Bitcoin has seen a massive pump towards The upside and on today's video I will Be exactly explaining about what Happened about what level we're Currently trading against and what is Most likely to be happening next the Most important news the most important ETF news and many more important charts So without any further Ado don't forget To slap up that like button once again Back above 1,000 likes that would be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away Into towards the content So Yesterday Bitcoin created this new consolidation Phase like I discussed here and yes we Saw another break towards the upside and In yesterday's video and yesterday on Twitter as well I stated that I think we Could get one final pushup towards 43.4 To 43.5k before potentially seeing a major Rejection but like you can see what Currently happened we moved up to 43. What is it 7K even with a small wiek on The top side but basically somewhere Around 43.6 to 43.5k we saw a major Rejection exactly from the level that I Was expecting and currently you can Clearly see this has been previously Around massive resistance for Bitcoin And once again we are currently Retesting this level so we are currently Trading at a key important level in the

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Market like you know I flip bullish on The exact bottom here on bitcoin I Closed my long positions right here Maybe you would argue it was a little Bit too early but right now I want to be Seeing what that next move is going to Be for Bitcoin right so currently we can See Bitcoin is of course getting Rejected Ed by this level right here we Broke out of the symmetrical triangle Broke upwards and currently the question Remains are we going to be breaking Above it and continue to way towards the Upside or is this potentially this Short-term top and we're going to see a Rejection honestly if I'm just looking At the price action on bitcoin I won't Be surprised that we're going to see a Rejection and potentially move all the Way back down to $42,000 because $42,000 is a baseline of Support that previously R we also got Supported by and at that point we could Also create a perfect Head and Shoulders pattern and that Would be of course a massive opportunity To be trading Bitcoin and honestly if we Were to be moving down I will be looking At long positions around the region of 41.4k up to $42,000 so that is my game strategy Right now here yesterday I said I want To be longing Bitcoin if it's going to Come down and today I am saying I want

To be a longing Bitcoin if it comes back Towards this region right here because This would be for me an interesting Region to be looking at Bitcoin long Positions and of course as time Continues and if we are going to come Down I will be exactly discussing my Targets here on my YouTube channel as Bitcoin is potentially going to be Moving down here so right now we are Retesting literally major resistance so In my opinion it's not necessarily smart To say okay this is the time to be Opening up long positions on bitcoin Because and first of all the reason why I want you to be a little bit more Careful right now here is that there is Almost no liquidity on the top side for Bitcoin and also if you're looking Looking at at the monthly liquidation Heat map you can clearly see that all The current liquidity being built up in The market is below us and due to that There could be a very big possibility That Bitcoin is still going to come down It could still come down towards this Region between $39,000 and $40,000 I Mean yes we've seen a very strong Recovery back towards the upside but This could definitely be a scenario that Could be playing out I mean you won't be Expecting it but this is definitely a Structure that Bitcoin has been creating Many times before so please don't don't

Be fooled and don't go all in towards Your long positions right now and I'm Also not 100% sure that I will be Opening up a trade right here because Bitcoin still could be going lower and Of course I will be opening up my trades Only if I see I've got a 90 to 95% Conviction it's going to go up or I will Only open up a short position if I will Say okay now I am almost 100% sure it is Going to come down and currently I won't Be opening up a short position why is Because I am not 100% sure Bitcoin is Really going to come down from off this Level and I mean yeah Bitcoin could Still push up higher but there is also Liquidity being built up on the Lower Side what is making myself a little bit More bearish so there are mixed signals In the market right now and due to that I can't clearly tell you Bitcoin is Going to see a massive rejection from of This level or Bitcoin is going to be Massively pushing Above This level and Like you know if you've been following The channel I was very convinced Bitcoin Is going higher from of this point lower From of this point lower from of this Point and lower from of this point but Now in this current stage of the market I can't necessarily tell you and this May be a very bad thing but I can't NE Neily tell you exactly where I think Bitcoin is heading towards because

There's just not enough data for me to Say Bitcoin is right now exactly going To go up and in such kind of periods in The market you should be very careful With trading Bitcoin because that could Potentially lead in towards a loss for Your trade so the thing that I am Currently seeing is of course there's a Lot of liquidity being built up on the Lower side I mean honestly Bitcoin is Trading against resistance also against This level right here the previously Rank provided massive support here got Us rejected and of course causes has Move towards the downside and currently We are retesting this level again so I Am a little bit bearish if I'm looking At this chart but of course if I'm Looking at the momentum and purely Analyzing the strength of the chart Right here because if I'm looking at the Movement that Bitcoin is currently Creating it's a very sharp movement and Not like an rounding top structure Something like this because that is more A bearish kind of a structure but this Is a very exponential structure what is Quite a bullish structure so the Structure looks good and also if you're Looking at the weekly time frame and the Bitcoin weekly time frame is creating Massive hammer Les what which is looking Very good but on that shorter term time Frame I could potentially say oh wow but

