This Bitcoin veteran is said to be Breaking out in the coming days while The 10 trillion US dollar BlackRock fund Officially files for a Bitcoin spot ETF What could drive massive amounts of Money in towards the Bitcoin market and At the same time Bitcoin is bouncing From its legendary support line so don't Forget to watch this video till the end Because in this video I will go over the Most important charts for crypto I will Give a brief update on my current Ongoing Bitcoin trade that is once again Back in a profit and I will talk about Many more important charts so don't Forget to slap up that like button can We smash back over 500 likes that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content once I'm going to be Looking at the image short term for Bitcoin we can see that we once again Have seen a small little bands here from The Lower Side yesterday I talked about It that I was buying around these levels And that I will still continue to be Buying more Bitcoin as prices go down my Buy range is between 23 000 and 26 000 Dollars and I personally think right now It's still a good range for accumulation However one thing to be paying attention Towards is that this level right here Previously around was a very big level Of support like you can see after we

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Retested again we once again found Support on this level but ever since Bitcoin broke below this level right Here it right now officially flipped Into resistance and we are literally Rhino trading against resistance so yes We are currently trading in embarrassed Trend we are creating lower highs every Single time we're creating lower lows Every single time and we're literally Retesting a very critical range of Resistance right now so make sure to be Paying attention towards this novel Right here because this is a level that Significantly could provide Bitcoin a Huge rejection so yes the one hour time Frame is looking quite dangerously after We basically broke down of this Consolidation phase so one of will be Paying attention towards right now is if Bitcoin can manage to be breaking back Above this very important level that Previously Iran provided support and That Rhino could be flipping into Resistance furthermore we can see that Bitcoin is Rhino creating a perfect Falling wedge pattern here on the 4la Time frame Bitcoin is clearly trading Lower highs and lower lows I've been Saying this for quite a while already Right now and the question really Remains when are we going to be breaking The trend when are we going to reverse The trend and when is this pattern going

To be breaking out and just like I said On yesterday's video If Bitcoin is going To be bouncing it's going to be from of This level and that is also exactly what Happened so you can see Bitcoin once Again Bounce from of this downward Sloping support line and basically As Time continues I expect to see more Bounces from of this level if we do see More retails on this level so pay Attention towards it as soon as we do Break below the downward solving support Line there's of course big danger for Bitcoin but as soon as we do break above The top side of resistance we could see A big big breakout because if this Falling wedge pattern tends to be Breaking out we could start to see a big Big move happening for Bitcoin so I'm Going to be paying attention towards These levels right here we have to be a Little bit more patient to see this one Breaking out here on the four early time Frame you can clearly see we've got Another approximately 10 to 15 days even Before this better could be breaking out So it could take another one to two Weeks here so don't expect this game to Be a big breakout today here however if I'm looking at the 12 hour time frame we Can currently see that this fall Language better looks to be breaking out Within the coming eight days so yes I am Expecting that within seven days from

Now on we're probably going to see the Falling rights breaking out of course I Do not want to be seeing this happening Over the course of the weekend because Then we could be creating a gigantic CME Gap over the course of the weekend I Just expect there's not going to be a Lot of volatility and since it is Friday Right now we either need to be breaking Out today here or we need to stay into The pattern to of course make this a Good trading opportunity because if We're breaking out on the weekend it's Definitely very dangerously to trade it That is the thing I want to be saying of Course I'm currently 220 000 US Dollars Long on my Bitcoin trade I've been Talking about my trade for quite a while Right now I'm completely transparent and Like I've been saying for quite a while As Bitcoin goes down here I'm going to Add more margin towards my trade so that Is exactly what I will continue to do Here currently it is backing in profit And basically what I'm waiting for is For Bitcoin needs to go even more lower Or to just have the big bands to Yourself so what I'm expecting because Right now we are literally trading at a Very important level of horizontal Support right so I'm expecting this Level is going to be providing support But Bitcoin could still come down a Little bit lower before we're going to

See that big big bands happening right Here so I'm going to continue to be Buying around this range and as time Continues I can be building up a bigger And bigger position my goal is to be Building up a million US dollar Bitcoin Trading position but in order for me to Be opening up such a big trading size The Bitcoin price action does need to go A little bit lower because otherwise I'm Going to take in too big of a position At too high of a prize and if I were to Be averaging down my entry price the Price for Bitcoin also need to be a Little bit lower so for me to open up a Million dollar trade here Bitcoin Definitely needs to go down to twenty Thousand dollars But as time continues And as Bitcoin goes down with time if it Does go down here I'm going to add more Margins subscribe to the channel if you Want to be staying up to date about all My updates on my trade here and if You're interested in trading yourself go To the link description sign up at Account on big cat because bitcad allows You to trade without kyc without VPN and You can claim it deposit bonus up to Fifty thousand dollars and be aware it's Only valid if you sign up an account Using the link in the description but Let me write a go in towards the most Important part of the video and that is Of course that Bitcoin is literally

Bouncing from of the legendary support Line you can see in the past Bitcoin Bans from off this level and yet again We bans from of the legendary support Line like I've been saying I've talked About this yesterday no one is talking About this on the internet I've been Talking about this very important Support line and you can see Bitcoin is Bouncing from it and it looks perfectly We're bouncing perfectly from it Together with the horizontal support That we're currently trading on I am Currently a buyer also Bitcoin came down Towards the support of the bull flag What I've also yesterday talked about Rebounds from that one as well Furthermore we can see the legendary Support line together with the low of The falling wedge pattern perfect bands Basically for Bitcoin so so yes in the End of the day we're still trading in The falling wedge pattern we still have Not seen a breakout and for now on we Just have to wait a little bit longer Before we're really going to see the Bracket for the falling wedge better and Like I said on my previous locations This pattern could be taking maybe Another two weeks before it's going to Be breaking out at least it could be Taking another week here so so the Expectation is that at next month we Need to wait another two weeks before

We're going to see that big move Happening for Bitcoin whether it's going To be up or down it could be happening Today but maximally it could take two Weeks from here on so be aware for that I mean at the same time we can see we're Matching the laws of volatility as the Beginning of January and also at the Beginning of October so get ready for More volatility because once Bitcoin Volatility is low for a long time we Always see big spikes and volatility hit The market afterwards we can see carbon Handle pattern bouncing from support Looking beautifully at the same time we Do know BlackRock officially files for Bitcoin spot ATF this could be a massive Catalyst for the next Bull Run because Because the spot ETF allows these Investors from Wall Street to actually Buy in to the Bitcoin price action on The spot market and that could cause Massive volatility that could cause Massive body pressure and that could be The Catalyst for the next Bull Run so to Clear it out BlackRock right now filed For this spot ETF for Bitcoin the SEC Could still deny them or they could Approve them but if it gets approved This will be super bullish for the Bitcoin market and I can guarantee you We could literally see a 10 to 15 pump If this comes through so this is going To be super bullish if it comes through

And basically Bitcoin could see a Gigantic Bounce from off this level So Currently we can see Bitcoin retesting The weekly in first and his shoulders on The bigger perspective things are Looking quite bullish here so that was It for me in today's update video Bitcoin trading on Super Key important Support here I mean I'm still buying Here I'm going to accumulate more around This level I think it's a good range to Accumulate and basically I'm going to Keep my eyes wide open on these falling Wedge patterns right here so thank you So much for watching towards amazing new Update video I hope to see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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