$93,500,000 IN BITCOIN SHORTS GOT CLOSED!! [get ready]

Right now over the past three to four Weeks approximately sixty percent of all The Bitcoin shorts got close in the Market and in this exact video I will be Going over this signal what it means for Bitcoin and we'll also go over the Imminent short term where not a lot of Things are happening but I will talk as Well about that RSI uptrend that Currently is for funding support and the Bitcoin daily trends that is currently Still holding on so I will be going over All these important things on today's Update video so don't forget to slap up That like button on today's update video If we once again smash it back above 350 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Once looking at Bitcoin on the imminent Short term we can currently see that the Price action of Bitcoin is still trading In this sideways consolidation range and We've been writing the trading in this Range for an approximately 16 days and Yes the longer we will be trading in This range the more likely a volatile Breakout is going to be and like you can See we were trading on the lower side of This range but so far we still Officially have not confirmed the lower Low on this one hour time frame so Bitcoin is still trading sideways and I'm not seeing a clear direction of a

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Breakout towards the upside or downside For the Bitcoin price action right now Also if I look at the four early time Frame there are just not a lot of new Things that I can analyze right now Because it's clearly just nothing Happening on the market we are spotting A small little uptrend on the four early Time frame and of course we could Potentially look at somewhat of a Downtrend right here or we could be Looking at the downtrend from here but There are many downtrends that we could Spot in the market right now and Basically everything is leading towards Another consolidation phase So currently Since we're going sideways it's likely To assume that once we do break out of This range of consolidation for Bitcoin We're going to have a volatile swing but Yeah the question really is when is this Going to be happening so that is why We're currently going to be looking at The higher time frames for Bitcoin and We're going to be looking at other Indicators like the Bitcoin shorts Because if we're looking at the bitfinex Bitcoin shorts we can see that over the Past three to four weeks and Approximately sixty percent of all these Bitcoin shorts got close and this is an Approximately 98 million US dollars if We calculated in dollars that got close In short positions what means and

There's less cell pressure and also what Means that less people are betting and These are usually the wills that are Moving these trades here that less People are betting that Bitcoin is Actually going to go lower and that is Of course actually a good thing here Because the less shorts are active in The market the less cell pressure and Once they sell off those shorts they're Buying back in towards the market Because that is how cfds work and and That is also the reason why if we see a Decline in Bitcoin shorts it means that It is historically speaking a bullish Effect for the market and of course You'll be seeing increase like here if We see a massive increase in shorts it Usually is a very bearish signal because That adds by uh cell pressure towards The market currently I am also still in My trade here yeah of course there's not A lot of things that is actually Happening with my trade since the market Is still trading sideways you know the Deal I am going to be buying more and More Bitcoin towards my trade as prices Go lower so if we are seeing another big Drop to 14 to 13 000 for my realistic Bottom Target is and if we're not going To reach it I already got a trade but if We are going to reach it I will be Definitely add more margin around that Place and it will add in approximately

Four to six Bitcoin if we reach levels To 13 to 14 000 if you are interested in Trading you could trade here on buy bit Or you could trade on bid get and if you Sign up using the links in the Description you will also get an Additional deposit bonus so make sure to Check it out here and what the nice part About big ad is here is that they allow You to trade from of the US without kyc Without VPN and it basically allows you To also trade in the US if you are Anywhere else in the world I would Highly recommend to check out by bed Furthermore if I look at the daily time Frame for Bitcoin we can see that Yesterday we talked about this signal as Well here that the Bitcoin originally Uptrend basically every single time we Break it it indicates that Bitcoin is Going with another significant move Towards the downside and like you can See currently we're still holding on Towards this level so this is looking Quite all right in my opinion Bitcoin is Still holding on towards the RSI uptrend And once we do break it you will be the First one to know here on the channel so Don't forget to subscribe right now here Also looking at the daily timeframe we Can see three perfect touches we can see Boom one here one here and we're Bouncing from of this important support Line around 16.2 K yet again here and if

You're looking at the bigger picture you Can see every single time Bitcoin Creation of our solving support line on The daily time frame and we really break Below it we also really have a Significant swing towards the downside So that is why it is going to be in my Opinion very important to see this love Holding on PR because as long as we hold Up we're not expecting that another big Swing towards the downside right so I Will keep my focus on this level if we Do break below it you'll be yet again The first one to know here on this Channel if we do have a potential Breakdown also looking at the weekly Time frame for Bitcoin of course this One I already discussed but yeah 2023 is Here everyone and this is the year that Potentially the falling right from Bitcoin could be breaking out here I Think we've got another four to six Maybe seven eight weeks to go here Before we break out of this yeah falling Wedge pattern on bitcoin but once it Breaks out here it could be a very very Beautiful pattern to trade and currently I can tell you already I am trading this Pattern because I am already long on Bitcoin with 1.7x leverage and this is Not a sculpt rate this is a swing trade Probably I will have this trade open for Quite a while here but I am definitely All right with that here so this is it

For me on today's update video If you do Enjoy the content don't forget to Subscribe to the channel and yeah like This video and see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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