most important news in terms To the Bitcoin SP TF I will talk about The Bitcoin liquidity heatman and many More important charts so without any Further do don't forget to slap that Like button back above 800 likes on Today's update video that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and once again guys I have been stating this yesterday I've Been stating this in the last two weeks But basically Bitcoin is once again Coming down and it's coming ever so Closer towards my target where I think Bitcoin is going to be bottoming out so Currently we're sitting around 41.1k we Saw another rejection from of this very Important critical level of resistance And currently if we're just approaching Bitcoin on the 4ly time frame we are Still sitting on very important support But I think that you could be Approaching the support as a bigger Support box all the way down sorry all The way down towards approximately 40.2k So basically Bitcoin can still go a

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Little bit lower and still be trading in The support but yes like you can see we Once again retest this level and Potentially Bitcoin is even going to Create a double bottom from off this Point but like I said earlier in the Video due to the fact that there is so Much unad liquidity below us I think That we're going to be grabbing all the Liquidity out of the market looking then At the same time as well at the Bitcoin Liquidation heat map we can just start To see that yesterday we created some Liquidity belows again and we straight Away grabbed it out of the market and Right now there is some liquidity on the Top side so maybe we're going to grab That first before going lower or before Creating a next move in general but we Just maybe have to wait to see if There's a clear amount of liquidity Building up below or above us again then At that point we will most likely grab Out all that liquidity that is sitting Over there in the market so also here on My chart I have been saying this for Quite a while I think that Bitcoin is Going to come down to 39.7k before Potentially going higher again and 39.7k Is the most important level support I've Been looking at and currently I set an Approximately six to seven Bitcoin Around this level to be longing Bitcoin So this is of course quite an important

Level for me I'm also going to be Opening up a big trade on ethereum at The same time while this is all Happening I told this as well yesterday We are potentially going to be creating A Bitcoin bullish Divergence I think That if we right now do see that loss Move towards the downside we could be Creating a very nice higher Lan that RSI And then that bullish Divergence could Be playing out but so far I don't really Approach this bullish Divergence as the Thing I want to be playing I just want To be seeing Bitcoin come down towards My region 39.7k that is the level where I will be interested and what would be The best scenario to be very clear some People may want to be seeing okay we Touch that level and we straight away Pump towards the upside no that is not The thing I would love to see I would Like to see Bitcoin come down Consolidate a little bit in this region And then take off back towards the Upside and break this very important Resistance and if we break once again Back Above This resistance right here That would be for me the confirmation That Bitcoin is going to go higher again And so far in terms of my drawing what I've been expecting it has been going as Plan and potentially even today or Tomorrow we could already see this final Move getting initiated so it's not going

To take long anymore from off this point So we have to be very patient and Honestly I am a patient Trader I am a Lion I let the trade come to me and like You know if you've been following the Channel I've been waiting for this trade For quite a while right now here I said Is on $48,000 so for me be entering this trade Is of course a big thing here looking Quickly at the ETF flows here we do know That approximately 95,000 Bitcoins are Currently held in Bitcoin spit ETFs Excluding gray scale and including gray Scale we're having an approximately 650,000 Bitcoin so there's more and more Bitcoin getting eaten up by these Bitcoin funds or Bitcoin ETFs and this Is just a massive thing here currently Black Ro is holding more than 33,000 Bitcoins and honestly at this rate of BAS BlackRock will be owning more than 100,000 Bitcoins in three weeks from now On so things are moving very quickly and You have to understand that a lot of These Bitcoins are literally getting Eaten up by Fidelity and black rock they Are literally buying your Bitcoin while You are potentially Panic selling and Honestly I think that this main dump Towards the downside is getting started And getting initiated by gray skill but Still at some point they're going to be Stopped to doing this but currently they

Still have more than 550,000 Bitcoins in Their fund and due to that the sell Pressure could still be quite immense Since yes they've got a management fee Of 1.5% and since they do not want to be Lowering it they are going to be a lots Of people that just want to be exiting That gray skill fund here because it Makes no sense to hold their Bitcoin in That fund while at Black Rock they could Only pay like a 0.2% management feed an Approximately 80% lower compared to gr Skill so this is a very important thing That's currently going on here and this Could definitely generate some more sell Pressure and that is also mainly why my Targets are a little bit lower and if I Get entered on this trade and I see a Weak balance for Bitcoin towards the Upside towards this level or potentially Even not break above it I'm potentially Going to even set my stop loss here at Entry and then I want to be exiting the Trades because Bitcoin could go a little Bit lower and what is my next Target if I'm not going to be seeing my buy Zone Provide enough support here it is going To be 37.6k it's going to be this level Right here uh I will be explaining that Level in my next video or if we're going To be clo closely approaching the level But this is also a very important level On The Daily and weekly time frame and I Do expect that that will be then the

Level where Bitcoin is going to be Finding massive amounts of support so I Will be doing that that is my strategy Currently so if you want to be trading Bitcoin yourself you could currently do So here on buybit if you're rting a sign Up account using the link below you Could claim a $40,000 deposit bonus on Bitcoin and on top of that guys you Could currently claim a free $1,000 use For only depositing $100 in your first Seven days after you signed up an Account using that link below so if you Want to be claiming a free $1,000 trade All you need to do is literally sign up Account using that link below deposit $100 in your first seven days and you Could be claiming this free $1,000 and Yeah if you can't trade on buyit make Sure to check out fmax where you can Trade without kyc without VPN and also If you sign up an account using that Link below you could get a 10% cash back On everything you are depositing on this Exchange up to $1 million us what is of Course absolutely insane so before going In towards the content I quickly want to Be pointing out that Bitcoin currently Is re-entering the Euphoria stage in the Market and Euphoria basically means that People are getting too over excited Potentially and that is a fair and greed Index signal so this signal is right now Flashing for the first time since

2021 and I mean the last few times this Signal has flashed it usually has Indicated a top in the market uh could We once again say is this a top is this A midcycle top just like Bitcoin had in 2019 I mean potentially it could be Could be the same but right now the big Difference is is that the actual Bitcoin SP ETF issuers are actually buying up Bitcoin so I don't think that we're Going to get such a big crash here all The way down to 3K just like we had from 12K for Bitcoin uh in that mid cycle top Before but what I will be expecting is Potentially we could see a 20 to 30% Correction currently we're already 20% In and that could be it for Bitcoin and This move towards a downside or some More sideway consolidation So currently Here on the daily time frame we are Actually seeing that the Bitcoin price Action is trading below the daily EMA Ribbon and basically Potentially we're going to be seeing a Bearish close over here on the daily EMA And if that were to be happening it will Be the first one in approximately 120 Days and yeah usually once the daily EMA Does cross bearish it means some very Bad things for Bitcoin because the day After it cross bearish over here August 2023 we had this massive Rush towards The downside so that is actually a very Important thing to know so let's see how

It's going to be playing out but it will Keep M wide open on it on the daily time Frame we actually broke this daily Support what is also quite a bearish Thing here and here on the weekly chart We we can see that Bitcoin is currently Still getting rejected by this most Important weekly level resistance so Once Bitcoin is going to be breaking Above This level I stated this many Times before that is the point the bull Run will be starting for Bitcoin but as Long as we're not breaking Above This Level right here I would remain to be Expecting we're in this reaccumulation Phase and once we break above it that is The point where I think Bitcoin is going To go absolutely exponential so this was It for me in today's update video again This is my strategy for the imminent Short term Bitcoin is already coming Down a little bit more here guys but Yeah I will be only buying r at 39.7 to 39.5k level so this was it for me in Today's update video thank you so much For watching and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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