Bitcoin is bouncing from support right Now and in this exact video I will talk About the most important consolidation Phase I will talk about Bitcoin that Currently is still trading in the Consolidation phase that we're right now I will talk about this consolidation Phase and how we could be breaking Outside of it I will talk about the most Important patterns and many more Important stuff because right now we're Making more than 1.5 Bitcoin on our Bitcoin trade so in this exact video I Will give you guys an update on that and Many more stuff so don't forget to slap Up that like button on today's update Video okay we once again smash it back About 500 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that of being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Content to be very honest the last two Weeks have been very boring for Bitcoin Because basically Bitcoin has been Trading in this side quest consolidation Phase for already two weeks and after we Created the range I'd said to everyone Out there on the channel we have to wait To see whenever Bitcoin is going to be Breaking outside of the range that is The point where volatility is really Going to pick up again so ever since Bitcoin has been trading in this range Bitcoin has not really created that big Of a move and basically has been traded

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Around known places and of course that Is that 30 000 US dollars so right now We're just still waiting to see whether Bitcoin is going to be breaking the top Side of resistance or the Lower Side of Support to break bullish or bearish on The four early time frame you can Currently see the Bitcoin is creating an Earth or sloping support line and Bitcoin actually bounced from off the Support line what is of course a very Beautiful thing to see and it looks to Be that this trend is a very respected Trend because Bitcoin bounce already More than one two three four five and The sixth time yesterday we banned some Of this level so this is a super Important level to be looking at and Currently we once again are advancing From it of course on the four leak time Frame we can also clearly see one resist Level on the top side what is the 31.2 K And that is clearly the level we need to Be breaking if we were to be breaking Bullish and of course you can clearly See if you zoom out right now we're Creating maybe somewhat of an ascending Triangle or basically just and Consolidation phase for Bitcoin and the Criteria for a breakout is just to see a Break above the Range High or either a Breakdown and the criteria for a Breakdown will have to be a break of the Lower side of the range so I will be

Keeping my eyes wide open on this level Right here and as soon as we do break Outside of this range that is the point Where I would be expecting Bitcoin is Going to once again create massive Volatility do also take into account That Bitcoin created an approximately 25 Move towards the upside and ever since It moved 25 towards the upside it has Not gone lower and ever since it had a Stable consolidation around this region Right here so as soon as we do break Outside of the region we are expecting There's going to be once again a super Exponential movement whether it's going To be up or whether it's going to be Down here I see many people on Twitter Turning bearish right now what is Actually making me feel a little bit More bullish I personally think there's Still that upside potential and you can See here yesterday we were looking at The symmetrical triangle we brought Broke back in towards it we bounced off The Lower Side of support and right now We're actually training above it again So this is actually also looking quite Good here and of course on The Farley Time framework creating that ascending Triangle where I will keep my eyes wide Open towards right now here furthermore We can see that I'm currently still in This long position and I've been saying It for quite a while I am not going to

Be closing up my Bitcoin long position Anytime soon here because my price Targets around 38 to 40 000 and Personally I think it's very easy to Reach and if you did join me with this Trade since I showed it on my YouTube Channel and you also still got the Position open and of course I'm not your Financial advisor but I'm only showing You what I am doing but I'm going to Remain to hold my position and if Bitcoin ever goes low below 25 000 again I'm just going to add more margin Exactly like I told everyone out there On the channel on the strategy on how I Was opening up this Bitcoin long Position so if Bitcoin really goes lower I'm just going to add more margin Because I think the Bitcoin and the bear Market is behind us and I right now want To get right now I want to get get a Very good swing trade entry price for my Next position so that is of course the Thing I'm looking at furthermore if you Do want to be trading go to the link Description right now here because we've Got another 25 days because right now You can claim a free 1 000 US dollar Bitcoin or xrp position all you need to Do to claim this free 1 000 US dollars Is sign up an account using the link Above deposit 100 within seven days and Enjoy your free 1 000 US dollars xrp or Bitcoin long position so make sure to go

To the link description to claim this Deposit bonus there's currently only for The xrp one ninety percent left here so As soon as it hits zero there's no Availability in the stock so be quick Make sure to benefit from this insane Deposit bonus the more we can currently Clearly still see the resistance to Break it's super simple it's 31 to 32 000 we just have to see a break above That level if we were to see Bitcoin Going higher and of course as well on The three day time frame we can Currently clearly see Bitcoin is Creating a carpet handle and the exact Resistance is that 31 000 US dollars or That 30.7 K where we're getting rejected From every single time so as soon as we Do break above that level that is the Point also where the market could start To shift around here and where we could Start to see more exponential price Action getting created and of course I Mean it's quite boring because I'm Talking about this for already two weeks In a row here and nothing really has Changed here the Bitcoin the resistance To break is 31 to 32 000 and to be very Honest if we really want to be seeing a Move on the internet short term it has To first break outside of this range and If we break outside of the range that is The point where we go exponential so That is why you can of course open up a

Trade if we break bullish or you can Open up a trade if we confirm the break Bearish to be doing so but for now I Just have to be a little bit more Patient and I mean the consolidation Phase we've been looking at some have Been breaking out some have been Breaking backing towards it like you can See right here that basically we're Expecting there's going to be a gigantic Breakout happening as soon as Bitcoin Breaks outside this yellow box right Here so get ready for that I'm going to Keep my eyes wide open on this box here Also it's important to pay attention Towards this upper Islamic support line We're currently creating attention right Now here big one looks to be pumping a Lot right now in the imminent short term So maybe we're going to be breaking Outside of the yellow box today and if That happens you know what's going to be Happening next Bitcoin could see Explanation movements and if Bitcoin Breaks above this historical level we're Going to see an entire new Bitcoin Bull Run getting re-initiated so get ready For that that was it for me on today's Update video thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out Google

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