We're running into resistance liquidity Is being built up on the lower side so Due to that I can't necessarily tell you Exactly what I think is going to be Happening next year I mean if we're Looking at the ETF flows here what is of Course very important to be looking at Yesterday gray skill sold approximately $192 Million worth of their gbtc or Basically their Bitcoins and that is of Course still causing some more sell Pressure in the market but of course as More Bitcoin is getting accumulated by Ice shares black rock or vidality or These other ETF issuers we will of Course see the market absorbing this Sell pressure and that is of course very Important to be paying attention towards As well so of course we need to do uh do Our fundamental analysis we need to do Our chart analysis but currently for me It is very hard to say exactly what is Going on here because I said this Several times before already we're Basically in a gigantic consolidation Phase and you can see it right here We're basically in a gigantic Consolidation phase and if you're Looking at the weekly time frame as well We've been already trading in this Consolidation phase for over 76 days Here so for quite a long time already For longer than eight weeks so this is Of course very important to be paying

Attention towards and this is not the Time to necessarily lose your attention So if you are interested in potentially Trading Bitcoin in the future just like I will be doing as well in the future if I see some more convictions in the Market make sure to go to the link Description of today's video because This is the last time guys you've only Got one day and 16 hours left before Before this deposit bonus will be ending And this deposit bonus allows you to Claim a free $1,000 for only depositing $100 in your first s days if you sign up An account using that link below so make Sure to be quick this deposit bonus will Be ending in one day in 16 hours and Then it will never be available again so Check it out in the link description of Today's video where you could be getting It but this is very sad if you can't Claim it and it's only one day in 16 Hours left so make sure to check it out To claim this free $1,000 trade so going Further in towards the content while we Were sitting on the lower side I said That this was the exact level where I Think Bitcoin is going to be bouncing From and that is also exactly playing Out so far right now we're creating that V-shape recovery what I also stated was Was most likely to happen and what I Said after what we were trading on the Bottom that was my expectation what was

Going to be happening bigcoin will Create a v-shaped recovery and then Crash again to full everyone and I mean Honestly that is still a possibility I Think that it is still very likely that That could be happening because what we Can clearly see is that basically the Narrative tends to be following the Price and not the price the narrative so Right now the price has been going up And everyone is saying oh but Bitcoin It's so good and gbtc outflows they're Not so bad and while we were going down Everyone was saying oh but the gbtc Outflows are too big so the narrative is Following the price and if let's say Gbtc is going to be dumping Significantly or someone some other part Is is going to be dumping Bitcoin we Will most likely see once again a Bearish narrative and it could change Very quickly just like right now Everyone is bullish again here the Narrative changed and everyone was super Bearish in this stage right here so Things can change very quickly and you Shouldn't get fooled by the narrative in The market and is if Bitcoin breaks Above $48,000 because if Bitcoin breaks About $48,000 we're literally breaking Into our bull market territorium and Honestly if that happens I will be of Course extr extremely bullish I mean I'm Already quite bullish on bitcoin on the

Long term but that would make myself Extremely bullish on bitcoin like I said Earlier in today's video I am super Bullish on the longterm on bit Bitcoin But on the short term I'm not quite sure Because on the long term right now as Well the weekly time frame for Bitcoin We are creating look at this we're Creating these candles these bullish Hammer candles on the weekly time frame This is just a very bullish structure And a very bullish candle close for Bitcoin but we could still move down due To the fact what is happening on here in The short term so there are mixed Signals playing out in the market we do Know that we are approximately 75 days Out before the Bitcoin Hing is going to Be here and yeah usually approximately Four weeks before the Bitcoin Hing we Tend to see a rally so I still believe That there is a chance of a Bitcoin Correction before the Hing rally starts And the Hing rally I expect to really be Starting at the beginning point of March And um that is of course an Approximately month from now on so I Expect in one month from now on we're Going to see that Bitcoin Hing hype Getting started and of course once we Break about $48,000 like I stated Earlier that is the point where the bull Market starts in every single previous Cycle at this stage we break above that

Very big resistance in the middle so Make sure to be be a little bit more Patient we're almost there almost there And yeah I will keep you guys updated About what is currently going on here so Guys remember are mixed signals we could Go up or down depending if we break Above This resistance of course that's Not the thing you would like to hear if You want are watching my video but of Course I explained it in today's video And more importantly my gut feeling Personally things were going to go lower Why is because of course this resistance That were touching and the liquidity That's currently building up on the Lower Side even though the uh higher Time frames are looking quite bullish Here so this is my opinion please don't Trade on my opinion make sure to have Your own opinion in the market I am not A financial adviser even though I've Been right many times before uh but guys This was it for me in today's update Video thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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