Right now Bitcoin has seen another Rejection just like we've been Predicting and in this exact video I Will talk about this most important Level of support and I will of course Talk about the most important charts in Crypto right now to look at to see what The next move is going to be for Bitcoin I'm going to talk about my Bitcoin short Position I'm going to talk about my new Trade and this very important low volume Range that we are about to be entering With Bitcoin so make sure to watch the Video till the end it's going to be very Important can we once again Smash Up the Likes back above 500 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content once looking at the Imminent short term for Bitcoin we can See that yesterday we were having a Small little push towards the upside and In my update video of yesterday I Clearly said to everyone out there be Alert Bitcoin is currently retesting a Very important level of previous Resistance indeed we confirmed in higher High than the previous high in the Market but still we were trading against This very critical level resistance and Like you can see we just have seen Another gigantic rejection from of this Level this didn't came unexpectedly Since we were still expecting to see

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Bitcoin trades somewhere around that Level currently we have been trading Sideways for Bitcoin for already in Approximately two weeks we've been Ranging between an approximately one Thousand dollars between 26.5 K and 27.5 Game this is a very important range to Look at and what we're currently looking At to see of course a potential breakout Is either a clear break below this Previous box of support because it looks To me that the 26.5 K is the level where Bitcoin fans support every single time We come down here and of course the Bullish scenario is a breakup of 27.5 K If we break above that previous High Here on the market and basically that Books of resistance around 27.5 K that Would really be the point where I could Confirm we're probably going to see more Bullish momentum so that is really what I'm looking at right now here these are The two most important levels in this Entire Trend and it's basically Extremely designed decisive and looking At the 12 hour time frame we can Currently see that we're also creating Somewhat of a consolidation phase here On the 12 hour what looks to be breaking Out anytime soon as well so one thing is Just for sure Bitcoin is currently Consolidating it's consolidating below Resistance in a bearish movement towards The downside so it is actually looking

Quite dangerously and looking at Consolidation we can currently see that The consolidation for Bitcoin is taking Place between 27.5 K and 26.5 K what is Definitely a decent volume range here But of course as soon as we fall below 26.5 K There is almost no volume traded In that level what means that Bitcoin Could fall very quickly through this Level all the way down to 25 000 or Training at Key support and once Bitcoin Either breaks towards the upside or Either once it breaks below this very Important level of support on the lower Side we are probably going to be Experiencing an extremely volatile move Towards the downside so make sure to be On the lookout for that of course if I'm Looking at bigger picture patterns we Can currently still see that the honey Shoulders broke down and the price Target that so far has not been reached Yet and we can currently see also that We are potentially maybe creating Somewhat of an Bear Flag scenario at the Current moment of time so yeah that Horizontal support but also that over Sloping support around 26.5 K is going To be very crucial for Bitcoin because If we do break below it we could be Initiating a very significant sharp move Towards the downside since there's of Course almost no volume traded in this Level we are still creating a falling

Wedge here and at the same time I'm Still in this short position that's Currently making me about two thousand US dollars in profit I'm looking to take Profits on the straight somewhere around 25 to 26 000 and of course I'm looking To open up a gigantic Bitcoin long trade Position once Bitcoin comes down to 24 To 25 000 so make sure to subscribe to The channel to see my next trade because This trade as well was clearly enhanced On the channel so if you're really Interested in trading and in making Money in crypto you should definitely Subscribe to my Channel right now and if You're interested in trading in general You can write in a sign up an account Using the link in description where you Can get yourself an account on any of These trading exchanges and you can Actually also claim an additional fifty Thousand US Dollars deposit bonus so Make sure to go to the link in Description right now to claim your Bonus right here and of course stay up To date stay subscribed to the channel Because yes I will be opening up my 1 Million US dollar Bitcoin loan position Live here on the channel and of course If anything happens I will make an Emergency video so make sure to do so Straight away as well we can currently See that the daily email ribbon cross Bearish and like I said yesterday it is

Currently actually flipping into Resistance so we can see a small Rejection right there of course the Daily symmetrical triangle still Breaking down here and still waiting Basically for the next move to get Initiated we've been going sideways for An approximately 14 days just like I Said out to everyone and yeah there's Going to be just a time where volatility Will probably hit the market but we just Don't know when yet we just have to wait And see whether we're going to be Breaking bullish or bearish and we can Clearly see it on this pattern right Here and of course on the weekly time Frame if Bitcoin does decide to be Having a bad Source the upside the level To break is 31.7 okay here if we do Break above that level we are definitely Going to see more bullish momentum Getting initiated and I've been saying It for quite a while as soon as Bitcoin Breaks off 31 000 that will be for me The confirmation that the Bitcoin bull Market is actually going to be starting Again here so this is what it will be Looking at thank you so much for Watching towards amazing new update Video I truly hope you did enjoy it and That you did learn something from it and Make sure to keep your eyes wide open on These two levels the 27.5 K and 26.5 K Because Bitcoin seems to be ranging

Between these levels and as soon as we Do break out you're either up or down We're going to see a lot of volatility So get ready for that thanks so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out

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